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At Her Message Board
{ From The Sole Fans Official Board }
"I KNOW I'm good enough to come back just as I was good enough to come out in the first place."

"Now as far as you saying "nobody knows who I am in the first place", apparently you and the other half million people who bought my album know who i am as well as the other half million who bought my 4,5,6 single and the million who bought the Who Dat single."

"You also asked my reason for making 2 videos then "all of a sudden I'm pregnant and no one hears from me anymore"..well first of all, I'm a grown woman and if my man and I decide we want a child, then that's our prerogative..if we want 10 more, that's our choice."

"You said that's not what your "average artist" does...well I'm not your average artist and though I love to perform there are many more important things in life so if I come back and people love me and buy my album..cool. if not...coool...that doesn't determine who I am because I love me and have a beautiful family who loves me and ill always be straight and happy..period...hope that lets you know what "the deal is."

"Also special thanks :) to Prinza who designed her own site and has so many wonderful pics on there..some of which I have no idea where she got LOL...thanks girl."

In Interviews
 { From Sister 2 Sister Magazine }
"For me, I didnt care because Ive always been up front about who I am and what I do or whatever. Im like, either people are going to like it or they dont. Im a real person like everybody else and I wasnt into none of that, so it was real hard for me at first."

"Just let people say whatever they want to say and make whatever conclusions they want to make. Im pregnant and I dont want to be stressed out and emotional and all that."

"Yeah, I dont know, If I hadnt been on the road, and been in the same position, I probably wouldnt understand and be as tolerant as I am on a lot of things."

"I think thats the upside of both of us being in the business. One of the negatives is that we dont have privacy and everybodys saying whatever they want to say, negatively or positively. Our relationship is something thats supposed to be private."

"Hes still a grown man. People cant expect that hes gonna be by himself for the rest of his life. That hes never gonna fall in love and thats hes never gonna have children and not do all those things. Thats selfish for people to look at us like that and expect that."

In Her Biography
 { From Solé's Main Biography }
"Its like I have a split personality. Im generally a sweet person. I think about everybody else before I think about me, and thats been bad sometimes. But in my music, Im hard. Its about me. What you hear on this album is me taking care of me."

"That attitude is my attitude, Its just not my only attitude. I enjoy getting in front of people and going crazy. Whenever JT and I are getting ready to do a show, people who dont know me say, Oh, youre so cute, you're so pretty. They think Im this little girl whos gonna sing a song. And then I go out there and pow! Im just shouting it and sounding like the boys. I do my thing and show out and then I go offstage. The person onstage is like my alter ego. But its all me. Theres a lot of different sides to everybody."

"These are stories of things Ive gone through, and a lot of them are angry. But theyre things I needed to say. I feel like everybody goes through certain things in their life because its how you learn, its how you get to where you need to be. Sometimes you say to yourself, Did I really have to go through all that to get here? But thats what makes you realize, I can do anything".

"I was the tomboy, I ran with the boys, played softball, kickball, climbed trees, threw rocks everything the boys did, I did."

"Me and my brothers rapped since we first heard that Sugarhill Gang record Rappers Delight. We used to split the parts up and rap them. I was around five when we started that. Then we got into L.L. Cool J., Eric B. and Rakim, and KRS-One. I also liked UTFO and Roxanne Shanté. I used to write down all their lyrics. When I was 10 or 11, I took that Run-DMC song My Adidas and changed the words so it was My Mikita. Mikita was my cat. Id rap against the boys on the bus, then go home and make something up to hit em with the next day. I knew I could rap even back then"."

"I played the clarinet in school, played in the marching band. I sang in the school choir. I used to write poetry and draw, I was always making something."

"Maybe it will be a completely clean record, because thats me, too. I can be all clean on one album, and not on the next, you dont know whats gonna be coming at you the next second. Artists are categorized as soon as their first record comes out; people decide who and what they are based on one album, and I dont think thats right at all. I talk about a lot of things on Skin Deep, and Im sure there will be a lot of new things to talk about on my next album. I mean, people are more than one-dimensional, ya know?"

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