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{ Biography }
Born and raised in Kansas City, Mo., rapper Sole' made her debut as one-half of amateur rap duo Divine when she was only 15 years old.

 { Profile }
Real name: Tonya Johnston, stage name: Sole', birthday: July 17, Sign: Cancer, hometown: Kansas City MO, Husband: Ginuwine.

 { Words From Sole' }
Hi, It's Sole' dropping in to say hello to everyone here and giving a heartfelt thank you to all of you who have continued to support me.

 { Quotes }
"Thanks to Prinza who designed her own site and has so many wonderful pics  there some of which I have no idea where she got".

 { Her Family }
Photos of Sole's family: De'jan, Cypress, Dream, Story, James Johnston, Phyllis Poke, Tamika, Charles, Karissa, Shurhea, and Elgin.

 { Tattoos }
Photos of Sole's tattoos, She has one heart shaped tattoo on her back It's easy to see and I also heard she has one on her ankle.

 { Reviews }
This CD's hot, so is sole. There aint any better female rappers out there! Her voice is so original, and the flow just makes it better!

 { Tours }
Actually Sole' isn't on tour very often. You have to be a very lucky fan if you been to one. If she ever goes on tour it will be up here.


 { Name meaning + Horoscope }
Name meaning: beyond price, praiseworthy, the feminine form of Antony. Cancer: Jupiter remains in your own sign until August.

 { Articles + Interviews }
Nikki: If you all wanted it to be a secret Id play along. Sole': Yeah, we all played along. It was so funny because everybody was calling.

 { Contact Sole' }
Write Sole' some fan mail. There are several ways to contact her. By email sole@solefans.com, mail, or at her official message board.

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