{ Contact Solé }

Rules: No harassing, dissing, or putting down anyone!

 { Sole@solefans.com }
You may email Solé at this address. She is very busy so this is not really a great way to contact her.

Message Board
 { Official Solé Message Board }
This is a great way to contact Solé, She visits her official board regularly. You're best bet is to send her a private message.

My Message Board
 { Strictly Solé Message Board }
She is also registered at my message board, She stops there time to time. Go leave her a message in "Words From Solé".

 { Regular Mail }
This address was provided from Solé's skin deep album, I'm not sure if it will work but you can give it a try.
Solé Fan Club Address:
Solé Music Fan Club
PMB 390
541 10th Street
Atlanta, GA 30318

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