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 { Sister 2 Sister Magazine }
Solé and Ginuwine kept their relationship on the DL for quite a while and of course there were all kinds of suspicions.
 { Black Expo Interview }
News on Solé's upcoming album before she performs Accurate match and 4,5,6 Remix and the Black Expo 2000.

 { Word Up Magazine }
She characterizes herself as a very serious emcee who has always done her own writing since the age of 13.
 { Blaze Magazine }
This is the Solé whom you probably won't ever see, unless you live in Kansas City, her present stomping ground.
 { MTV Article on 4,5,6 }
In the clip, which was directed by former adult film auteur Gregory Dark, JT Money plays Solé's romantic interest.
 { Wedding Articles }
Hip-hop star Ginuwine took a bride, rapper Sole, in an island setting that featured actor Tyrese as best man.

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