{ Why Solé? }

Why would I pick Solé to make a website on? Well that's easy for me to answer.... because she's so multi-talented. and the first time I heard Who Dat, I was really thinking "who's that" cause she left such a big bang on that track. She's so beautiful inside and out, gifted, and all. A mother of 4 even though she's a really busy person but still takes the time out to leave her fans messages :). That's so sweet to me!

I love her rapping style, and all her tracks.
She's so beautiful, inside and out.
She's truly original compared to any other female MC out there.
Her lyrics are just so real! She doesn't rap about all that BS, its all real!
All her photos are just so perfect, you can tell she's naturally a model.
I NEVER get sick of her songs, I still listen to Skin Deep.
She takes the time out to talk to her fans and get to know them.
She gives good advice on anything you ask her.
She's more then just a artist to me, she's my friend.
She sent me a gift for my birthday in the mail!

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