{ About The Designer }

Real Name: Nadia

Nick Name: Prinza

Birthday: March 23, 1983

Location: Canada

Old Nicknames (In chat rooms and stuff): Foxy69, Ms Gangsta Boo, Gangsta Boo, Sole Chicka, Boo, Strictly Brown, Brown With Attitude, and thats all I remeber. I used to chat on a program called "Palace" all the time and I also used to go "OnChat" way back in the days.

My Favorites
Female Rappers: Solé (of course), Chyna Whyte (from the song called "Bia Bia"), Da Brat, Angie Martinez, Foxy Brown, Lady Kane, Storm, and Amil.

Male Rappers: Tupac, Outlawz, Tech N9ne, & Twista.

R&B Singers: Alicia Keys, J.Lo, Slim from 112, TLC, Ashanti, Mary J. Bilge, Usher, Total, & Monica.

Movies: Gothika, Blade, Blade II, The Art of War, The Parkers, and The Waynes Bro's Show.

Actors + Actress's: Hallie Berry, Angela Jolie, Wesley Snipes, Jennifer Lopez, and Jessica Alba.

Songs: Tupac- Starin at the world through my rear view, Alicia- Fallin', Alicia- Butterflyz, Alicia- Troubles, Alicia- Karma, Alicia- Nobody not really, Solé- Pain, Solé- 4 the love of you, Solé- the story, Solé- iy yi yi, Solé- never thought i, Beyonce, Dangerously in love, Beyonce'- me myself and I, Aaliyah- I care 4 you, Outlawz- baby don't cry, Evanesance- Haunted, I have lots ill stop now lol.

Foods: Pizza, Samosas, Rice, Cheese and Chocolate.

Other Info
I absolutely love: The colors pink, purple, black and red (aint that obvious), Solé, kittens, nail polish, my stereo, mi amor, and my family.

Hobbies: Shopping, rapping, family, babies, writing, graphics, internet, designing, sewing, listing to music, and dancing.

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