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Please be nice and link back my site. Pick a button or banner and put it on you're links page. There's lots to choose from animated and not.

 { History + Info }
Wanna know when and how my site started? Well here's the place with history about my site and some information if you wanna know.

 { Past Designs }
Here are my past layouts. As you can see I get better and better, it all comes with practice. I try something very different every time.

 { Why Sole'? }
Wonder why I dedicate this site to Sole'? Well she's so sweet and if you got to know her like I know her I'm sure you'd love her as much.

 { Thank Yous }
Here are thank yous to people that help me on my website. Also some shout outs just to holla' at my loved ones, friends and family!

 { Old Guest Book }
This is Strictly Sole's old guestbook! There is a message from Sole' in here that she wrote herself! :)

 { Copyrights + Disclaimer }
Copyrights of this site are strict, remember to always give me credit it you use any of my stuff. This website is contacted with Sole'.

 { Site Awards }
Here are some site awards for being site of the week at other sites, or just awards I've gotten for all the hard work, thank you people!

 { Viewer Emails }
Here's emails I've gotten about my website. I thank everyone who visits my website and thank you for all you're emails I read them all.

 { About The Designer }
Wanna know the girl behind this site? Here's my Info: Name: Prinza, Age: 20, Birthday: March 23 1983, Location: Canada, and more.

 { Contact Webmiss }
If you would like to contact me for any reason, do so. Remember I'm not Sole', just a huge fan. Don't email me thinking I am Sole', I'm not.

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