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Site History
Old Site URL: envy.nu/s0le
Old Site Name: Sexy Solé Sité

Site Information
 { Strictly Solé Rules }
1: Dont copy anything from this site without my permission please, ive worked so hard to get it!
2: If you use a picture from one of my galleys, or anything else from my site, please put my link up... http://www.strictlysole.com thanks.
3: You gotta love Solé to be in here, so if your some Solé hater... get the hell out!
4: Sign the g-book and tag-board, any cussin' or harassment will be gone cuz i dont put up with it.
5: Anything dissing Solé in my g-book or on my tag-board will be outta there!

Site Stats
Site Name: Strictly Solé
Originally Opened: 03/23/02
Web Mistress: Prinza
Other Parts: Fanatics ; Gallery ; Board

Program's Used
Paint Shop Pro 7.0
Jasc Animation Shop
Adobe Photoshop 7.0
Microsoft Front Page

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