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I'm sorry if I don't reply to every email, I'm busy and I don't have time.
Thank you for your interest people :)

Hi Prinza,I love your site. The graphics are tight. I'm an up and coming webmaster and I was wondering what programs do you use to create your web layout. I have paintshop pro 8, I am still learning it though. Also, the graphic that you made of G and Sole' as a wedding pix. How do you do that? Is that a particular software or did you have to go and find that background somewhere? I need to learn how to enhance my graphics like that. Also, my friend was telling me about some photos that she was sent of the wedding. She is supposed to send them to me. I don't know if they are the same photos that you may have, but when she sends them to me I can forward them to you if you'd like.Thanks a lot,Shawnae

Hi Prinza!! Girl I love your Sole site!! What I really like the most though is that your site is so unique, and because of your site a lot of people who didn't know Sole now do!! She's beautiful and yes very talented!!I was wondering, because I'm making a site on my favorite actor Coby Bell [and a lot of people don't know who he is so I want him to be known]. Coby Bell is from the show "Third Watch" he plays a police officer...and I was wondering if you don't mind or if you have time if I can send you a pic of him and if you can make me a really nice graphic for the site [I promise to give you full credit]. That's if you can, if not I understand!Thank you, and keep the Sole site banging cuz girl it's hot!! xoxox!

Hey Myzz Prinza,I love the site! It's too official... And you got Sole's voice on there that's a double plus... Sole is so hot! She hasn't been out in a while but she's still hot! Do you know her on an personal tip?! I wanted to ask you if you could do a few layout designs for me?! One of Amil & one of Loon?! Amil being for my personal site and Loon for my Loon site... If you decide u wanna do it I will put up your link and give u a section of credits on both pages... I hope you don't pass this email off as an B/S email... It's really IMPORTANT... Thnx for your time...

hi prinza, i got the message you sent.Thanks and i have told my girl about your site. Jusy 2 let u know im having real problems with the site i can never see any new stuff only things that are atleast one year old how do i access the new stuff? can u make it easier 2 use ? also are there the wedding pictures on your site?did sole release them 2 u ? and is that how they ended up on thenternet ? have u spoken 2 sole about the pics? on another site they said she wasreally angry but i dont know about that because how did they get out in the first place? also when will we see some clear pics of the kids and the family that she promised? INFORMATION! INFORMATION! INFORMATION! PLEASE. thank you so much sweetie keep up all the good work love summery xxx

Hi! just peepin. cool site ya got. it's real itch. also yer music's kicckin. keep it all up. aiight. straight from africa - Him'zMe -Me'zHim -

Hey gurl, Whats good wit you? Well as for me nothin much just chillin like always. Anywayz just to make sure you are prinza right? I just wanted to make sure, and to let you know I am truly a Sole' fan.I think she is a beautiful talented young lady thats doin the damn thang! I do have one of her cd's i'm just waitin for her other one and I honestly don't know
why people hate on her.She is a beautiful person that makes music, music that is off the chain. I never met her but she seems like a nice and sweet person,and I will always be her number one fan. Her music is good, and I be feelin da beat the lyrics. Now unlike some people I am really happy for her and ginuwine they seem good for each other.Now ginuwine I am a BIG BIG fan of his and always will be. Now I'm e-mailing you to let you know your site is off da chain and keep up the work and when you need help just hit me up and i'll be here. Now last but not least do you have sole's e-mail so I could tell her how much i REALLY love her and let her know she has my support in everything she does? So if you have a e-mail where she can read my thoughts would you please let me know or give it to me. That would really mean something to me. Well look i have to go and i'm sorry I wrote so much!!! So when you get a chance please e-mail me back A.S.A.P!!! E-mail me at tosh625@msn.com e-mail back soon!!!!!

Wow I haven't heard about sole in a hot minute is she coming back out with anything new, I think its cool u made this site to her :)

Ey yo ma whas good. This ya boi boi Lil Blaze reppin calli u know. Well Sole' my girl cause me and my brother is signed to RedZone which is her old production company so we was koo with her and everything. But ey yo look dis da deal. We got a group right now called "ErA", and we in the midst of gettin signed but until then I was looking at yo site and u got mad skills so I wanted to know if there was anyway u can make our group a site. Just hit me up whenever ma ill ho77a I remember my ni99a L.O. did a track with Sole a minute ago called "We Got It" and it was only on her site for a lil while so Im wonderin if u got it. Holla Back

Hey, I just happened to find your site on the web today! I'm a big Sole fanand finally I found a site with some up to date information. One thing Iwanted to ask is if you have any pictures of her two most recent children"Story" & "Dream"! I have looked everywhere and I'm dying to see just how beautiful the babies are! Thanks a Bunch, Maggi :)

Oh, good thing. Hey I Finally got a chance to look at your FAN SITE and even though you do not have that much pictures, I think your FAN SITE is one of the best fan sites out there, becuz you have stuff from Sole herself. Which I like, a lot. But how did you get to know Sole like that, to me it seems like an internet thing, and you haven't really met her yet?

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