Date: June 19, 2006
       Subject:  The Fake Account Is Shut Down!

I would like to thank everyone who helped me report the fake Sole' on "MySpace". The account is now officially shut down!

Also, I put a new layout up at MyaHarrison.Net for my good friend Daniel. Go look!

I would like to give a shout out to all my visitors, thank you for keeping this website strong! Also, all my affiliates thank you! Make sure to check out the best websites on the internet all my top affiliates:

Ms Dynamite Fans Network / Aaliyah Web / Prinza Style / Deemy Love
Jannah Kraver / Corner Of Beyonce / Eva The Diva / Mya Harrison
Ciara Nu / Retronited / Tribute To 2Pac / Aishwarya Forever

Note: If you have a "myspace" account and want to add me. Go for it! My user ID on there is: DEEMYPRINZA.
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     Date: May 25, 2006
       Subject:  Fake Sole' On My Space

Someone posted this link on my tag board. Please be aware that this is not the real Sole! And on top of that this idiot thought it would be okay to steal all my graphics. I am asking you all whoever has a my space account to report this user to get them deleted. I have already reported them but I'm also asking for you too. The more reports they have the better it is. Thank you so much guys! And thank you for who let me know about this link on the tag board.

I also have a surprise! Aaliyah Web is finally launched. AALIYAHWEB.COM

Also, if you have a high quality website and are interested in being top affiliates with Strictly Sole please email me for futher information.

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     Date: March, 2006
       Subject: Nadeem Chaudhry

I am heart broken to say my half brother passed away on February 26th 2006. Nadeem Chaudhry aka Bonemasta or Deemy was such a special person. He was so kind hearted and left such a huge impact on anyone that he met in his short life. Nadeem was 18 when he passed away. He was such a kind hearted talented gift to us all. You will be truly missed in all of our hearts Nadeem and it's so hard to move on in this life without you here. You enjoyed life to it's fullest and were so brave. I think of you everyday and pray for you every night. Your face stays buried in my eyes and your voice in my ears. Our family will never be the same without you Nadeem. It's so quiet now. May your soul sleep peacefully and all I pray for is that you are happy up there looking down at us. In Nadeem's memory I am creating a website slowly. The link is . Love you forever...

 Posted By Prinza for Strictly Sole'       Credit: Prinza

     Date: November 16, 2005
       Subject:  Interview with Ginuwine
Here is a interview on Ginuwine. Thank you to Jiki who posted this link in my guestbook! :) Ginuwine talks about his wife "Sole'" in this interview, and they seem to be very happy together. He says "She’s a woman. She makes sure she cooks everyday. She cooks breakfast and she cooks dinner and she can cook! She takes great care of the kids. Even when her days are long, she’ll be in there reading the kids a story and we all pray every night as a family. Stuff like that makes me happy. I know guys who have women right now who don’t read to their kids, don’t work and don’t cook. I feel blessed that I have somebody who does what a mother is supposed to do". So we know Sole' is very busy just being there for her family. Wow that is just amazing :)

Here is the full Interview:

BET: You’re a handsome, famous man with a lot of women coming at you. How does a brother like that get locked down?
Ginuwine: (laughs) I think with a lot of guys who have been through a lot and have had many experiences, there comes a time where you just want to be with one woman. It has a lot to do with maturity and I think it has to do with you just wanting to settle down and be a family person. To find that one, it’s pretty much a feeling that you get inside. There are definitely tests that you go through and if that woman completes those, not that you set them out, but just life’s tests. There are things that happen, and if that woman still stands there behind you she’s a person you should look at and say ‘she’s the one.’ There are a lot of people out here who can fool you and get with you for money. You always follow your heart and your heart never lies. I’ve been pretty open to hear what my heart has been telling me.

BET: You are in a house surrounded by women. What have you learned about female species as a result?
Ginuwine: They’re very fragile and temperamental and they need love and a lot of attention. I’m Daddy so they always want me to see something, they always want to tell me something. When I come home, they run to the door like they haven’t seen me in a million years and it’s really good. When I’m away and come back, they make signs for me and everything. One of the reasons that it took me so long between albums was that I wanted to make sure they’re growing up right and I wanted to be a part of their lives. I just wanted to put in that time and make sure they were taken care of.

BET: Was there any difficulty with blending your families? Sole has two daughters from a previous relationship and you have a son, not to mention the two daughters you have together.

Ginuwine: Love conquers all of that. Her kids are my kids and my kids are her kids. I really did have a problem at first. I didn’t want to spank them, not just because they weren’t biologically mine, but they were girls! But after a couple years I whipped their butts just as quick as I would whip my son’s butt. You have to know what you can deal with. If you know that it’s a problem coming in to the relationship, be aware of it and if you can’t take it, be honest.

BET: What do you and Sole do to keep your romantic life fresh? When you are a parent, it can get hard to give your relationship the time it needs.
Ginuwine: Well, I just believe you always take out a day within the week or two days or whatever and you spend time no matter what. It’s just like anything else, you make time for what you want. We have something called family day. And when I’m home, one day out of the week I take them out bowling and we’ll go to a Build-A-Bear store or the dinosaur restaurant, anything that is family oriented. Me and her, we’re so into the kids we hardly even do stuff alone. We might go out to the movies but we’re talking about the kids while we’re gone, so we might as well take them with us. As far as our personal life, I’m constantly doing things that are new, constantly. One day it will probably run out but you don’t give all you got at one time! What makes me happy is that we’ve chosen each other -- she’s a woman. She makes sure she cooks everyday. She cooks breakfast and she cooks dinner and she can cook! She takes great care of the kids. Even when her days are long, she’ll be in there reading the kids a story and we all pray every night as a family. Stuff like that makes me happy. I know guys who have women right now who don’t read to their kids, don’t work and don’t cook. I feel blessed that I have somebody who does what a mother is supposed to do.

I'm very happy to see that people are still supporting Sole' and Ginuwine! Keep it up guys and thank you for the help on news etc. Also don't worry if I don't update as much anymore I am not closing the website! I just dont have as much time anymore. Thanks!
 Posted By Prinza for Strictly Sole'

     Date: October 27, 2005
       Subject:  Foxy Brown Gone Def
Ok everyone I know this is not about Sole', but it's about another female rapper that I support. Its very sad to see this and I really hope that she stays strong and gets her hearing back! Here is the article.

What Foxy Brown remembers most about the morning of May23 is the eerie quiet. The night before, the rapper had fallen asleep with the television blaring, but when she got up, no sound seemed to be coming from it. "I pressed the volume to maybe 60. Nothing," says Brown. " I ran outside to my truck and honked the horn. Nothing. I ran back inside and dialed a number on the phone. Nothing. Then I started breaking down in tears and screaming and I couldn't even hear myself scream. That's when I knew there was a problem."

Three days later Brown was diagnosed with severe sudden sensorineural hearing loss, a little-understood condition that affects one in 10,000 people without warning, often the result of a viral infection. Most suffer loss in only one ear and, when treated early, the condition can be reversible. But Brown has lost her hearing in both ears and has, so far, not responded well to treatment. "Her case is severe," says Dr. Anil Lalwani, an otologist whom Brown has consulted. "In only 1 or 2 percent of the cases are both ears affected." For months Brown tried to hide the loss, hoping medication and surgery might restore it. Now, as she weighs further options, she is speaking out for the first time. "I have been deaf for four months," says Brown, whose real name is Inga Marchand. She talked to People's Sharon Cotliar about her regret that she didn't act sooner when she felt her hearing "slipping away" and hopes that speaking out will help others.

There were signs for a few days before. My phone would be ringing and my Blackberry would be going off and people would be "Yo Foxy, your Blackberry." And I'd hear it. It would be a delayed relaction but I'd still hear it. One day I was in the studio, putting the finishing touches on my fourth album," Black Roses", and my friend (and Def Jam Records president) Jay-Z walked in to approve the mix. As soon as he heard it he was like,"Yo, what's that? Does this sound normal to you, Inga?" I was like "Of course it does. What do you mean?" Then he told me, "Baby Girl, we have a problem because this is ridiculously loud. I could never put this on the radio."

At first I just thought Jay was giving me a hard time. But the next day, he and I did an interview at a radio station. I remember conversing with the on-air personality. I was hearing her fine, but the minute I had to take callers, I couldn't hear them. I would say, "What are they saying?" It was embarassing, because the people in the studio were looking at me like, "What do you mean? Don't you hear them? This is crazy loud." I said, "No, turn them up." But they couldn't turn it up any higher.

The next day, I was at a photo shoot. I was hearing the music fine. I said to myself,"Yesterday I wasn't hearing the phone, but today I'm hearing the music, so maybe this hearing loss is from a flight."

My mom's sister passed away the morning after the shoot. I remember hearing my mom and aunts downstairs in the living roon crying hysterically. And I got on the phone to call a couple of people. But when we went to the funeral parlor, I had a problem hearing the funeral director explaining the arrangements.

All along I'm feeling my hearing go slowly, but I'm thinking, God would never do this. This can never happen to me. I'm perfectly healthy. I'm 26 years old. I'm young and people just don't go deaf overnight.

The morning of the funeral, I woke up and I couldn't hear anything. Not the TV, not my car horn, not the dial tone on the phone. Of course I still had to go to the funeral. I sat in the front row and I couldn't hear the choir. Jay-z was there and I said, "Jay, I think I'm deaf." He was like, "You can't be deaf." But I knew. I said, "Monday morning, we need to find a doctor."

The initial doctor I went to told me that if I attacked the problem when I first realized my hearing was going, I probably would have been able to heal it immediately, but because I waited for about a week and continued to work and work and put pressure on my ear, that's what really damaged it.

He put me on a steroid called Prednisone and an antiviral medicine. I went home with the false hope that taking this medication would work.

After two weeks on the drugs, none of my hearing came back. I thought, I'm not telling anybody this. I'm going to keep this a secret. I'm going to try to go on normally. I'm going to pretend I can hear.

So for a few weeks I was reading lips. I was pretending that I can hear but I'm speaking really loudly so that didn't earn me any cool points. People would see me in the street and say, "Foxy we love you," and I wouldn't hear them, and they would think I was being disrespectful.

One of my closest friends is Naomi Campbell. She kept calling me and saying "Call me," and instead I would e-mail her. Finally she was like, "Inga, what's wrong? Why don't you call me?" And I had to tell her I couldn't hear her over the phone. She freaked out. She said, "I'm coming to New York and we have to fix this." So she did some research and found me another specialist. I saw her June 8. The doctor told me I have severe damage to my ears and that I needed surgery right away. Her words to me were, "If you ever want to hear again, we need to do this surgery." I said, "on both ears?" She said yes.

Two days later I went to the hospital. The doctor wanted to go in and patch possible leaks in the inner ear that could have been the cause for the hearing loss. That was the last thing I had, that surgery. Before the surgery, my hearing was zero. After the surgery,it went up to 20 percent. So at first I was thinking,"Wow,maybe next week it will be 40 percent and after that it will be 60." But it didn't work like that. It remained a little over 20 percent, which really wasn't that much of a difference.

So now my issue was, "What do I tell the record company? What do I tell Jay? What do I tell my fans?" I gotta tell you, when you go through a crisis, you really see who is there for you. Without mentioning any names, a lot of people that I thought would be there through thick and thin have completely disappeared. Because I couldn't hear, I was no longer useful to them. I couldn't put a record out. So it was basically like, "Okay we will see you when you get better."

But that only made me stronger. I decided when they see me, I'm going to be the same Foxy, looking head to toe gorgeous. I'm going to try to be normal- even though every night I would cry myself to sleep. Every morning I would get up and try to look my best and try to feel my best.

I know God is working on me. I'mon a personal journey. I believe God wants to be the only voice I hear right now. Every day I pray for an answer. I don't want to come away from this not having learned God's lesson.

The doctor's aren't saying that it's definite that I won't hear again. This is another reason I am speaking out. I believe there is a doctor somewhere- it could be the outskirts of Wisconsin or Iowa- who could say, "I know exactly what this girl needs."

They say I may be able to hear with a (cochlear) implant. [An implant would give "much more auditory information," says Dr. Lalwani. "It would let her use a telephone, and it may be sufficient for her to get tonality back and be a musician."] I know it will be an uphill battle. For now I am taking a break. But I will definitely be back. I still write. I write the best music when I'm going through pain. Sometimes I think, "What if I don't get my hearing back?" But then a second later I think God loves me. He will make a way. I know I will be all right. I'm not Foxy Brown right now. I'm Inga Marchand. I'm just a girl that wants to get better.
 Posted By Prinza for Strictly Sole'       Credit: Zone Dark

     Date: October 20, 2005
I launched a new website on the singer Ms Dynamite click the link to check it out!

 Posted By Prinza for Strictly Sole'                                                     

     Date: October 20, 2005
       Subject:  SS Change
The sections of the website have been changed around a bit. I deleted a lot of junk I didn't realise I still had up here. I have also added a lot of new stuff like avatars, msn icons and more so make sure you browse around and check it out!

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     Date: October 12, 2005
       Subject:  New Scan Photo
If anyone is interested in buying the play Sole' was in go click here. They are selling it on urban change. Its for $28.99. Here's a scanned photo by Maya Jones! Thank you so much girl you rock!    {{ click here to see photo }}
 Posted By Prinza for Strictly Sole'                                                     

     Date: October 5, 2005
       Subject:  High Quality Photos
First of all Sorry for the lack of updates. There's not really anything new on Sole' but she's doing well, I heard from her about a month ago and she's been busy. Also Im not sure what she's planning so it will be a surprise. Ginuwine should be dropping his Album soon so look forward to that. Also I think I might delete the message board because no one posts there. I am thinking of making a bigger one with other stuff. I have also added affiliates, I'm very sorry to the affiliates I couldn't add you until now because I couldn't get into my ftp. Well here are high quality photos of Sole' from the play she did on April 6th 2005. Full credit goes to Urban Change, thank you so much!

 Posted By Prinza for Strictly Sole'                                                     

     Date: May 19, 2005
       Subject:  Rouge

Site Spotlight for the month of May goes to Rouge- Xtina Web! You deserve it girl ;)

 Posted By Prinza for Strictly Sole'                                                     

     Date:  Monday, May 16, 2005
       Subject:  New Photos

Good news Sole' fans! There's some new photos of Sole' from the play she was in. Full credit goes to Urban Change and thank you to Joy and Delory for informing me. Click on the photos below to see the full size. Post your comments below!

 Posted By Prinza for Strictly Sole'                                                     

     Date:  Tuesday, May 10, 2005
       Subject:  Happy Mothers Day

I know it's late but Happy Mother's Day Sole' and all the fans. From Prinza + Delory.

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     Date:  Tuesday, April 19, 2005
       Subject:  Buy The Play

If you didn't get a chance to see the play like me and a lot of other people. you can purchase the DVD from It should be out soon, I will let everyone know when It's out. Thank you to Lanita for the info.

 Posted By Prinza for Strictly Sole'                                                     

     Date:  Monday, April 18, 2005
       Subject:  Attention Visitors

Attention to the visitors who post rude comments. You really better watch out, someone posted something very rude in my comments box today. IP address "" they're from Minnesota, Minneapolis. I aint dumb :) If your not a Sole' fan then don't come here, Its as straight as that! I could care less... I am also about to install a IP blocker on this website, so that means anyone who posts rude stuff will be blocked permanently from viewing this website in the future. So to you haters, stop being so jealous :P

 Posted By Prinza for Strictly Sole'                                                     

     Date:  Sunday, April 17, 2005
       Subject:  Gallery and Lyrics

Attention Visitors, I have deleted the lyrics archive of this website. The reason is that if I was Sole' and going through this change I could delete that. Its for the respect of Sole'. Also I have deleted a lot of images from the gallery. There is still some up there for you to view. Hope you understand, thanks.

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     Date:  Saturady, April 16, 2005
       Subject:  Sole' In A Play

Sole' was in a play today called Satins Expose The Remix. It's a Christian play that shows how Satan will use things to destroy your life. She played a character named Alex, who was engaged to be married in two weeks. Alex had grown up seeing her father physically abuse her mother and little brother, so when she met her fiancé Paul, he was the first male she ever trusted and she gave up her former lifestyle of being with other women for him. Then a week before her wedding, Alex caught Paul cheating on her with a man, and she was so devastated that she shot herself.

Before he introduced her, they had a movie screen where they showed clips of Sole's music videos and an interview from back in 1999 and it was similar to the Skin Deep interview that's on Yahoo Music. After that played, he introduced Tonya and when she came out, she started crying She tried to speak but she kept getting choked up and she said "You all will have to bare with me... it's just so hard to see that (meaning the clips of her videos that they showed) and to know that I used to be that woman... rolling around on the floor and dancing with my tongue all out and licking my lips" She started out by telling about how she grew up with low self-esteem and thinking that sexiness equaled self worth and value, and all that mattered was how many guys were chasing after her and wanted her. She also talked about how she got into the music business. Also, she talked about how she used to chase fame and money when she did get into the business and got involved with the wrong kind of guys. That's when she talked about De'jan and Cypress' father and how he used to physically and emotionally abuse her and that he's never supported his kids...

She kept saying how she's so embarrassed that she used to be the way she was and talk about the kind of things she talked about, particularly about the cursing. She was like “It was ridiculous that every other word coming out of my mouth when I rapped was a curse word... either that or I was rapping about how good my 'stuff' was. She then said how she always looks at her girls and prays that they won't follow the same road that she did. She wants to be a godly example to them on how a virtuous woman of God should be. She doesn't listen to secular music, just Gospel and only watches TV shows that are Christian related and she doesn't let the girls either.

She did a really good job and I was so proud of her. I already loved and respected her, but after seeing her today, it just made me respect and love her even more. I honestly was not looking at her like “OMG it's Sole'” She's just a regular person. Also, Jay Cameron, the playwright, said that when Tonya came in to audition she didn't have an attitude like “Oh, I'm Sole' and I'm married to Ginuwine so you have to let me be in the play” He said that she was very humble was faithful in all the rehearsals.

She did mention that she doesn't know if she will come back out with another album, but if she does, it won't be like the first one...she said "If I do do another album, it will be glorifying to the Lord"

WOW Tonya you don't know how proud we are of you! We are all so happy that you changed and we're here for you all the way! You are so brave Sole' and we look up to you! Thank you Joy for posting this message and letting me know what this play was about, I'm very grateful to know this.
Want to discuss this? You need to register on the board to view the message.

 Posted By Prinza for Strictly Sole'                                                     

     Date:  Wednesday, April 13, 2005
       Subject:  Skin Deep Video

I found a link to Sole's Skin Deep video. It's not  a music video just a video behind the scenes of 4,5,6 and more. Click { HERE } to see the video. It will open in a pop up window. I really like that dress shes wearing in it, its pretty!

 Posted By Prinza for Strictly Sole'                                                     

     Date:  Sunday, April 10, 2005
       Subject:  Sole' Look A Like

Heres A model from NY that looks like Sole' her names Karoline Renter. Thank you Joy for finding this! Want to discuss this? Also to view more about Sole' look a likes click here. Also I have updated affiliates, If your URL doesn't work or your on hiatus or closed for too long your site will be deleted with in a month. I'm in the process of looking for new affiliates.

 Posted By Prinza for Strictly Sole'                                                     

     Date:  Friday, April 08, 2005
       Subject:  Happy Birthday Delores
HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY DELORY AKA ROMANCE! I hope you have a good day and a fun birthday. I wish I was there to give you a big birthday hug! Love ya girl my little sis and best friend forever, you've always been there for me, thank you! click here to see her gift! and make sure you leave a holla wishing her a happy birthday.
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     Date:  Monday, April 04, 2005
       Subject:  Site Spotlight

The new site spotlight at Strictly Sole' is Alicia Keys Online. Make sure you check out this website with a lot of stuff on Miss A Keys. Click here to see past site spotlights. and click the graphic below to see the award made by me.

 Posted By Prinza for Strictly Sole'                                                     

     Date:  Saturday, April 02, 2005
       Subject:  New Layout
I bet your thinking finally a new layout. Well I hope everyone likes it, its really different and yes it did take me awhile. I put it up now because in a couple weeks I will be starting my new job and be busy. I'm trying to get my visitors back up, please continue to vote and visit this website, thank you for the support :) Also a little shout out to Delory my little sis, and Samantha, she's getting married really soon so everyone wish her luck! take care from prinza..
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     Date:  Tuesday, March 29, 2005
       Subject:  Happy Birthday Story
Happy Birthday Story Lumpkin! Story, Sole's second youngest daughter with Singer Ginuwine turned 4 today. We hope you have a great birthday, your getting big girl :) Leave birthday messages here.

 Posted By Prinza for Strictly Sole'                                                     

     Date:  Monday, March 14, 2005
       Subject:  Inspired Fan
I got a email from Shawnae and it was really sweet what she had to say, thank you so much Shawnae for your email and I'm sure all the true Sole' fans feel the same way you do. please do read it and leave a comment. "Hi Prinza, I haven't been on the site in a long while, I am not actually into like rap or R &B artists as I was before I got saved. I remembered being on your site one time and reading how Sole was changing and that how she said there wouldn't be any more cursing in her music. I was reading my scriptures this morning and God laid her on my heart and just figured that I should probably pray for her and I did. I wasn't coming online to come on your site but I wanted to see what was going on with her. When I read that she was going to church every Sunday and teaching bible study, I smile because I knew that it was not by accident that she was on my mind. I am so happy that she is working for the Lord and to see the transformation in her, she truly is a living testimony of what God can do and how he can change you. Just let her know that someone is praying for her and her family. God Bless, Shawnae"

 Posted By Prinza for Strictly Sole'                                                     

     Date:  Sunday, March 13, 2005
       Subject:  New Avatars
New avatars I made, feel free to use them message boards.

 Posted By Prinza for Strictly Sole'                                                    

     Date:  Saturday, March 05, 2005
       Subject:  Temporary Layout
Here is a temp layout for Strictly Sole'. I'm pretty sure all of you are sick of looking at the other one. You can still enter to website and view it but there will be no changes. I've been very busy with my life right now and there's not really nothing new on Sole'. I got an email from her on February 21st, I can't post the email due to privacy reasons but I can tell you what's going on with her. She said her life is very busy and she's been into religion and God. She goes to church every Sunday as well doing her God's Girls Bible Study and mentoring program for young girls. Also there is lots of other stuff going on for her. I can't post more then this because I would like to ask her what I can post first. But don't worry everyone she said "The New Sole' is preparing to come back". She doesn't know when a music project will come but she's working on some other projects including feature film she's writing and producing. Everyone better be ready for the New Sole' cause I know we've waited long enough and Strictly Sole' is here no matter what to keep you on top with what Sole's is up too. Thank you to all my visitors and people who help me out with the website, it means so much. Deloers, B-Rich, Net, Christa, Sammy, Joy, Morena, Roxana, Mie, Iman, ( Thanks for all the help with Strictly Sole' with photos to even reminding me with special dates) and who ever I missed I apologize. Thank you again to all the Sole Fans and keep visiting this site and supporting Sole' to the fullest in everything she does. If you want you can use this banner on your websites or message boards. We are sure proud of her for taking the right path and finding happiness in her life. My love goes to De'jan, Cypress, Story and Dream. Also wishing a big happy birthday to Sole's oldest baby De'jan on March 6th from prinza and the fans.
 Posted By Prinza for Strictly Sole'                                                     

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