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{ 08/25/04 } Good news everyone! Sole' has been spotted today walking with Dream. She was wearing a pretty tan outfit and her hair was back in a long ponytail. Dream was chasing after her wearing a little pink outfit. How adorable! Thank you Joy for the news. Joy saw her from a distance while she was in her car, I told her she should of stopped and said hi, Sole' is so nice and I know she'd say hi back. You may read what Joy wrote on the Strictly Sole' Board.

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{ 07/09/04 } Theres a Solé look a like here. Her names Nicole and she is from the group Eden's Crush, thanks to Cathriene for letting me know. Click here to see more photos of her, you need to scroll down a bit.
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{ 06/30/04 } I updated affiliates. Also deleted some of my top affiliates because they're site is gone, Sorry.

{ 06/17/04 } I would just like to say.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOLE'! We all wish you a beautiful and wonderful birthday! Second of all I apologize on the lack of updates, Im a busy woman! haha.. Thanks to B-Rich From Just Jacki we got some news on Sole'. The album Crunk Classics featured Sole's and J.T. Moneys track "Who Dat" released on June 22, 2004. It Featured J.T. Money, Solé, Trina, Trick Daddy, Lil John and ESB, Chyna White, Ying Yang Twins and more. Now everyone better remeber to leave Sole' Some lovely birthday hugs!
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{ 05/28/04 } If you guys can see Solé stopped by my tag board, I'm pretty sure its her cause I know the way she types and stuff. I emailed her to confirm and see if it was her. Here is the conversation (Thx Jacinta):
Sole: Hey babies its Sole, sorry I have'nt visited you guys Ive been so busy but Im gonna stay and browse the site for a while got any questions 4 me? HEY PRINZA!!
Sole: Well i see nobody taggin' so Im leave and I will talk to my abbies real soon.......... love ya!!
Sole: Hey yall, its me back again for the 2nd day in a row that's weird!lol! But since I didn't have anything to do I figure Id holla at my babies!

Jacinta: Ohhh! my gosh is sole, ahhhhh! i got some questions... How's Ginuwine?Story?Dream,etc?
Sole: My family's great, all my kids are growin' up so fast and gettin' so big, and Elgin's on the road with Joe& Jagged Edge!!
Jacinta: I cannot belive Im really talkin to Sole, ohh my gosh is it really you?
Sole: Yes, baby its me Mrs.Elgin Lumpkin aka Tonya bka Sole
Sole: Where's my baby Prinza at though?

Jacinta: Sole, I miss you so much when r u comin' back?
Sole: Im workin' real hard on trying to come back, Im workin on the album and just tryin to get my life organized and together, because when I come back I want to be straight!
Jacinta: I hear that, you are so beautiful and smart, and just da bomb!
Sole: Thank you so much, Jacinta that's sweet! I love you and thanx 4 all the support!
Sole: Well babies, Ive gotta go I don't know when I'll be back but you know I won't be a stranger I love you all soooo much, hugs & kisses!!!!!!
(Thank you for posting Solé and I'm right here hehe)
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{ 05/25/04 } I got some news here. I always wondered what Solé's height was, and she is 5'6. You can tell cause in these songs she says it: Terry Dexter Feat. Solé- Better Than Me Remix- "The Redzone chick 5'6 freaky as what!" Solé feat Lo... Our World- "5'6 buff not a ounce of fat have you feenin like smack" Solé feat. Kimmie Never Had- "5'6 & petite unless I got a nice leather prada heels on my feet". Thank you to B-Rich we know that now. Also I've added a lot of new affiliates, that is one page that always gets updated even if I don't write it in here.  { }

{ 05/21/04 } This site was down for some days and I apologize, something was wrong with the people who host my site. Everything should be running fine now, if you find any errors please let me know thank you! { }

{ 05/09/04 } I'm so sorry for the lack of updates but I've been so busy cause my wedding is in a month, yay! and Also there has been no new news on Solé, but I took some really cute photos of my little cousin Jumbo holding her picture, check them out, click the small one to see the full size... ain't he so so cute, I bet this is Solé's youngest fan! { }

{ 04/22/04 } Solé left us all a message at her board She says "Hi everyone... Ive really missed coming to the board. Ive been so busy lately its ridiculous! Im blessed though so I cant complain! I will come back to post again soon, I have to run, but I just wanted to stop by and say Hi and I love you to all my sweeties... love you all .. God bless :)." { }

{ 04/18/04 } Congrats to Miss Cantrell for being the site spotlight of the month April. Here's your award Net, keep up the great work! { }

{ 04/15/04 } I've updated the look a like section. Added one model that resembles Sole' called Albina, thanks Joy for finding her, check it out here. { }

{ 04/12/04 } I got a chain letter from Solé with a lot of new facts on her like, her real name is Tonya Michelle Lumpkin. I never knew her middle name! Her favorite drink is  Orange Juice, her favorite sports are soccer and boxing, her favorite month is May, her favorite hobby is shopping, read more here! And thank Solé for these amazing facts on her! { }

{ 04/08/04 } I've added some new link me buttons! Check them out... More here. Also I would like to wish my best friend Delory a very Happy Birthday! Much LOVE & check out her gift I made ft. Miss Solé, Wanna See? Make sure you wish her Happy Bday! { }

{ 04/05/04 } What has Miss Solé been up to lately? Well she went to a show with Ginuwine in Hawaii! They should be getting back soon. I'm pretty sure she'll pop up at her message board soon, I'll let ya'll know when she leaves a message. Also There will be new photos of her really soon for her official website solefans.com. If you haven't registered for her message board go ahead and leave her a message here. News credit goes to St James III.  { }

{ 04/04/04 } We got a Solé fan look a like. Beautiful!! Her names Tonya as well. Click here to see her photos and info. Who ever thinks she don't look like Solé, I dont care. If "I" think she looks like Solé I'll put it on my site. If you know of any other Solé look a likes please leave me a holla with the info and pix or contact me.  { }

{ 03/29/04 } click here to see storys bday graphicHappy Birthday Story! We all hope you had a great birthday cutie! Story, Solé and Ginuwines oldest daughter together, just turned 3 today on March 29. Shes such a sweetie i bet they had a lot of fun. Make sure you check out the graphic on the left and see the happy birthday graphic, and make sure you leave your birthday hollas for story here I'm sure mama Solé will read them out to her lol --->  { }

{ 03/24/04 } I made the tightest graphic! click here to see it, Also thank you Luki for a real nice graphic of Solé, click here to see that :) Please let us know what you think. Iy Yi Yi Yi, Solé Rocks, Who Dat? It's Solé! { }

{ 03/21/04 } I got this article from mtv.com.  Female rapper Solé, who got her big break as JT Money's counterpart in his "Who Dat" video, will hook up once again with JT -- this time for her new single and video, "4,5,6." Also I got some articles written on the internet on Solé and Ginuwines wedding, G and Solé have decided to tie the knot in a secret wedding ceremony, BET has confirmed. Read all the articles here. Also updated facts. { }

{ 03/20/04 } Thx to Christa baby :), we have this really good article on Solé. "That relationship - with a childhood friend she met through one of her brothers - was a life-altering experience. Her two girls, 7-year-old Dejan and 4-year-old Cypress, were born out of it. It helped Solé realize that there are some things you can't control and that there are some people who can't or won't change. The experience took its toll on her. She became a near recluse, skipping meals, staying with different people and dropping weight. "If you can think of a definition for clinical depression, that was me, not caring whether I lived or died. At that point, the only thing that kept me going was my daughters." Wow... amazing, we're always here for you Solé! Read more? Also write down your comments about this article! { }

{ 03/17/04 } I've updated Fanographys with a tight biography of Solé written by Dee. "Sole, Born Tonya Johnston Is nothing less of a rap phenomenon. Her drop dead gorgeous looks, down to earth persona and skin chilling smile you would hardily believe she grew up a tomboy. Setting herself far apart from the rest of the crop with her no nonsense lyrics and hyper speed rap flow. One can just tell by the technique used in her tracks that this Kansas City native is no rookie. Selling close to 3 Million albums and Singles worldwide, being compared to the best of the best is just the beginning. Her Midwest anthem "Who dat" that featured JT Money was the hottest rap song in 1999, receiving the most spins on rap radio as well as selling more copies than any other rap single that year. The single went platinum in just four (4) weeks, boosting Sole in to superstardom. Solé soon followed up her success with her solo single "4,5,6,". The blazing single that had ladies calling their men just to chant the hook. With lyrics that kept you wanting more, and a hot steamy video that displayed a softer more sensual side of Solé, it was easy to see this was not just a one hit wonder. Urban radio soaked the single up like water on a sponge. Dream works released the single and in weeks it climbed the charts and sold over 800,000 copies to date. In The Winter of 1999 Solé's debut album "Skin Deep" hit stores. With her platinum painted body displayed on the front cover It was hard to ignore her. The Album sold over 500,000 copies and featured a female rapper who could go toe to toe with some of the biggest male rappers to date. with hardcore songs like "Accurate Math", "Never Thought I" and The tongue twister "Iy Yi Yi" and Emotional true to life stories like "We've' been trying to long and "For The Love of You". This album was clearly superior than any other female album released that year". Wanna read more? Also make sure you check out his website called My Solé, It's hot! Leave a comment at let us know what you think of his biography on Solé, thanks :)!

{ 03/16/04 } I've updated Solé Shrines with some pictures of the stuff Solé got me and some of my Solé photos. Also there's some really cute pictures of my little cousins holding Solé's Skin Deep album. Also I haven't heard from Solé for awhile she's probably very busy with the girls and her new album. Make sure you leave her messages at her message board :).

{ 03/12/04 } I added some new aol buddy icons, my graphics, and also I've noticed no one has really been doing the Solé quizzes, and the Solé Polls.

{ 03/10/04 } I feel extremely bad because I completely forgot about De'jans birthday! I'm so bad with remembering birthdays so please forgive me. Well I made a really cute birthday graphic for you De'jan so I hope ya forgive me sweety pie ;)! happy birthday De'jan from Prinza and Romance! Romance (Delory) is the one that reminded me, please post a holla' and leave babe De'jan a birthday message everyone! De'jan is Solé's oldest daughter and her birthday was originally on March 6, I'm late but its better then nothing right? Happy birthday De'jan!! Anyways click the little image on the left to see the full graphic. { }

{ 03/09/04 } I've added another section to extra. It's called Solé's Makeup, go check it out it has all the different lipstick's, eye shadow's, nail polish, that Solé wears. Also is there any other sections any of ya all would like me to add? Please leave a holla' and let me know, thanks. { }

{ 03/07/04 } Added a new section under extra again, it's called Solé's Jewels, more coming soon!

{ 03/06/04 } I hope ya all saw "Who Dat" on 106 and park yesterday! I was really mad that they just said J.T. Money in Who Dat. They didn't say featuring Solé. Thats really dumb, I feel like emailing them and saying what the heck why didnt you say featuring Solé cause it's Solés track just as much as it's JT's. Anyways... I added some new sections under extra, go check it out: Solé's Heels & Solé's Head Gear, more coming soon, enjoy.

{ 03/04/04 } Everyone, they are finally playing Solé as a old school joint on 106&Park. It's on Friday (that's tomorrow) so make sure you got a video in your VCR to record it! 106&Park is 6:00 on BET, for more details click here. Credit goes to Christa for letting us know, you know she always got the hook up! Also I added some Solé PUZZLES!

{ 03/03/04 } I added a really hot wallpaper for my gurl Sammy, click here to see.

{ 03/02/04 } New site spotlight for March 2004 is added, Congratulations B-rich the web owner of Just Jacki! Check your award here. Also added a Solé encounter written by Joy, thanks girl! Also is there anything you think I should add to Strictly Solé, or any thing you think I should change? Please leave your comments and let me know, thank you! { }

{ 02/29/04 } Updated wallpapers, my graphics, and fan graphics, thanks to Network02 for some of the graphics!

{ 02/28/04 } I've added new printable Solé posters, make sure you check that out its a brand new section and print out a beautiful poster for your wall! Also Updated posts by Solé and questions for Solé.

{ 02/27/04 } Solé posted an important message at her official message board, here's the message she left for us: "Hi everyone, its Sole' dropping in to say hi!!! I've missed you all so much... I've been so busy but I've been wanting to come by and post for a while now. Anyway, the last couple years of my life have been amazing with many up's and downs and I came here to share a tiny piece of that with you all... since I was a child, I knew I had a calling that was higher than I realized at the time. I always had a very close relationship with God and saw Him working in my life. As I got older, I strayed from what His plans were for me and although I never abandoned Him and always prayed and gave thanks, I'm sure my life wasn't pleasing to Him. I've made some poor choices as we all have and I've learned from them and some of them I've shared with others through my music. I've never been a bad person and I try to please everyone but in doing so, I was neglecting to try to please God and running from what His purpose was for me. About two years ago, I was working on my second album and I couldn't be creative... I just didn't feel right every time I tried to work. I was really confused as to what I wanted to do and how I wanted it to come off.... it was God working on me though.... from that time until now, I have been being convicted in my spirit of a lot of things... especially concerning my music. Although I always meant well, I wasn't doing right. Some people wont agree with me but I know how powerful music is and it has the power to make you feel all kinds of emotions and impress different things in your mind and heart and I don't want to be putting anything negative or sinful on anyone's hearts... I don't want to glorify sinful things.... I will not be responsible for leading people down the wrong path.. even though my music had positively in it.. there was a lot of cursing and things not pleasing to God also and i will not do that any more. My music will still be inspiring to people ... especially my girls, but if you hear me talking about making love or things like that, it will be about my husband... there will be no cursing and glorification of sin... I will talk about real life things but it will always be putting it in a positive light... representing it in a way that will be pleasing to God.. a way that He would want us to deal with it because we can glorify Him in all we do... He finds happiness in all human emotions and enjoyment as long as its not sinful because He created it. I cannot live for anyone but Him and my family and I have a husband and 4 girls to be accountable to after God and I choose to be a Godly example to them all... If you look up to me as an artist, then look up to God and praise Him because it is only by His grace that I will be able to bring music and inspiration to you... Also if you are a fan of my husband, pray that he will continue to move in a positive direction with his music also. I will still bring it to you in a way that you can enjoy and relate to but I will be more responsible in what I put out there also. I hope all of you will continue to support me and I hope in the process I will be able to touch some of your lives like I would have never been able to without allowing God to work on me.. I love you all and I will continue to post weekly and I will also start posting some inspirational thoughts and quotes each week.... God bless you all :) Love Sole'" Now that's deep, no one can complete. WOW Solé you the bomb girl keep it up we got ya back! You may click here to see the message at her board, and make sure you leave her a message.  { }

{ 02/26/04 } Wow, I called Solé today and didn't expect her to pick it up at all. I talked to her for 10 minutes. We talked about the kids to her new album. Story is in gymnastics now and Dream is walking around and she can talk, she's been saying Mamma and Daddy (aww). She said all the girls look so different now and they're so much bigger. I am not posting the whole conversation but here is one minute of it, click here to listen, do not email me requesting to hear the whole conversation because you wont get it, sorry but I aint gonna post the whole conversation because I respect Solé and I wouldn't wanna do that without her permission, I might type it out though. I know I sound funny, but damn I was so nervous, what do you expect? She told me to call her back tomorrow morning for more info cause her battery was running out, so I will have more info tomorrow and hopefully a message from her. Leave your comments and let me know what you think! { }

{ 02/25/04 } Added new blinki's and graphics. Also I've noticed no one is posting comments, tags, or message in my guestbook. I moved my tag board, If you check on the right hand of this site where it says "Quick Site Links" you will see a link that says TagMe, click that to post a tag.

{ 02/24/04 } Listen to Solé live! I've put this video on Strictly Solé in the past but I'm sure everyone didn't get the chance to check it out. "I don't want or need your dough, can you just respect my flow..." This video is off the hook! Now if you haven't been to a Solé concert, like me, you will be amazed how she can rock the stage! This is her FIRST performance ever, It's in new York City at the Black Expo on June 18, 2000. First she performs Accurate Math remix and after that It's 4,5,6 Remix! This video is very low quality and kind of old, but its better then nothing, click here to download, and click here to see the video page. Remember the format of the video is .zip, so make sure you extract it before viewing. I've also updated wallpapers, graphics, and added one article. Enjoy! { }

{ 02/22/04 } New Link me buttons added.

{ 02/21/04 } Good news, the Official Solé Fans message board is back up and running, although Solé hasn't posted yet you should go and post a message for her or talk with fans. Also I've organized the Strictly Solé news achieve.

{ 02/20/04 } Six Hot wallpapers added. I'm going wallpaper crazy :).

{ 02/19/04 } I've added more graphics and also one very special graphic made by Roxi, it's so so beautiful, thanks so much Roxi, click here to see it. Also I added some more AOL Buddy Icons, HOT wallpapers, and if you havent seen the enter page yet go check it out for the stylin' graphic and "Iy Yi Yi" playing in the back. Support Solé to the fullest! { }

{ 02/17/04 } I added new adoptions, go on and get Solé's babies and baby-sit them! Aww so cute, to see more click Dream. Also if you see on the top right corner where it says site information I've added something that says "Last Chat With Solé" I will post the more recent date I chat with her, or she emails me. { }

{ 02/12/04 } Happy Valentines Day all you Solé fans.

{ 02/12/04 } New wallpaper added in the media section.

{ 02/10/04 } I've added a new section in my site under "Internet" called Site Spotlight where I personally choose a site to be in the spotlight for awhile, the site spotlight for February 2004 is Sarah Soul, Congratulations, and you're award, you deserve it girl! { }

{ 02/07/04 } As you can see if you're screen resolution is "1152 x 864" I've fixed that problem of the top broken image. Now you can view my site happily :).

{ 02/07/04 } Go check out the new look at the Strictly Solé Message Board, much thanks to my one and only man for that. If you haven't registered, please register today!

{ 02/04/04 } Added graphics, and also I added one more wallpaper, please feel free to send in some of you're wallpapers.

{ 02/04/04 } Well thank you for all the comments on the new layout. Solé had something to say for herself, "HI HONEY!!!! I absolutely LOVE the site... you are so talented!!! Thank you so much for putting in so much time and work for me... THank you thank you thank you!!!!". She emailed me today with that comment, no problem Solé! you deserve it all! I've added some avatars, go check that out.

{ 02/03/04 } Welcome to the new and improved Strictly Solé, I've updated each section so everything is link brand new. I also added a lot of new things to the site. If you have anything you could like to contribute please feel free to contact me. Also, If there's any links that don't work please let me know.

{ 01/17/04 } Solefans.com is back up and theres a new photo of Solé. Wow she looks different in every photo. Amazing :) I got a email from Solé today and she said, "AWW WW WWW WWw youre so sweet!!! IM in the studio working hard... I think it'll be out by summer!!!! Ill call you in a minute!!! LOVE YA" aww even though i didn't get that call LoL that was very sweet of her to email me. She's been trying to get on my board, so if any of you have any questions go right on ahead to my board and ask 'em!

{ 01/16/04 } Everyone make sure you go pick up the magazine "Ebony". It's the 10 hottest couples issue and Ginuwine and Solé are on the cover, (if any one has scans from this magazine please email them to me and I will give you full credit thx).

{ 01/09/04 } Happy Birthday Cypress Little Sweetie ! Prinza and everyone from the Strictly Sole' board wish you a happy Birthday! If you haven't seen the birthday graphic yet click here. Have a great Birthday "Cy Cy" ;)

{ 01/08/04 } Happy 2004 Sole' fans. Just some news on Sole': She emailed me back and her and Elgin (Ginuwine) were in Ethiopia (Africa) for awhile and she said, "It was a completely amazing trip!!! We loved it and want to go back sometime." Also Solefans.com should be up again soon. By the way Cypress's (Sole's baby gurl) Birthday is in one day! So yall better wish her a happy birthday on my board. "Gentle power is more effective than sheer ruthlessness!!" .........MISS SOLE' 

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