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Old News August 3003 - December 2003:
{ 12.16.03 } Solé is doing good. She said she's hardly ever online anymore because she's really busy. She's been recording and writing as well, And she's gonna do a new photo shoot soon! Also I've added a new calendar for the year 2004 go check it. And make sure you check the xmas graphic :) happy holidays everyone!

{ 11.21.03 } Good news everyone :) The Gallery Is Back up! Its Almost Done... If you have any Solé photos that you would like to contribute to the gallery please email them to me at prinza@strictlysole.com  thank you so much! You will be given FULL credit for the photo that you send. Now click here and check out the gallery with pretty pix of sole' :)

{ 11.20.03 } Solé left a message at the SSBoard (StrictlySoleBoard) She posted ..."AAAAAA AAAAAawwwww wwww wwwww, I miss you too! I've been so busy but Im going to make it a point to drop by atleast once a week and post. Love ya girl and I'll talk to you soon... Thanks for keeping the site going on my down time... I'll be back before you know it! Take care :)" Go leave Solé a message or any questions you have for her!

{ 11.14.03 } I got this interview of Solé from word up! magazine and its really old but it's so good! Thanks so much to christa for scanning it. Click here to read it.

{ 11.13.03 } I am in the process of making a new layout for Strictly Solé. I am just plain sick of this one. If any one has ideas email me at prinza@shaw.ca and ill check them out and see what i can do. The next layout wont be black, it will all be light colors. Buy the way i got an email from Solé on (Fri, 7 Nov 2003 19:39:25 -0800) And shes doing just fine :) Just real busy! Well i dont know what happened to Solefans.com and Solé doesnt know whats going on either, the board is still down. I hope it comes back and i bet everyone else does, but tell then everyone can go check out my board i guess.

{ 11.01.03 } HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY DREAM! Solé and Ginuwines lil' baby girl (the youngest one) turns one today! She is such a sweet little thing! If you havent seen the graphic check it now!

{ 10.31.03 } Happy Halloween!

{ 10.26.03 } I've added new Link me (Affiliate) buttons. You gotta check these cause they are just so original! So a note to all my affiliate sites please check out my latest buttons and change it on you're site :) Click here to check them out. Also to everyone whos a real Solé fan... Join the Official Solé fan listing here. I've also updated that page with some new button codes. I was disappointed to see how many fans we got up there cause i know everyone to lazy to sign up. So go on and sign up right now! what you even waiting on?

{ 10.25.03 } So sorry for all the problems with the site since the last 5 days ago, its cause my host "uzipp" is having problems with moving the server. Now i can finally update! The boards been down as well. So I'll get that fixed and back up soon. I don't really have no new news on Miss Solé cause i haven't heard from her in awhile. I updated the "Avatar" section with a whole load of tight avs, make sure you go and check that! Also i update affiliates daily, so i don't really write it in here.

{ 10.18.03 } I've added new sections in "Information" Timeline, Televisions appearances, Sole's husband Ginuwine, and award nominations. make sure you go check it out, and if you know anything that i dont have up there, please dont hesitate to email me. I will give you full credit.

{ 10.16.03 } I am site of the month at TLC Studio, so make sure you go and check that tight site out! Its made by Melissa. Click here to check her site out. my award.

{ 10.15.03 } Its Mr. Ginuwine's birthday! Click here to check the ginuwine birthday page. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. GINUWINE! If you didn't get a chance to be in the page just scroll down and after all the messages there should be a link to the birthday book, you may also leave you're messages there :) No nasty comments or ull get it

{ 10.14.03 } I've added alot of new linkie buttons. Please be nice and link me to you're site. Let me know if you have linked my site and I will link you back also. So go check out the new buttons i have made.

{ 10.13.03 } If you haven't joined my message board yet click here to register! Solé joined herself and left a message for everyone... She wrote "Hi everyone... i just wanted to stop by and show some love to everyone who's moved over from the solefans.com board to this one." to read the rest of what she said go here. Im so so happy to see what Solé said, and that she posted on there!!! She is so nice and sweet. Also I've been getting alot of emails at my email cause people think i am Solé. Who ever wants to speak to Solé just join my forum!! :)

{ 10.01.03 } Ok the photos are up. Here you go for everyone that has been waiting. I have permission from Miss Solé herself :). She looks so BEAUTIFUL! and so does everyone else that was there. It looked so so much fun!!!!

{ 09.30.03 } This is kinda late but on September 28th Solé's Album skin deep turned 4! It doesn't seem 4 years old cause the music/lyrics are just so good. If you havent seen the graphic i made on the enter page click here.

{ 09.29.03 } Well the news is all over now about the Marriage. It's crazy how people find out. Topic: Ginuwine The.... CEO? Posted on Friday, September 26 @ 20:50:35 PDT by MusicMan: "Besides recent news of Ginuwine getting married to his fiance of 2 years (rapper Solé) last weekend in Mexico, he has also started his own record label titled "BAG entertainment." His first act will be a rapper by the name of Jose Cenquentez who was featured on Ginuwines latest CD "The Senior," following him will be a 22 year old Washington, DC native who goes by the name of "Dobelique." Both albums will be in stores in Mid 2004." Click here to read it on the site. Also D Dawg aka Dee Aka Dobelique will be on Solé's album. click here to see a photo of sole at  her wedding. She looks so beautiful :). I will post the rest of the pictures on the next update. I bet ya'll cant wait!

{ 09.28.03 } Thanks B-rich for getting some photos for us from Tiggas The Bassment and MTV, Of Sole'. Really bad quality but its better then nothing! They're old but They are not on this site so here you go. Photo1, Photo 2, More?

{ 09.27.03 } Yay Sole' left us all a tag on the tag board saying "Hey babies! Thanks to all y'all regarding the support of the wedding! I will try to provide Prinza with some more pics of the big day! I love you all, and I will talk to y'all real soon......." Thank you Sole' I got a new photo i havent seen before of Sole' thanks to chrissssta thanks girl :) Click here to see. Also i was gonna say photos of Solé's wedding have been going around like everywhere! And i will not post them on here with out her permission I DONT CARE if they are posted everywhere else. That is so disrespectful. If you have the photos please stop posting them everywhere. Plz!

{ 09.26.03 } Heres some bad news and good news. The good news is that solefans.com will be back shortly. Yay I think we all missed that board even though no one really posted there. And the bad news is that everyone will have to sign up again :( and we will loose our posts and stuff. Well just be happy its back even though i had like 1500 posts there. Well i just hope everyone re-joins!

{ 09.24.03 } Well heres some surprise news for yall. Ginuwine And Solé tied the knot. They're married :). I'm not telling the date and location though. That's private. I might post some pictures of the wedding soon. I'll think about that one. Tyrese including g's and sole's family were all there. And wow the girls looked so cute :). I made a cute little wedding graphic for them click here to see it full version. Also if you were at the wedding hit me up and i can put you're name on the site sayin' you were there. Also Solé's mom's best friends daughters birthday is today (she my gurl too) Happy birthday Sam! You my guuurl! Check ya graphic chicka :)

{ 09.19.03 } Who dat? It's Solé... I haven't seen that picture before on the left. Its just little but its better then nothing right? Thanks mi amor for it. Well I've heard from Solé and shes doing great :) Just super busy. If yall have been wondering why solefans is down. I have no clue but i will talk to the webmaster of that site and let him know that its down because even Solé tried to get in and she couldn't. Well i updated & added awhile bunch of wallpapers for yall so check that out for sure ok. Yall will love them!I will have new news for all you Solé fans really soon!

{ 10.13.03 } Thanks to Nicoleca318i a "Ginuwine Fan" i have a picture of Solé i've never seen before. Thanks girl thats very sweet of you :) Click that av <---- to see the beautiful picture of Miss Tamar Braxton, R Dub, And Solé. Well I haven't herd from Solé yet but i know she's been VERY busy so i really understand cause I've been busy myself but not even close to as busy as she gets :) My love goes out to De'jan, Cypress, Story & Dream (my lil' blubber) Love you girls! Be good for mommy! I hope to hear from Solé soon.

{ 09.09.03 } For everyone who tries to get to the official sole fans board if you go through solefans.com it wont work so if you click here for the board & you will get to the official sole fans board. If you haven't joined yet please do because once and awhile when Solé has time she stops by there to show all her fans some love and respect!

{ 09.02.03 } I've updated the affiliates and there are alot of sites that are down or I don't see my button, I will delete those soon. Also solefans.com will be up in 2004, so I bet ya'll cant wait for that! I've updated the graphics page, its more organized now. Here are some tight av's you can use :) Give me credit!
And also if you have any graphics or art work please email them to me at prinza@strictlysole.com  so i can add them to my site :) I will give you full credit. thank you!

{ 08.16.03 } As you can tell I've been so so busy thats why i havent had time to update anything! Well sole left a tag on my board saying "Hey babies i missed all of you so bad i hope you guys keep stopping by and giving me some l.o.v.e love you guuys! :)." So that is real sweet of her. Also I've made alot of new graphics and they will be up soon. And i wonder what her new cd cover is gonna look like because B-rich had a dream about it here is what it was "i had a dream about sole's album cover lolol it was all pink like her board and on the front it was a pic of her with something white on like the picture she took with the cougar cat on the back was a pic of prynza lol and inside the booklet it was new pictures of sole' and one with the kids and she had another one with prinza in the thank you notes too." well thats funny cause i thought i was the olny one getting weird dreams like that haha.

{ 08.03.03 } Ginuwine and Solé were spotted in Wal-mart at Milwaukee with their body guards. They were looking around in the baby asle. Credit: ladychiq

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