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Old News From April 2003 - July 2003:

{ 07.28.03 }  Everyone thanks to B-rich i got the tightest LIVE Solé performance and shes rappin' a song i've never herd before... Man its off the hook! Theres some pictures on the left, they aint best quality because i took them with the webcam, but you gotta check out this live performance man she shakes up the whole croud! It comes with an Interview also so make sure you check it out... Click the pic and it will load into you're media player. Its really old but its so tight so you better check it... Also if that link in the picture doesnt work you can click here and at the bottem of the page the link is there also.. It says "Wearing cut-off jeans, a baby tee, flip-flops, and no makeup, Solé looks a convincing 16 in person, though the ferocious female MC who guests on ..." I guess they forgot to write out the rest? Well i hope you enjoy this live thang!

{ 07.27.03 }  Wussup! Im Site of the month July, at Ms Trina DP so make sure you check that!well i havent got a message back from Miss Solé yet exept she said something on the board: "AAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAWWWW WWWWWWWWWWWW, prinza! ur so sweet!! !!! Ive been so busy, i feel like im neglecting you I got your message on my voicemail and i hope youre doing better i will call you back soon, ive been SO busy ive barely had time to breathe! Thank you all for all your birtday wishes...I love yall, be good!" Haha shes so cute man... If you wanna view that click here. Well when i get in touch with Solé again (hopefully that will be soon) i will let yall know ok?

{ 07.18.03 } Happy Birthday Solé!!! Miss Solé's birthday was originally on July17. Im so sorry this is late, but its better late then never :) You better check out the birthday page i made for you, and thank you to all the fans that took out the time to type messages and email them, or post them on the board... That was very sweet of yall :) Go to the sole' shrines section under fanatics and see the Birthday page for Solé!

{ 07.05.03 } Just to let yall know if you missed the 2nd annual BET awards aired on June 24th 2003. BET is gonna repeat it so make sure you have a video in your VCR to recorded them cause they are tight! They're gonna re-air again on Tuesday July 9th @ 8PM ET. So dont miss that one! Also Solé's Dress she wore on the BET awards was designed by Dolce & Gabbana. Wasn't It Just so nice and pretty? (Thx Golden 4 The Info) Also Miss Beyoncé kind of wore the same one on the Essence Awards. So make sure you dont miss the BET awards this time, cause Solé is HOT in them! You also gotta give props to G cause you know his Album is off the hook! Yeaaah!

{ 07.04.03 } Everyone better check Miss Cantrell cause im site of the month on there. Also Solé posted a message to her fans on her official board, the subject was "Im back :)" and she said, "Hello everyone, its Sole' checking in on all my babies :) I know i havent posted in a while, but I've been so busy you wouldnt believe it!! I missed you guys and Ive popped in a couple times and read some posts and replied to some PM's but I hadnt posted so i just wanted to tell you guys that I love you all and I appreciate all the positive feedback concerning the BET awards. I'll be checking back in soon and posting again to keep you all updated as to whats going on with me... Love you all, take care and be safe this summer!!!!" Posted On June 28th.

{ 06.27.03 } I finally got the Solé Fanatics click up. You better join or i will beat you haha. Soo Heres the link to the site:: http://www.strictlysole.com/fans/ Now go ahead and join what you waiting on? Also i talked to Solé today and asked her "omg u looked sooo good in the awards, how did you like them?" She responded "it was nice...we had fun, it was a good little vacation for us away from the kids :-)" So yall know she loved the awards. Also Ginuwine said he liked how she looked. And i asked her if she will be in Ginuwine's next video "Love you more" and she said "This stuff about me being in Love you more is new to me LOL.. me and Elgin haven't talked about that LOL so if I'm supposed to be in it, i dont know about it yet LOL". Just keeping the fans informed :)

{ 06.25.03 } Well Miss Solé did show up at the BET awards, Aired Tuesday June 24, 2003. If you missed that (Like me ahaha i missed it, shame on me) There will be a repeat should be played on July 1st or 2nd, im not shure exactly when cause i forgot. So ill post up when i find out again.

{ 06.19.03 }  OK yall i added avatars, AOL buddy icons, Images that you can use for signatures on message boards, or if you just wanna post a pic of Solé! Theres animated or non animated. you can use them only for that purpose, if you plan on putting them on your webpage please ask for permission first. There are instructions how to copy the URL and how to set it as your AOL buddy icon also.

{ 06.18.03 } Ok everyone better check my twin site its tight and I always gotta stop by. Click that Solé and Blu image to see the wicked graphic I made. Also I was listing to Ginuwine's CD and I noticed on track 3 "chedda Brings" (featuring Jose Cenquentez) Jose shouts out Solé's name in this verse, Its tight He says "Doing songs with Ginuwine, Solé, and Lil' Mo" etc... Iv'e never heard of the guy, but if he shouts out Solé, i gotta keep yall informed of every little thing about her, even if its hard to find news, i always got something!


{ 06.13.03 } I got the senior finally! Its tight make sure yall get it and support Solé's man! And you cant miss the surprise song in there featuring Solé go on and get it and you will see! The thank yous on his album he shouts out Solé and the girls (of course) this is what he said "Deep love to my sons, daughters, nephews, nieces and cousins: Lil' Elgin, Story, Dream, Deja, Cypress, Tajar, jaquan, Danieele, Seria, Re Re, Donte, Monte, Jonathan, Joshua, Deniel, Monet, Me Me and Seirra Johnston (Solé's Sister) Love ya'll so much just do it right and prove everyone wrong, Seirra Mwaah... I love you all! A special thanks to Tonya Johnston (aka Solé) I love you to death. Also ive noticed in the album it says "Solé appears courtesy of PA PAH Productions" So watch out Dreamworks and Redzone!

{ 06.09.03 } Finally i got the time to update... Well i got some news that Miss Jones from hot 97 had a fit when her publicist sent her a copy of the S2S magazine, cause she has been reporting that Ginuwine and Solé was never together and now that he has been shouting her out in all the interviews and did that article she was PISSED, she has something on her message board about the article "I wonder how much she paying him to say that stuff".. and they were straight clowning her on her own board.. not only that but people have been calling hot 97 clowning her. she is so obsessed with Solé. I don't blame her cause who doesn't obsess over Solé? hah :) Also I have my message board up and running yall better join it! click here to join. you have to register and log in to view all the forums on the board. Join now!

{ 06.01.03 } Some cool news for ya'll fans of Foxy and Solé.  Inga Merchand as known as Foxy brown says shes cool with Solé, then i dont know what all thoes rumors meant. She was told "I be telling people you cool with Solé but i guess they think you dont like her or what eva". And this is what she said back "Yeah I love her, Actually me and her man were talking about her and I doing a song when he was in Miami, but shes real nice and i think she's real pretty! I never had a problem with her". Now thats cool! Thanks for the news Dee!

{ 05.31.03 } If you all have not read the latest S2S Magazine, it features in exclusive interview by none other than ''Ginuwine''. Although the interview is very detailed and descriptive, Im going to have to disagree with the way the interviewer conducted this interview. By reading it you can slowly begin to tell that she was more interested in His personal business more than anything, but then again now a days which reporter isnt. The fans who are anxiously awaiting or wondering what he said without giving out too much I can give you a synopsis on what was covered. Of course they asked him about his home and Family and his Marriage Plans, ''G'' replied, 'I want to keep it real simple, I don’t won’t a big wedding' and I agree with him on not revealing the date. In the next section the interviewer was being subliminally rude when she asked G about his music. She claimed his music wasn’t crossing over and begins to compare him to Usher and Sisqo and to make it even worst she said JAHIEM???? Why him, people are still asking JA-Who? In response to this I have to call her bluff, Ginuwines music did in fact cross over, all though his style of music is not 'bubble-gum pop' he has had his share of #1 hits on Nielson sound scan charts (Mind you not just R&B but Pop too). However my problem comes up here, if anything Usher and Sisqo should be compared to Ginuwine they have mimicked his style of singing, dancing and the whole 9. Its become quite obvious that even Justin Timberlake has a little G influence in him (Cry me a River sounds like a Ginuwine and Timbaland production) making him one of the most sough-after artist in the R&B world. Now lets be honest before Ginuwine you had some R&B cats out doing their thing but who do you know that was doing what G was doing, Now take a good look around and look at these R&B copy-cats.. Seems everyone wants to be Ginuwine these days so give that man some credit. As far as Usher, his candle is slowly burning out and Sisqo.. lol enough said. To sum this up, the interview was awesome but I really think it could have been a couple of better questions. And for those of you who are wondering YES HE DID REP OUR GIRL, hell the most of the interview was around Solé. just cop the mag! Written By Dee

{ 05.30.03 } Ginuwine appears in the June 2003 issue of Sister 2 Sister Magazine He talks a lot about Solé and his children. He Says "It was about how Im living. And I don’t like to keep throwing that down nobodys throat. Everybody knows were together and thats it. You know what Im saying? I dont like to keep doing that. Its not cool. I mean, its cool, I love her, but I dont like to just keep doing that. You know my fan base is women and dont nobody want to just keep hear­ing.... Its known so I dont gotta keep shoving it down nobodys face. Actually, shes about to come back out". "Trust me, we not gon' be calling everybody saying: yes, its getting ready to happen 'cause thats been a good thing for us and its been a bad thing for us. Thats why when people ask me about that I say: Look, this is my woman and I love her and thats it. Can we move on? You know what Im saying"? Click here to read more of it, Also i only recorded down what he says about Solé. And he talks about their wedding I cant wait for that yay! "No were not. If we were married I would say it. I would be proud of my marriage, but Im not married yet. We are going to get married, but I dont know the exact date. The pressure aint on. I dont know when the wed­ding is. We aint got no exact date yet. And we dont want a big wedding. I want it simple".

{ 05.27.03 } Ive updated Words from Solé with emails, chats, and posts from Solé. So make sure all you Solé fans check that out! Also woohoo look she sent me a recent pic of herself :) Click here to see the full picture.. Doesn't she look so pretty:) Yall know this is a exclusive! & you can only get it from Strictly Solé Dot Com!

{ 05.24.03 } Just to tell ya all i am site of the week at this cute site called oh-jlo make shure yall check that site out cause its really good, its one of Roxi's sites! shes so good at making sites. Thank you so much rox your such a sweetie :) and you know it! :P yay!

{ 05.21.03 }  Wussup Solé Fans, i will be starting a Solé fanatic clique soon. It will be a part of strictlysole.com so make shure ya'll join that when its up. Also Solés album that she is working on i told you all that she has dont six tracks so far, well i know ones about "Things back home", just stuff in the past and back at home :) I cant wait to hear it! Well heres some pix to keep yall intrested, Enjoy!

{ 05.18.03 } Hey everyone i havent had much time to work on this cause ive been so so busy, but im just fixing it up and all... i made another new graphic from 4,5,6 called solé's universe. Also solé is in the process of working on her new album now, she told me she had six tracks done so far and its all going great, so i cant wait to hear that! And... if yall wanna leave a message for solé leave it here please :)

{ 05.14.03 } Ok heres some old news but its worth hearing :) I didnt tell you all that Solé called me, did i? :) Well she did, and i was so nervous, we talked about Her kids to alota things and some plans coming up for her :). She is so sweet! I was shy though lol. eheh, but she is so so so nice to do that :) I dont know what to do to thank her. and Also i made a mothers day graphic for her. Click here to see the full version of it. Im in the process of just fixing stuff up on my site, putting in new fan art and adding new sections and stuff, so be patient please :).

{ 03.08.03 } Solé has been named to be mentioned in the Guinness book of world records as the fastest female rapper EVER! The 5"6 and petite beauty can clearly speak five (5) three letter syllables per second making her the second fastest rapper in music history, with Chicago native Twista coming in at Number 1. Also She has once again proven that she is no joke when it comes to her new track. The newest track from her self and fiancé' Ginuwine has hit shelves today, she ripped the track with her naughty yet taunting lyrics. Go pick up this album now , you wont be disappointed at all! Click here to order "The Senior" online.

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