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Old News From 1999-2003:
Solé will be featured in a Song on Ginuwine's upcoming album. Its out April 8, so go cop it.

Ok This is kinda old, but i just noticed it now Blu Cantrell Likes Solé. In her song "Hit 'Em Up Style". On that song she sings, "// So I Went To Neiman-Marcus on a shopping spree // And on the way I grabbed Sol-ay and Mia // And as the cash box rang I thought everything away //"... ALSO Solé will be featured on Ginuwine's new album coming out after March 2003 sometime, So make sure you check that, you know it.

Solé and Ginuwine had a beautiful baby girl on November 1, 2002 at 6:00 PM. The baby was 6lbs, 4ozs and they named her "Dream Sarae Lumpkin". I've also heard that she has the same gray eyes as Story (Her other girl). They both looked a lot alike when they were born.

ok this is old news but i just found a conversation on the new with Solé and this miss Jones chick (she a ho)...  man Solé really puts her in her place, click here to listen to it. enjoy! (you need real player to listen to it)

Solé will be on St. James album along with: Pablo, Kelly Owens (NBA - Washington Wizards Head Cheerleader), Christopher McCall, The Soundproof Band, and Cayman Kelly (XM Radio / BET Uptown) There will be more info on that at his site - http://www.stjamesiii.com.

There is a track from the Don Juan's album that Solé is featured on. It is called "Cosa Nostra" and was recorded in 1995. Make sure you check that! Click here to check the flyer, thanks to swick.

Solés album Fly Away wont be coming out tell next year now. She said she wants to give her fans the best, like she did on her previous album.

There has been rumors that Solé "dropped" from her label, and they are completely untrue. She has been in a long drawn out legal situation with the production company and was signed to and in the process, DreamWorks was having trouble with their urban department. She felt that neither company was capable of doing what needed to be done for me as an artist based on the overall problems with promotions, etc. on the last album, so they needed to part ways. Therefore, she asked to be released from both deals and after going through all the legal issues, and fighting for her freedom and she's finally free of both companies. She's now in the process of signing a new deal and working on
the new album.

Film: Solé To Appear in New Snoop Dogg Movie! Kansas City-based rapper Solé says she is preparing to appear in "Snoopafly," Snoop's remake of the 1972 blaxploitation film, "Superfly." The film, which Snoop has been planning since last fall is now slated to begin shooting in May. Solé will then move on to a film titled "Mahogany" and a series of four commercials for urban designer Karl Kani.
Solés baby, Story turned 1 on March 29, 2002. happy birthday Story! Solé Had A Baby On March 29, 2001, With The R&B Singer (from her "It Wasn't Me" Video) GINUWINE. They Decided To Name Her Story Lumpkin. They've Been Together For Over A Year Now, And Are Engaged. (I Heard This From Sister2Sister Magazine).

Solé's featured on 2000 Watts, Tyrese's new album, its in stores May 22. The song is called "Get Up On It".

Ginuwine and Sole Celebrate New "Life" - Rapper Solé and R&B heartthrob Ginuwine are the proud parents of a baby girl named Story. The couple, who have been dating for more than a year now, also have children from previous
relationships. In related news, Ginuwine released his third album entitled The Life on Tuesday. The album features the hit single "There It Is" as well as production by Timbaland and a collaboration with Ludacris. Ginuwine is currently on a promotional tour of his new album with label mate Rhona. For more information on "The Bachelor," log on to http://www.ginuwine.com  this is from vibe.com

Solé's sensual guest starring role in Ginuwine's video for "None of Ur Friends Business" first brought the relationship into the public eye. He returned the favor by bringing in himself on the hook and video for a remix of "It Wasn't Me." Ginuwine released his latest album, The Life, earlier this month, while Solé's follow up to Skin Deep is due in June.

{ Thu Mar 28, 2002 } She is currently signed to REDZONE, Tricky Stewart's label, posted below is some brief info about the ATLANTA based company. But I am assuming looking for distribution. RedZone Entertainment, Inc. is a music production company, specializing in the production of R&B, Hip-Hop, and Rap music. There are several companies which operate in association with RedZone Entertainment including Shock The World Entertainment, Inc., MES Entertainment, and Triangle Sound Studios. RedZone was formed in 1997, evolving out of Boss Productions, originally founded in 1993 as a business venture between producers C. "Tricky" Stewart and Sean "Sep" Hall. RedZone staffs a team of producers and writers including C. "Tricky" Stewart, Laney Stewart, Don Vito, Ollywood & Scrilla, Katrina Willis, Tab, & Traci Hale. RedZone's current artist roster includes Arista recording artists Blu Cantrell and Sam Salter; former DreamWorks' recording artist Sole'; crav, a four girl R&B group (line over the a for a long a); Greer, a male R&B soloist; rappers Malice, L.O., Young Kyoz, Boi James; female R&B Kimmie, and Century Club, twin rappers Justin and Bennett.

{ Mar 26, 2002 } Solé just called the Wendy W show in new York city to confirm a rumor that was talked about on another show on WBLS. The rumor was that Sole and Ginuwine were arguing outside their home. Solé said this was not true. She also said she didn't want to comment on her relationship with G. But in a way.. she did say they were still dating. Their child Story will be 1 yrs old this friday and will have a b-day party with close friends and family. Solé also said she was having problems with her label and production company but everything is solved now. And actually she will be working tonight.

Snoop Dogg is currently focusing on film projects, and he's getting some additional help as more names are being attached to his big screen projects. Kansas City-based rapper Solé (she of the hit single "4,5,6") says she is preparing to appear in "Snoopafly," Snoop's remake of the 1972 blaxploitation film, "Superfly." The film, which Snoop has been planning since last fall (see "Snoop Dogg On The Acting And Hip-Hop Connection"), is now slated to begin shooting in May. Solé will then move on to a film titled "Mahogany" and a series of four commercials for urban designer Karl Kani.

Solé has been doing shows (not a tour) in certain cities.. if you lucky to have her come to ours please let us know. She appeared on sisqo's shakedown also last week. She rapped "it wasn't me" and she blew it up.

Single "Straight Thuggin" came out. Kane & Abel Featuring Twista, and "Solé". Its tight, check it out, the videos also blazin.
Jan 19, 2000 - - - Solé was spotted sitting in the audience with Ginuwine at the American Music Awards. She looked beautiful as usual :) She went to say who won thinking it would be g, but it was Maxwell, oh darn ya'll know we wanted g to win!

{ Feb 16, 2000 } Solé is featured on Tamars song called "Let Him Go". Also signing background vocals on Tamar's song called "The way it should be" She singed the hook for that and sung it so beautifully make sure you Check it out! Click here to buy Tamar's album from CD Now.

J.T. Money and Solé didn't go home empty-handed, cuz "Who Dat" won rap single of the year 2000.

Check out Solé in the new JET Magazine (Februarys issue) along with Foxy, Kim, Eve, Trina, Da Brat, Rah Digga, and Missy Elliot. (Ladies Of HipHop)

{ Dec 1, 1999 } Solé appeared in Ginuwines video "None of ur friends business".
Solé Has a new single out, with Ginuwine, who is expected to be her boyfriend. I'm not to sure if they are really together, but they have been spotted together, in a couple places by fans.

{ Nov 18, 1999 } Solé's "4-5-6" featuring Kandi & J.T. Money is the #1 Rap Single in the country right now!

{ Nov 23, 1999 } Solé has been nominated for a 1999 Billboard Music Award for Rap Singles Artist. (Against Jay-Z, J.T. Money, and Busta Rhymes) Good luck to her.

{ Sep 26, 1999 } Solé appeared on Rap City in the Basement with Big Tigga. Shell also be on Live in LA, co-hosting with Michael Coulier. According to her bio on DreamWorks Records Web Site and her lyrics on the song 4, 5, 6 she is part Black and part Native American. Rapper Solé first attracted attention in the spring of 1999 thanks to her contributions to JT Money's Top Five smash "Who Dat." Her solo debut Skin Deep appeared on DreamWorks that autumn.
Female rapper Solé, who got her big break as JT Money's counterpart in his "Who Dat" video, will hook up once again with JT -- this time for her new single and video, "4,5,6." In the clip, which was directed by former adult film auteur
Gregory Dark, JT Money plays Solé's romantic interest, and the video also features an appearance by ex-Xscape singer Kandi Burruss. While discussing the video recently with the MTV Radio Network, Solé said the clip for "4,5,6" starts out innocently enough, but quickly turns risque. "It's basically me and the girls in a car," Solé said, "and they are talking about how their guys ain't nothing. I'm like, 'No, mine is,' you know, and Kandi is like, 'Oh, he is?' So, we're looking and driving down the street... and there is JT walking into a strip club." After that scene, Solé sneaks into the gentlemen's club to give JT Money a piece of her mind. Look for the video to make its debut in the next couple of weeks. Solé's debut album, "Skin Deep," features production work from Tricky and is due in stores in September. - http://mtv.com

{ September, 10, 99 } 'Shy' is not a word many people would use to describe Solé (So-LAY). After all, the rapper comes on like a freight train throughout much of her debut album (Skin Deep). Her commanding presence has likewise made an impact on JT Money’s 'Who Dat,' a Top 5 entry on Billboard’s Hot 100— the track is included as a bonus on Skin Deep—and Before Dark’s 'Baby.' Nonetheless, Solé confides, 'As far as being one-on-one, I’m naturally a shy person.'
Street Date for Skin Deep: September 28 Info From the DreamWorks Records Official Website. So ya'll Make sure you go pick up that Solé album on September 28, 1999.

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