{ Section: Multimedia }

 { Wallpapers }
Want to spice up your desktop? Here are some wallpapers made for 800 x 600 only. Made by Prinza and a lot of other Sole' fanatics.

 { Audio + Video }
Never heard Sole' rap? Or you just wanna hear her again? Here's some audios and Videos if you want to watch her music videos.

 { AOL Buddy Icons }
Have a unique and tight AOL messenger buddy icon. There's over 50 buddy icons to choose from, you can also use them as other icons.

 { Board Avatars }
You will find avatars with Sole's photo here for a message board or forum. Animated and non-animated, there's over 50 to choose from.

 { MSN Display Icons }
Display icons for MSN Messenger 6.0+. You may choose the icon you want for your own display photo. They're original and very pretty!

 { Printable Posters }
Here are some hot poster sized photos you can print out to put on ya wall, if you have a black & white printer you can also print them!

 { MP3 Of The Moment }
Wanna download a Sole' MP3? Here's the place. A new MP3 will be in this section when ever I feel like changing it, It's a free download.

 { Blinki's }
Little text animations that you may use on your webpage or on a message board, but please make sure you link it back to this site.

 { Video Animations }
Little animations from Sole's videos like 4 5 6 and, It Wasn't Me. You can use them for a lot, they look really neat just like watching T.V.!

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