{ AOL Buddy Icons }

You may use these images for AOL buddy icons, avatars, or signatures... to get the URL click on the image you want. Then  right click the image go to properties and where it says address (URL) highlight the link and go "Ctrl C" on your keyboard and to paste it go "Ctrl P" and there you go, you can use the image :) The size of the image is set for AOL Messenger Buddy Icon, to set a image as your buddy icon you need to click the image you want then save a image on your desktop to do that you gotta right click the image go to "SAVE PICTURE AS" and save it to your "DESKTOP". Now open AOL messenger then go to "PEOPLE" at the top and "SELECT BUDDY ICON" (it should be near the bottom) click *My Buddy Icon* now click "Browse PC" go to the desktop and load your image and click OK! make sure "My Buddy Icon" is clicked or it wont work, and your done :)

These Image are for personal use only. If you plan on putting these on you're webpage please ask for permission first!

48 x 48
 { Not Animated }

48 x 48
 { Animated }

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