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 { Sole' Links }
Do you wanna see other Sole' websites? Here's links to yahoo groups, fan sites and purchasing sites where you can buy her CD.

 { Affiliated Websites }
Here are all my affiliates. I have over 50 affiliated websites. If you are interested in becoming one remember to read the rules first.

 { Fanlistings + Cliques }
Here's fan listings and cliques I'm a part of. I joined 50+. You better come and check out this section cause you can join a fan listing too!

 { Listed, Vote + Exchanges }
Here are websites Strictly Sole' is listed at and some banner xchanges like: Elite Fan Pages and more, Also you can vote for my website.

 { Site Spotlight }
This section is a site spotlight, I put a new website up onto the spot light when I see a site I really like, You get you're own site award!

 { My Other Sites }
If you like this site I'm sure you'll like my other sites. Go on over to Prinza Style: Personal website and find all my other sites.

 { Good Links }
Here are links I just felt like adding to my website. You're website has to be really good to be here. I visit some of these daily, check them.

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