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 { Discography }
Albums: Skin deep, Singles: Who dat, 4 5 6, It wasn't me, Iy Yi Yi Soundtracks: Light it up, Collaborations: Straight Thuggin', Clueless.

 { Filmography }
"Id love to do a movie with Denzel Washington or Nicholas Cage. I love a lot of actors and actresses so its hard to limit it" - Sole'

 { Videography }
Music Videos Published: with JT Money- Who Dat and 4 5 6, with Ginuwine- It Wasn't Me, with Kane & Abel- Straight Thuggin'.

 { Modeling Career }
She has modeling under her skin, the way she takes her photos proves it. She will have a calendar out soon witch she is modeling in.

 { Some Facts }
Sole' is in a tribe from Kansas City called Blackfoot native, she is half black and half native, She majored in Political Science + Psychology.

 { Sole's Husband }
Real name: Elgin Baylor Lumpkin, stage name: Ginuwine The Gizzle, birthday: 10/15, birth place: Washington DC, Residence: Maryland.

 { All Sole's Songs }
Skin Deep: Spell my name right, Da story, Iy yi yi, 4 5 6, Young niggas, Pain, 4 The love of you, Out world, Get up in it, Who Dat.

 { Time Line }
May 22 1999: Who Dat single is number five on the Billboard charts, and remains in the top ten. September 1999: Skin deep is released.

 { Television Appearances }
June 24 2003: The 3RD Annual BET Awards, August 1 2000: Summer Shakedown on MTV, January 19 2000: American Music Awards.

 { Award Nominations }
Who Dat was the gold-selling number one rap selling single of the year in 1999. Sole' and JT Money both got a gold award for Who Dat.

 { Chart Stats }
Who Dat on the 1999 Billboard charts: May 8 1999 #10 this week and #18 last week, May 15 1999: #8 this week and #10 last week.

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