{ Some Facts }

Facts About SolÚ
{ Fact 1 } SolÚ is married to the singer Ginuwine.
{ Fact 2 } SolÚ is in a tribe from Kansas City called Blackfoot Native.
{ Fact 3 } She is half African American and half Native Indian.
{ Fact 4 } She has 4 beautiful daughters.
{ Fact 5 } Her daughters Story and Dream are from Ginuwine.
{ Fact 6 } She cant just rap, she also can sing.
{ Fact 7 } Her mother, Phyllis Poke, used to be a gospel singer
{ Fact 8 } SolÚ attended cosmetology school, worked at AT&T and she was also a spa coordinator for a salon.
{ Fact 9 } She majored in Political Science and Psychology in college.
{ Fact 10 } She also wanted to work for the government in politics.
{ Fact 11 } When SolÚ was in J.H.S, her and her best friend, Shurea Mitchell, switched places? Shurea was supposed to take karate and SolÚ was supposed to take guitar lessons but neither of them wanted to to what they were supposed to. They switched places for an entire year. At the end of the year they both won awards for achievement, but at the ceremony when they called their names they got scared. SolÚ faked she was sick and Shurea went to her rescue. The school nurse took them into the office and their parents followed. At the end, they got away with everything without anyone knowing what happened.
{ Fact 12 } SolÚs funniest experience while performing was, gay woman. This girl went up to her after a show and was like "I Love you. You're my wife. I got your pictures on my wall. I wanted to take you off stage and kidnap you" Then she's like "What are you doing tomorrow night?" haha!
{ Fact 13 } SolÚ got her emcee name from one of her daughter's middle names, except its spelled the right way - Soleil.
{ Fact 14 } When SolÚ little, one time she got sick in school, choked on some candy on the school bus and they had to take her to the hospital :(, the whole bus was crying! :( my poor solÚ!
{ Fact 15 } Ginuwine admitted to being with SolÚ in the March 2001 issue of VIBE magazine
{ Fact 16 } Ginuwine is in love with SolÚ.
{ Fact 17 } SolÚ and Ginuwine were Engaged since August, year unknown? probally 2000.
{ Fact 18 } Ginuwine and SolÚ have been in a serious relationship since December 99.
{ Fact 19 } Ginuwine Met Sole' in June 99.
{ Fact 20 } SolÚ and G Been dating since October 99.
{ Fact 21 } SolÚ changed her last name to Lumpkin after marriage.

Facts About SolÚ's Daughters
{ Fact 1 } SolÚ daughter Cypress looks just like her.
{ Fact 2 } SolÚ daughter De'jan looks very smart and she wears glasses.
{ Fact 3 } In order from oldest to youngest is De'jan, Cypress, Story and Dream.
{ Fact 4 } De'jans birthday is March 6.
{ Fact 5 } Cypress birthday is January 9.
{ Fact 6 } Story's birthday is March 29, 2001.
{ Fact 7 } Dream's birthday is November 1, 2002.
{ Fact 8 } SolÚs daughter Story, the second youngest, says "Fry" instead of cry. aww so cute!
{ Fact 9 } Story and Dream both had the same grey eyes when they were born.
{ Fact 10 } Story looks like a little trouble maker. its so cute lol!
{ Fact 11 } Story loves her dad Elgin aka Ginuwine, they're inseparable!
{ Fact 12 } When Story was born she was 6lbs. 7oz.
{ Fact 13 } Story's due March 28, 2001.
{ Fact 14 } All the girls take gymnastics, and some of them are in soccer.

Facts Written By SolÚ Herself
This was a chain letter I got from SolÚ on April 9, 2004. Please only use this for viewing, If you want to post it anywhere remember always credit strictlysole.com back, thank you and enjoy!

{ What's your name? }
 Tonya Michelle Lumpkin

{ What color pants are you wearing? }
 I'm not wearing any LOL

{ What are you listing to right now? }
 God Has Not Forgot.... Tonex

{ What did you do last night? }
 Took Cypress to gymnastics

{ What was the last thing you ate? }
 An almond joy

{ If you were a crayon, what color would you be? }

{ How is the weather right now? }
 Ok.. not too hot, not too cold

{ Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? }

{ The first thing you notice about the opposite sex? }
 APPEARANCE is the first thing you see of course, then manners

{ Do you like the person who sent this to you? }
 YES, I love Nancy :)

{ How are you today? }

{ Favorite Drink? }
 Orange Juice

{ Favorite alcohol drink? }
 Don't drink alcohol

{ Favorite Sports? }
 Soccer (my girls play) and boxing

{ Hair color / length? }

{ Eye color? }

{ Sunrise or sunset }

{ Siblings and their ages? }
 Sean(34) Charles(29) Sierra(18) Tameka(17)

{ Favorite Month? }

{ Favorite food? }
 Chocolate mousse cheesecake

{ Last movie you watched? }
 The Lady Killers (it was the WORST)

{ Favorite day of the week? }
 Don't have one

{ Favorite hobby? }
 SHOPPING( I agree)

{ Are you shy to ask someone out? }
 Yes, I would never have asked a guy out before I was married... :)

{ Favorite songs? }
 TROOP/ ALL I DO IS THINK OF YOU (That's hilarious cuz its one of mine!!!) others are Differences (by my husband) Grace Grace Grace (Lisa McCLendon) God Has Not Forgot and Make Me Over (Tonex) and my all time favorite is On and On by Mint Condition (I love all their slow songs)

{ Summer or winter? }
 SUMMER (of course)

{ Hugs or kisses? }

{ Chocolate or vanilla? }

{ Do you want friends to write back? }

{ Who's most likely to respond? }

{ Who's most least likely to respond? }
 Don't Know

{ Living arrangements? }
 House in Maryland with husband and four kids

{ what books are you reading now? }
 Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren.... Power of a Praying Parent by Stormie Omartien

{ What's on your mouse pad? }

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