{ Look Like Solé }

Directions To Look Like Solé
WANNA LOOK LIKE SOLE'? Take these tips and youll be stylin!

Hair   Spray on hair conditioner. Put rollers in hair and Leave Rollers In Your hair for about 5 minutes and then take them out and comb your hair with your fingers. Then spray on just one spray of hair spray.

Eyes   Brush a skin tone eye shadow over your lids, eye brow to the top of your eye lashes. Apply a liquid liner, very thin, for a natural looking effect. Finish it off with light mascara.

Lips   apply a light brownish lipstick with matching lip liner. Don't over do the lip liner or it will look to fake! Finish this off with applying a very shiny lip gloss.

Skin   Don't over makeup yourself with tons of cover up. Solé goes light, so you dont need to do much.  Apply a cover stick to under your eyes, and rub it in, finish that off with a touch of powder. Just one sweep of blush & you're done!

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