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Letters From Solé Fans
Ebonee.Sutton@BellSouth.com  writes
Congratulations on you new marriage I wish the best for the both of you! Ask tyrese whats up! I'll take that stroll down the aisle if he's ready:) On a more serious note God Bless the both of you TAke Care.

Dre485@aol.com  writes
hi sole` im glad your brother made it back safely i didnt know he was in the war. o yeah happy birthday to dream, and a late happy birthday to you sole, story, cypress, & dejan. holla. love ya all.

Clevine03@aol.com  writes
sole' Me and my friends have heard all over town Director Greg Carter, is trying to get you to co star in his new Movie in Miami this October! Are you going to do it? I hope so, because your fans want to see you star in a movie!!!

Dre485@aol.com  writes
hi sole  i didnt know your brother was in the war glad he made it back okay I love the pictures on the fly away lay-out o yeah happy birthday to your babies.

najahna2003@yahoo.com  writes
I wanted to when you are coming out with a new album. Are you in Ginuwine planning anything this year or next year.

sygirly25@comcast.net  writes
I wanted to know when are coming back out with an album and who's going to be on it. Are you and Ginuwine planning for anything soon. Bye now Holla at ur girl Shorty#1

BElyons1@aol.com  writes
hey sole how r u doing? just letting u know that I am your biggest fan at all times and will always be. To me you r so tight and very pretty dont worry about what u hear or anything like that because those are just haters that just want what u got they are just made that all, u are so full of intelligence that I dont know what, I listen to your cd everyday because I like the music and how u rap. keep your head up, and i am also proud if u too, and I hope that u get this message that I sent to u and that u will respond back. gotta go peace out sole u are the sh*t to me in u are so tight and pretty with a bright mind on everything and in case u want to know who wrote this to u my name is Bianca

neveragain1202@msn.com  writes
hi sole first I would like to say congrats on the marriage good luck to you both I am a female rapper located in cali I have been rapping since I was 10 I am now 22 I am now looking for a partner and I came across you site in my search because I have had no luck on the streets I know this is a long shot and I might not ever hear from you but I hope I do I know u have connections and you know a lot of people that arent yet signed but If not that’s cool u tight any way here is my number 310-***-**** my name is tatianna hope to hear from you soon. tatianna

BtsThere@aol.com  writes
What's up sole I am a big fan of yours and i can't wait till you come out with your next album and I am so happy for you and ginuwine you make a good couple and I knew it was a lot of attraction between you too when you did the none of your friends business video. you always been a female to keep it real i wish you nothing but the best love your fan. theresa

ofelia408@hotmail.com  writes
Sole, Just wanted to let you know that I can relate to all of your songs on your last album. I totally feel all your songs dealing with relationships or just having a night out with the chicas. I really appreciate and praise your work. After my girls heard my CD, they went out and bought their own. I hope that you will have a new album out soon, cuz I'll be getting it. Thanx for the great work and effort you have put into your work, it totally shows in your music! Take Care, Ofelia

humm@uiuc.edu  writes
Hello, I am a huge admirer of your work and I loved your CD that you put out a few years ago. Every track on it was off the hook, and apparently one of my girls agreed because she took off with it about a year ago. I have looked everywhere for this CD and was wonderin if you could give me some heads up where I should look because obviously if I am botherin you I haven't found it yet. Anyway sorry for taking your time but if you could let me know somethin I would really appreciate it. Molli

If you have a letter for Solé please email me and I will put it up here.

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