{ Section: Fanatics }

 { Fan Art }
Photos painted, drawn, or sketched of Sole'. If you have some fan art of Sole', please feel free to submit it to Strictly Sole', thank you.

 { Fan Encounters }
Have you met Sole'? Erika has, and she has a photo and story to share, if you have met Sole' please share you're story with us.

 { Fan Letters }
Write a fan letter to Sole', and I will post it in this section. A Sole' fan named Lasha writes: Hi sole' love you love your rapping princess!

 { Graphics }
Here are some computer graphics I have made and other Sole' fans. Feel free to submit you're graphic to show other Sole' fans!

 { Look Like Sole' }
Do you wanna look like Sole'? Follow these tips and tricks to get hair, makeup and style like hers.

 { Fan Listing }
Join the official Sole' fan listing here called Sole' Fanatics. Submit you're website, but remember you have to link a button back.

 { Chat With Sole' Fans }
Do you like chatting with other Sole' fans? Here are links to message boards and there is a live Strictly Sole' chat room as well, come chat!

 { Adopt Sole' }
Wanna adopt a little Strictly Sole' image on you're site? Or even a little Sole' doll? There are cute dolls of Sole' and her girls.

 { Sole' Shrines }
Is you're room full of Sole's photos? Please send me photos so I can put them up here, any Sole' shrine you have like books, albums etc.

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