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Erika Meeting Solé
 { StrictlySole }
Her Story: Well Erika wrote her encounter with Solé out and I lost it :(. So I will type out whatever I remember. Well they were waiting for Solé to come and sign CD's for her Skin Deep album. She got outta the limo and came in, fans where shouting all over and going crazy. Then it was finally Erika's turn. She asked Solé for a picture. and she got one from her :)

Joy Meeting Solé
Her Story: I met Solé was last summer and me and two of my friends were in the mall...and she actually walked past us with some other woman and I didn't even recognize her (she was pregnant with Dream ) and my friend goes "Yall that was Sole'" So we turned around and I called her name and she turned around...so we all walked up to her and she gave us hugs and we asked her when she was coming back out and when the baby was due...and stuff about G and all that good stuff...then I told her that we wouldn't hold her up anymore, we just wanted to say hi...she gave us another hug...and that was that She's very sweet!

If you met Solé, and would like to share you're story please email me.

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