{ Section: Extra }


  { Look A Likes }
Here are celebrities and fans that look like Sole'. If you look like sole' please send me you're photo, email, and where you are from.

 { Smiles Of Sole' }
She has a wonderful smile, so bright and warm. In this section there is every photo Sole' is smiling in. There's over 20 little photos of her.

 { Hair Styles Of Sole' }
Don't you just love the way Sole' does her hair, sometimes it's curly sometimes sleek + straight. Here there's a photo of each hair style.

 { Games }
Do you want to play a game that involves Sole'? Well under this section you will find different games with Sole'. You have fun!

 { Clocks }
What's the time? Come and find out, and put a Strictly Sole' clock on ya webpage. Over five different Sole' clocks to choose from.

 { Sole's Heels }
Don't you love all the heels and shoes Sole' wears, they are so pretty and beautiful. In this section you can see all the heels she rockin'!

 { Sole's Head Gear }
Sole' wears cool hats, cow boy hats to just caps, bandannas to head bands. Come in and check out all the head gear she's wearing.

 { Sole's Jewels }
She really knows how to wear that bling bling, from rings to crowns, and a lot more. Come and check out all of Sole's lovely jewels.

 { Sole's Makeup }
Wanna see all the different makeup Sole' wears? Pink, red, brown, and natural lipstick's or silver, brown, and natural eye shadows.

 { Sole' Ascii's }
This is some kind of digital art. Making a photo with just colors and words, it's really neat come and see over 5 different ones.

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