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Dec 5 / Prinza

Who The Hell Is… Rapsody

Rapsody: Sov’s music soon found its way into the hands of acclaimed producer Medasyn, the grandson of composer Sergei Prokofiev, and he was suitably impressed with Sov’s mix of rap, grime and freestyle. Next, US rapper-turned- mogul Jay-Z got to hear her stuff. He invited young Sov to his offices at Def Jam, and made her rap for him on the spot. Now, Lady Sov is blowing up in the States as well as the UK, and she adorns the covers of top hip-hop magazines and style bibles, wearing her hoodie and her trademark sovereign ring. At the rate she’s going, Sov will soon be rapping alongside her heroines, Missy Elliot and Ms Dynamite.

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