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Jan 29 / Prinza

Signing out Ms Dynamite… niomi x x x

… If I’m totally honest, i was excited but half dreading coming on to present the show. Partly cos im just a bit of a drama queen; panicking and getting nervous about every single thing i do (even after a few years of performing in front of thousands) is just my way… and partly cos the only presenting ive done was for the TV show ‘Flava’ back in the day when i first started; Ive always thought i was TERRIBLE on that… there’s more presence and charisma in a plastic wheely bin!!! but hey im always up for a challenge. Anyway, i came in on Friday got the first ‘ice breaking’ part over with and that helped ease me into it, the one 1xtra team are really cool and made me feel like part of the fam instantly!Then day one began!!! And although i was really looking forward to a week of rising at 5-am, Trevor… (Actually let me re-phrase that) Mr Queen Catty Nelson had it in for me from that first second!I wrote a little personal blog, just to help him get to know me a little better and he read it out and exposed ALL my business live on air in the first half hour of the show while i had gone to pee pee… Sorry i know, a bit too much info, i coulda just said while i was out the room but hey that’s what a week with Trev will do to a girl!He compiled questions about Crawley (where i was born and lived for the first two yrs of my life) and as a result of not getting the questions right he made it my punishment to do 1-minute of stand up on Friday WHICH I HAVE BEEN DOO DOOING MYSELF ABOUT EVER SINCE, i mean come off it, this is Ms doom and gloom Dynamite, do i really seem like the joking, court jester, class clown type?Ms Dynamite xMs Dynamite wrote the above, Its from the BBC 1Xtra website! I can also tell cause she always types “cos” and ” x x x” :)

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