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Apr 23 / Prinza

Shameless emotion in Hell’s Kitchen

* Shameless emotion in Hell’s Kitchen{nl}TV presenter Anthea Turner was surprised she had avoided the chop on Sunday night, commenting: “I absolutely thought that I was going … I have to be honest that not having Jody here it is calmer.”{nl} {nl}But Niomi MacLean-Daley – aka Miss Dynamite – “missed his energy”, while model Danielle Bux felt the absence of the “noise of Jody”. {nl} {nl}{nl}Marco also revealed a new twist to the show’s format – splitting the celebs into two teams with comedian Adrian Edmondson and Ms Dynamite as their leaders. {nl} {nl}* Hells Kitchen Walkout{nl}Sacked Grant Bovey wondered if Niomi Daley, aka Ms Dynamite, may have been the one to leave.{nl} {nl}“Niomi is very principled,” he said. “If it’s her who’s gone, I’ll be miffed because I think last night’s sacking was between her and me. It’s a waste of a position.”

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