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Sep 27 / Prinza

Shakespeare with a twist with Ms Dynamite & Akala

Ms Dynamite and her younger brother Akala (pictured left) hit the stage this weekend to host a showcase of scenes from Shakespeare plays re-interpreted by The Hip Hop Shakespeare Company.

The award-winning artists will perform alongside undiscovered young talent and other special guests, using the rhythm and energy of hip hop to perform a medley of the famous writer’s works.

Founded by Akala, The Hip Hop Shakespeare Company works with young people to encourage them to explore their creativity through a series of unique interactions with the works of Shakespeare.

“This project is really about challenging perception, by challenging the perceptions of both Hip-Hop and the Bard and highlighting the similarities between what we assume are two disparate worlds we,” said Akala.

“We aim to challenge the perceptions many young people have of themselves and the world around them and also to inspire their natural creativity.”

Funded by the Arts Council and BBC Blast, the Hip Hop Shakespeare Company has been on a nationwide workshop tour challenging preconceptions and exploring poetry, word play and lyricism present in both hip-hop and classic theatre.

The Hip Hop Shakespeare showcase will take place on Saturday 25 July, at 5.15pm, in the Front Room of the Queen Elizabeth Hall at the Southbank Centre, London.

It’s a free event, open to the public and no tickets or registration required; just turn up on the day.

By Melissa Allison-Forbes Photo by Paul Hampartsoumian

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