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Aug 1 / Prinza

Review: Rock The Belles With Ms Dynamite

Review: Rock The Belles With Ms Dynamite  on 24 June 11].

It’s a typical wet summer Friday evening, but I’m not only still beaming from the earlier sunshine, I’m also excited about seeing Mercury Prize Winner, two time BRIT and three time MOBO Award winner Ms Dynamite headline at Rock The Belles tonight.

It’s pouring down, but right now I don’t care what the weatherman says, I’m supplying a glow of my own!

Entering the venue with no problem at all, I’m definitely early but not disheartened at the slightest. I’m going to enjoy watching the transition of atmosphere within the venue leading up to when Ms D. hits the mic much later in the night. In the meantime myself and fellow early birds are being treated to some soulful house sounds.

Slowly drifting into garage, treats are being pulled out the bag early. Battle, My Love, Never Gonna Let You Go, Body Groove, have all got the dancefloor heating up! An hour later the place is filling up and full advantage is being taken of the freebies inside. Especially the manicures, there are even guys getting involved!

Live acts begin, first up is Bex who has a raw, husky voice that is empowering and beams throughout the venue. This young lady holds a remarkable talent that leaves me bewildered with mis-understanding how it is possible that she has remained underground? Will definitely be keeping an eye on this one!

Another interval filled with more vibes leads into another performance. Natalie Ferol takes to the stage but I’m not sure whether there’s a technical hitch. Either the microphone levels are too low in comparison to the music or her voice doesn’t beam as strongly as the act prior. None the less she’s working with some good producers; the beats are of commendable quality. Free CDs being given away at request and its clear many have enjoyed her performance tonight.

Yet another interval and the manicure booth has a crowd of ladies loitering all patiently waiting their turn. Everyone else in the venue is dancing along to the music supplied until another act takes to the stage.

Jay Brown with guitar in hand does an eclectic acoustic set but fails to grab the attention of the audience, sad because it’s their loss. The few that did engage were able to take maximum pleasure from a diverse range of genres delivered by Jay Brown and the live band.

Venue alive once again for another interval, I can’t help but wonder if the next performance of the night will be from Ms D. The dubstep sounds are tearing through the speakers, and many new moves being displayed on the dance floor. Slowly but surely everybody is moved to the basement where the show is set to continue.

Going past an hour later than billed, Ms Dynamite finally touches mic to the pleasure of everyone within the venue. Kicking off with self-titled Ms Dy-na-mit-ee-eee, a rendition including a drum & bass injection and instrumental of M.I.M.S. – This Is Why I’m Hot, before transforming back into the original.

The applause from the audience explodes as the second number starts. Boo is pulled up once the chorus drops, and second time around it’s even more explosive! The entire place is alive!

Amazed at the energy from the audience, Ms Dynamite provides a sample of Lights On, ensuring the audience hails Katy B before moving into What You Talking About. Testing the dubstep knowledge, we get another sample of Fire, also paying homage to Magnetic Man.

Rushed by the audience, Ms Dynamite pleads for patience as she explains her forthcoming single Neva Soft is released on 18th July and produced by Labrinth. As she performs the number, the delight is clear on her face that everywhere she looks people are singing the words.

At one point she even holds the microphone to the mouth of a member of the audience; she looks as if it’s a moment where she has been humbled. Following a few pictures to post to her twitter, Ms Dynamite closes her set with Wile Out, which includes another drum & bass injection.

Ending the night with a House & Funky set, the audience slowly disperses. It’s completely pouring down outside as before, but my belles have truly been rocked and I’m still gleaming with delight!

Credits: The Sorcerer  Review by Makeda Wilson

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