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Aug 12 / Prinza

Review: Glastonbury 2011

This years Glastonbury festival was without a doubt a memory which will live on within the minds and hearts of all those who attended. June 22nd - 26th saw a huge number of amazing bands, acts, and performers wowing the 135,000+ attendees who were lucky enough to get themselves a ticket, and it just so happens I was one of them!

I started my Glastonbury experience with Ms Dynamite, who really got the party started at the Wow! Stage. I found myself next to a group of people who told me they just wanted to be there to kick-start their festival experience with ‘the first lady of UK garage’. This was my only experience on Thursday night, as I was interested in walking around the huge 900-acre site, which is steeped in symbolism, mythology and religious traditions dating back hundreds of years. I had heard stories that suggested this was the site where King Arthur was buried, and that Joseph of Arimathea had previously walked and I wanted to go and see if there any truth in the stories for myself. The site itself is enormous, covering more than a mile and a half across, and with those huge perimeter walls running across eight and a half miles”.

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