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Ms Dynamite on live webchat talking about this website and her favorite animal:
“woss up prinza! its lovely 2 spk 2u! checked out the website you created and firstly i just have 2 say a HUGE THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its amazing! my favourite animal is an elephant and has been since i was about 6, im not sure why then but now i think its cos elephants are graceful, proud, humble, loving, affectionate, very intelligent and calm but when its time to switch they SWITCH! i just think there beautiful! hope ur well, enjoy ur day, much love ms D x x x”

“I wont be releasing anymore tracks off of the second album but am currently working on album 3 so keep your eyes peeled in the new year, much love, ms D x x x”"I hope my music inspires people, provokes thought and encourages change. i dont really think about retiring, ive got WAY to much to do before that day ever comes. much love, ms D x x x”

“woss up jules c, hope your good! am looking to do some shows in Manchester/Birmingham toward the end of september, they will be promoting our mixtape. Dont have any confirmed details right now but keep ur eyes on for more info, much love have a beautiful day, ms D x x x”

“we are very close my brother is and always has been my best friend! we’ve always loved and respected one another 2 death but as kids we used 2 fight like cat and dog! i have 2 say i used 2 terrorise him but in my deffence i was “da big brother” of the house so i saw it as just “toughening him up” although it stopped when he was 12 and attempted 2 strangle me!!!! i realised i couldnt really f*&$ with him anymore! ha ha ha ha ha, much love, ms D x x x”

“Without struggle there is no progress.”

“He’s a terror, if I don’t watch him everything in my room ends up destroyed.” – About her 2 year old brother.

“I’m not the ideal big-breasted, big-bottomed girl, I guess I prove that you can be a pop star and still have a brain, still have an opinion.”

“You see women who cut themselves a lot; it wasn’t like that. But, yes, I did go through a stage of feeling completely and totally empty and worthless.” - On hurting herself.

“It was horrible; a negative, draining, depressing experience. I met some real lunatics and a lot of drug addicts. But what I find really disturbing is that I never felt scared. Where was my mind?” – On living in London hostels.

“The characteristics that were in me, that made us fight, I see them now in my son. If I say, ‘Don’t touch that, please,’ he’ll look at me and with one little finger he will touch whatever it is I told him not to. He’s such a little wind-up. “I always say to my mum, ‘I’m really sorry, I understand now.’ She just laughs.”

“I really appreciate it. I’m actually really shocked and surprised, It’s nice to know that you appreciate the album-that makes me feel good.” – On receiving an award for A Little Deeper

“I don’t feel like I’ve got anything to be ashamed of, I’m myself and that’s it. If I say something someone doesn’t like, that’s just tough. I’m not trying to offend anybody and if I do then that’s their problem. I’m a person that really hates to be made a fuss of,”

“A lot of the stuff that I talk about, they might say she’s preachin’, ‘cos I talk about things, for example self destruction and violence within the black community. I’m not saying that it only happens with black people in black clubs or even in the underground scene ‘cos it happens everywhere. Me personally, as an artist, I’ve been through no money, been through violence, through this that and the other, It’s not something I choose to promote, it’s something I’ve been through.”

“I am not here to be a stereotypical feisty young girl that just wants to get up onstage and chat. I’m actually here with what I believe is something important to say, I think growing up as a young black woman in this big world where there’s so much shit going on, I just wanna give my perspective of life. I guess I’m trying to bring positivity to people and even make light of negative things while encouraging people to think. That’s all I’m trying to do is to provoke thought and if that means I have to go and stand at the top of whatever building and scream at the top of my lungs to do so, then I will. I just want people to think more.”

“I’ve always listened to a lot of reggae, a lot of roots and hip-hop, and that’s obviously music where there’s a lot of conscious artists with a lot to say and I think they’ve definitely rubbed off on me. My life generally, I’ve been lucky to have a lot of intelligent, loving people around me who will take out five minutes to teach me things about myself without preaching at me, just showing me naturally.”

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