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Sep 28 / Prinza

Purchase Ms Dynamite Tracks on Itunes

A Little Deeper ((UK Edition), Ms. Dynamite Judgement Days (Non-EU Version), Ms. Dynamite Self Destruct - Single, Ms. Dynamite 

Ms. Dynamite (aka Niomi McLean-Daley) grew up in North London, listening to reggae and turning to hip-hop at the age of 12. Even when she wanted to become either a primary school teacher or a social worker, her passion for music was stronger. After starting out in a pirate radio station called RAW FM, Ms. Dynamite met Richard Forbes (aka Sticky) in a West End club. The two began working on her debut single, “Boo!,” licensed from DJ Jason Kaye’s Social Circles label to London Records.

Dynamite in your ears: Ms Dynamite @ Itunes

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