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Apr 27 / Prinza

Public fire Dynamite from Kitchen

{nl}* Pop star Ms Dynamite has become the first celebrity to be voted out of the Hell’s Kitchen programme by the public. {nl}The singer, whose real name is Niomi McLean-Daley, had survived previous sackings decided by head chef Marco Pierre White. {nl}The eviction system changed to a public vote and McLean-Daley said she was “not at all shocked” to be the first the audience evicted. Her departure leaves three celebrity chefs in the running to win the show. {nl}McLean-Daley thanked the remaining contestants on the ITV show and told them she felt she was leaving “on a high”. She also apologised for her argument with head chef Pierre White.{nl}The singer, who won the 2002 Mercury Music Prize for her debut album A Little Deeper, hinted that taking part in the programme might lead to a return to music. {nl}”I have been gone, professionally, too long for my liking. I do have an urge to get back to one of the other things I love doing.  “I don’t think it will be long before people hear from me” she added. {nl}* Apology From Ms Dynamite{nl}The singer had raised eyebrows for her fiery standoffs with head chef Pierre White. {nl}Leaving the show though she commented: “I was woman enough to speak my mind but I would like to be woman enough to apologise for the way that I spoke to him.” {nl}”He’ll probably kill me for saying this but he’s lovely. I’ve come across some guys that are a lot scarier than Marco, he’s lovely and he’s got a huge heart” she added. The singer told the programme’s presenter Claudia Winkleman that although it had been “one of the most amazing experiences” of her life, she was looking forward to being able to kiss her son good night “for the first time in a long time”.

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