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Oct 27 / Prinza

Welcome To Ms Dynamite Fans Network

Original date posted was October 16, 2005: Welcome to Ms Dynamite NET! This is the latest and I think only updated fan site on Ms Dynamite. Its open today and feel free to email me with any information or photos you have. I will be adding more stuff to the website in time. Do not hate or diss on this website. If you do you will be banned from posting anything, If you don’t like her simply don’t come here, its as easy as that! If you find any errors in this website please contact me. I am looking for affiliates at the moment so feel free to apply, but let me know you applying for MD NET or I will get confused because I have more then one website. I only accept high quality sites. For top affiliates I will only accept websites that have less then 20 websites for their top affiliates. Also I’m trying to get more visitors so spread the word around about this website :) Thank you for stopping by and please continue to support!