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Oct 27 / Prinza

October 2002: Stars perform together for Fair Trade

The Oxfam Fair Trade gig took place last night (Tuesday), and saw some spectacular collaborations.Chris and Johnny from Coldplay did a few songs, kicking off with ‘The Scientist’. Then Ms Dynamite came on stage, and did a couple of tunes including ‘Dy-Na-Mi-Tee’ with Chris. Noel Gallagher then sung to Coldplay’s ‘Yellow’. Then they did a Smiths song and ‘Live Forever’. For an encore, Chris did an emotional solo version of ‘Many Rivers to Cross’ on the piano. Noel and Johnny then came back on and did ‘Whatever’.Radio 1 spoke to Johnny after the gig and he said it was probably the most nerve-wracking one they’d done because they didn’t have much time to rehearse:”We spent 20 minutes with Ms Dynamite around at Chris’ House, and about five minutes with Noel, trying to teach the chords to ‘Stop Me if You Think You’ve Heard This One Before.”"It was good. I was kind of put on the spot when I was asked to do the solo in ‘Live Forever’. It was quite a nerve-wracking experience. It was like a childhood dream to play with Noel, because I’ve grown up with Oasis.”Comedy actor Simon Pegg, who sings backing vocals on the B-side to ‘The Scientist’, accompanied Coldplay on harmonica and did a bit of comedy during the evening. He reckons it was a fantastic night:”There were so many good moments tonight. When Chris and Ms Dynamite and Johnny did ‘Dy-Na-Mi-Tee’ was fantastic, and obviously seeing Noel Gallagher and Chris mucking about and singing Smiths songs was great.”"Everyone did really great stuff tonight. There were some real rarities which I’m sure the audience will treasure, you know.”

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