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 •  •  We're singing our way to a record!

An estimated 15,200 schoolchildren from Luton joined Ms Dynamite, Joss Stone and Lemar to provisionally set a new world record.

The celebrity singers, accompanied by a few selected schools, led the rendition of the Bill Withers' classic Lean On Me at the Royal Albert Hall, in London.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 29 Dec 2005

 •  •  Ms Dynamite Lyrics

Hey Ms Dynamite Fans! I am going to make a lyrics section to this website. I need your help! It wont be too hard looking for lyrics from "A Little Deeper" But for "Judgment Days" It will. If anyone is willing to get the lyrics for me, every song counts :)! I will give you full credit for this. I have been getting alot of requests for the lyrics from the Judgment Days Album. If you would like to donate lyrics please email them here: Please make sure you inclue your name so I can give you credit! Thank You Fans

Posted By Ms Prinza on 26 Dec 2005

 •  •  Ms Dynamite Icon Photo Shoot

Just acouple photos of Ms Dynamite icon photoshoot, wow amazing! Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas! Drag your mouse over the photo to view.

Everyone thank Spirit!

Posted By Ms Prinza on 25 Dec 2005

 •  •  Big song may be a record

Young singers joined more than 515,000 youngsters nationwide to break a world record and raise cash for charity.

The 250 children from Ware's St Edmund's College and St Hugh's Primary School took part in The Big Sing on Friday. It was organised by Young Voices to break its own 2002 record for the largest simultaneous singalong, with 83,687 singers.

They sang an arrangement of Lean on Me led across the radio by pop stars Joss Stone, Ms Dynamite and Lemar.

They will have to wait until January for their record attempt to be verified.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 19 Dec 2005

 •  •  Bittersweet return of the troubadours

Pop fans are known to have the attention spans of goldfish, which makes the sustained success of Richard Ashcroft's less than prolific career a genuine mystery. The former Verve singer has been quiet since 2002 - getting on for four years, during which time Craig David and Ms Dynamite have scaled the heights and fallen into the dumper - when the pallid sales and critical mauling received by his pompous second album, Human Conditions, sent him into hiding.

'Comfort of Strangers', the title track of Orton's new album, shut everyone up for good. 'I'd rather have no love than not enough,' she sang, her once-reedy voice richer and more pleasing than it's ever been. The sound of a woman who's not afraid to change.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 12 Dec 2005

 •  •  Ms Dynamite Photos

Here are some Ms Dynamite photos sent to me by Spirit! Thank you so much for these photos! Much Love. Place your mouse over the photo to view. This is the only size available for now, Soon the gallery will be open.

Full Credit: Spirit

Posted By Ms Prinza on 11 Dec 2005

 •  •  Ms Dynamite helps 502,000 children set 'big sing' record

Joss Stone, Ms Dynamite and Lemar helped set a new singing record for the largest number of children singing simultaneously today.

Big Sing featured 502,000 children, who were also raising money for UK children’s cancer charity CLIC Sargent and the African Children’s Choir. The existing Guinness World Record featured 83,637 children and was achieved three years ago.

Soul singer Stone, Lemar and Ms Dynamite led the youngsters in a rendition of Lean on Me at the Royal Albert Hall.

Children at schools across the country sang along as the proceedings in London were broadcast on local radio. The event, which will be followed by a concert tonight at the Royal Albert Hall, was co-ordinated by Young Voices, an organisation which aims to encourage choral singing in schools.

The event is expected to raise £500,000 (€740,000).

Posted By Ms Prinza on 11 Dec 2005

 •  •  Mourners bid farewell to murdered schoolgirl

HUNDREDS of mourners attended the funeral of murdered schoolgirl Rochelle Holness. People lined the streets of Lewisham to catch a glimpse of her white coffin as it went past in a horse and carriage.

The mourners included R&B star Ms Dynamite, who sang her hit song You Don't Have to Cry No More. Her schoolfriends Lena Palmer and Tiffany Jones also sang two songs entitled We Belong Together and Miss You.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 11 Dec 2005

 •  •  Latest Tour Events!

Monday December 5, 2005: Manchester -
Men Arena Young Voices 2005 school choirs concert

Friday December 9, 2005: London -
Royal Albert Hall

Friday December 16, 2005: Glasgow -
Glasgow University

Tickets are avaiable to Glasgow University Union or Queen Margaret University only

Posted By Ms Prinza on 05 Dec 2005

 •  •  Volume rises in net music battle

SONGWRITERS such as Robbie Williams and Ms Dynamite have joined the battle against record companies over online music sales.

In a dispute that could reshape the future of the industry, they are demanding that companies disclose the amount they make from downloaded music. The alliance wants its members to receive 7p to 9p per download from January, with a minimum level of royalty payments.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 05 Dec 2005

 •  •  Look forward to Ms Dynamite over the coming weeks

New dates
December sees Ms Dynamite hitting the road for a handful of gigs. She'll be performing in London, Manchester and Glasgow - check into Events on the site to find out the details.

New single
She is also gearing up for the release of single #2 from Judgement Days and has just finished filming the video for 'Fall In Love Again' in Canada. Stand by for more details, but expect it to drop in the New Year.

New campaign
Ms Dynamite has also been getting behind the pioneering Give A Billion Minutes campaign for the Year Of The Volunteer. The drive has nearly hit its target but still needs your help. Find out how you can be involved by checking into News on the site.

New TV
If you've not checked out Dubplate Drama yet, you're missing out. It's showing weekly on C4, MTVbase, E4, Sony PSP and Three mobile. Don't miss Ms Dynamite when she appears in Episode 5 - coming soon.

From the official Ms Dynamite newsletter

Posted By Ms Prinza on 05 Dec 2005

 •  •  Farewell sweet angel

THE heartbroken mum of murdered teenager Rochelle Holness fought back tears as she paid tribute to her "sweet angel".

Grief-stricken Jennifer Bennett told the hundreds gathered at the funeral of the 15-year-old, how she would never forget her daughter's beautiful smile.

The mourners included R&B star Ms Dynamite, who was one of Rochelle's favourite singers. The performer paid her respects to Rochelle by attending the funeral to sing her hit, You Don't Have To Cry No More.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 05 Dec 2005

 •  •  Who The Hell Is... Rapsody

Rapsody: Sov's music soon found its way into the hands of acclaimed producer Medasyn, the grandson of composer Sergei Prokofiev, and he was suitably impressed with Sov's mix of rap, grime and freestyle. Next, US rapper-turned- mogul Jay-Z got to hear her stuff. He invited young Sov to his offices at Def Jam, and made her rap for him on the spot. Now, Lady Sov is blowing up in the States as well as the UK, and she adorns the covers of top hip-hop magazines and style bibles, wearing her hoodie and her trademark sovereign ring. At the rate she's going, Sov will soon be rapping alongside her heroines, Missy Elliot and Ms Dynamite.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 05 Dec 2005

 •  •  Babes like Ms Dynamite are giving a billion

GORGEOUS celebrities including Ms Dynamite, Nell McAndrew, andhelping out... Ms Dynamite the sexy Hollyoaks girls want YOU to give them a minute.The stars are asking people to follow in their footsteps and become a volunteer in aid of the Give A Billion Minutes campaign. The drive, launched earlier this year, aims to raise a billion minutes of volunteered time for good causes by the end of 2005 - the Year Of The Volunteer. With an incredible 750 million minutes already in the bank, the celebs, who also include footballer Jermain Defoe and stunning Corrie actress Tina O'Brien, are urging the British public to give their time to help them reach the grand total. Chart-topping R'n'B singer Ms Dynamite, said: "I pledge my minutes to a number of different charities including NSPCC, Sickle Cell Society, SPAN (single parent support) and Street matters (teen girl support).

"They are all causes close to my heart."

Posted By Ms Prinza on 05 Dec 2005

 •  •  Ms Dynamites New Single "Fall In Love Again" In Toronto!

Ms Dynamite is on the look for dancers for her new video "Fall In Love Again". The Audition is on Wednesday, November 23rd, 6-9 PM at the TBA.

NON-UNION MUSIC VIDEO AUDITION  Shoot Date: Sunday,November 27, 2005
Project: Non-Union Music Video  Production Company: Revovler Films
Title: MS DYNAMITE  Director: Noble Jones
Producer: Natalie Galazka  Casting Director: Fatima

SUGGESTIONS Please send Name, Phone Number & Role you are applying for 1 Jpeg photo (maximum 1.0 MB) to: CASTING@BLAZEENT.COM.

VIDEO OUTLINE Picture a low-key club in Jamaica. The ceilings are low, the walls are aged, accented with colorful fabrics and dated artifacts. The place is hot, filled with real looking people dancing close, grooving, feeling Ms. Dynamite's music radiate through this cramped space. Ms. Dynamite dominates a small stage as she performs for the crowd. Everyone is moving in time as a classic struggle between the sexes plays out on the dance floor. We will use interesting faces and characters to make the crowd a cross section of a community with kids to older people all feeling the music.

BREAKDOWN Club Extras - Must be ethnic and ages between 10-65 years of age. Rate: $150 / Shoot Day. Freestyle Dancers/Crews - ALL AGES! Ethnic look a MUST! We are looking for Toronto's Hottest dance crews to showcase their freshest routines! Rate: $150/ Shoot Day. Couple's Dancers (18-25 yrs) 4 x Male Dancers and 4 x Female Dancers. Ethnic look a MUST! We are looking for 4 males and 4 female dancers to learn choreography with JaeBlaze for the couples dance. We are looking for dancers with a strong ability to pick up choreography. They MUST have a STRONG background in reggae/hip hop dance.

Rehearsal Dates: November 26th, 2005
Rate: $150 / Shoot day $50 / rehearsal day

Source Credit: Jules-C

Posted By Ms Prinza on 28 Nov 2005

 •  •  Ms Dynamite at the Kiss Awards November 5, 2005

Here is a little view of Ms Dynamite at the Kiss Awards! Full photos will be up when the gallery is up. A huge thank you to B.J. who took the time out to email me these photos :) Credit goes to B.J.! Move your mouse over the image to see them clearly!

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Nov 2005

 •  •  Ms Dynamites New Single

The second single from Ms. Dynamite's latest album, "Judgement Days" will be, as previously announced on Jonathan Ross... "Fall In Love Again". HMV and have just put up a release date for the single and it is currently set for release on 30th January 2006! Ms Dynamite will be in Canada shooting the video for the track this weekend! If anyone knows more about this please let me know! Myself and another huge fan live in Canada! wow

You can already pre-order the single from here.

Source Credit: TopopMAC1

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Nov 2005

 •  •  Celebrities shine for vital children's charity

A GLITTERING charity night in aid of ChildLine was held in the splendour of St George's Hall in Liverpool last night. Entertainment was provided by rapper Ms Dynamite and former Atomic Kitten Liz McClarnon, while among the audience were Alex Curran, fiancιe of Liverpool FC captain Steven Gerrard, Wayne Rooney's partner Coleen McLoughlin, and actress Jennifer Ellison.

The charity fund-raiser featured an auction, with prizes including two tickets to next year's World Cup finals in Germany, and a Harley-Davidson motorbike. The event aims to raise enough cash to continue the hotline run for vulnerable children.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 20 Nov 2005

 •  •  Ms Dynamite Shuns Post-Pregnancy Diets

British R+B singer MS DYNAMITE shunned diets and exercise after having her son, because she didn't want to follow Hollywood trends and become a skinny mother. She felt no pressure to join the likes of BRITNEY SPEARS and VICTORIA BECKHAM and regain a washboard stomach within weeks of birth, preferring to spend as much time as possible with baby SHAVAAR.

She says, "I didn't diet or exercise. I didn't have time. I wanted to enjoy being a mum - I didn't care what I looked like! I'm not going to be one of those people who feels under pressure to conform to being stick thin."

Posted By Ms Prinza on 20 Nov 2005

 •  •  UK 3G Operator 3 Changes the Face of TV Over Mobile

Europe UK : Mobile media company 3 is leading the development of TV over mobile with the launch of Dubplate Drama‚ the World’s first-ever interactive viewer-led TV programme. In a groundbreaking move, 3 customers will be able to directly influence the plot of Channel 4’s gritty urban music drama by interacting with the programme via their 3G handsets.

Written and directed by filmmaker Luke Hyams, produced by Louis Figgis, with music direction from Justin Stennet, each episode features a number of music cameos from the urban music scene including Shystie, Ms Dynamite, Rodney P, Kelly Le Roc, Skinnyman and Roll Deep.

The mobile premiere is available exclusively to 3 customers on Saturday 12th November, the terrestrial TV premiere is on C4 just after midnight on Saturday the 12th and the digital TV premiere is on MTV Base on Sunday 13th. The show then repeats across MTV UK, Channel 4, E4, E4+.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 15 Nov 2005

 •  •  Fiesty Shystie's one-girl grime wave

Dubplate Drama is the world’s first interactive drama series. Shystie - real name Chanelle Calica - who plays the lead character Dionne and her manager Justin Stennett came up with the idea of doing an underground music drama, earlier this year.

The six-part series stars fellow Polydor label mate Ms Dynamite, and a long list of underground ‘grime’ artists including Crazy Titch, J2K and Hypa Fen.

The Dubplate Drama project attracted big name sponsors from Channel 4 and MTV to 3 Mobile and Sony Playstation, as well as others.

"It wasn’t hard getting other emcees involved either. In fact they were keen to share some of Shystie’s limelight", she said.

"Everyone’s been supportive and positive. They have even been grateful I’ve asked them to be in it, as it helps them too by raising their profile."

Posted By Ms Prinza on 15 Nov 2005

 •  •  A New Site Spotlight - Ultimate Rihanna

The New Site Spotlight is Ultimate Rihanna! Its a classy fan site for the singer Rihanna made by Spirit! Make sure you check it out. Click the image below to enter!

Posted By Ms Prinza on 13 Nov 2005

 •  •  Ms Dynamite In Touch Magazine 2002

Here is the June 2002 issue of Touch Magazine from the UK. Only Small photos are up now but when the full gallery is up I will be sure to add these amazing photos too!

A big thanks to Marcus at Thank you!!!

Posted By Ms Prinza on 13 Nov 2005

 •  •  The Official Newsletter

Who ever is signed up for the Ms Dynamite official news letter should have gotten this email. If not I will post it up here.

Hi there,
Despite a break between singles, next week sees Ms Dynamite take to TV with the start of two ground-breaking roles. Here's what she's involved in...

On the News
This week Ms Dynamite kicked off her stint as news editor on Channel Five's Evening News. She'll be ordering the stories of the day and commissioning her own reports for the half-hour 7pm TV slot.

Dubplate Drama
Ms Dynamite joins the best of British urban acts in Channel 4's pioneering interactive series, Dubplate Drama, which kicks off on 13th November. All over MTV Base, E4, Sony's new PSP device and on 3, this is going to be massive, so don't miss it.

Feed A Child For A Year
Ms Dynamite has added her voice to those of Natasha Bedingfield and Katie Melua in the Feed A Child For A Year campaign. It raises awareness of the plight of one billion children living in poverty in developing countries.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 13 Nov 2005

 •  •  Online Review: Kiss Awards 2005

Kiss FM’s first award ceremony took place on Bonfire Night and the night definitely went off with a bang. The Excel in London’s Docklands saw some of the industry’s biggest names picking up awards as well as tearing up the stage with T4’s June Sarpong filling in as hostess with the mostess.

Big winners on the night were Kanye West, Sean Paul, The Pussycat Dolls and Basement Jaxx who all scooped two awards each. Mariah Carey, Gwen Stefani and Ciara also bagged gongs as well.

Though the UK’s many nominations didn’t translate into awards, they definitely had more than their fair share of stage time. The night was kicked off with a big performance from Lethal B and Gappy Ranx alongside The Kray Twinz (where Twista was, we do not know?) Roll Deep, Kano, Ms. Dynamite and Craig David also repped for the UK. Other highlights on stage were Angie Stone, and Sean Paul who performed Burnin and new single Ever Blazing.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 11 Nov 2005

 •  •  TV on your mobile

CHANNEL 4 this week launches the first mobile phone soap opera influenced by viewers. Dubplate Drama, which will be available to watch on mobile phones, tells the story of Dionne, a young MC, and her bid to make it in the music industry.

Shot in the style of a music video, each 15-minute episode ends with a dramatic moral dilemma on which 3 mobile customers will be able to vote via their 3G handsets. The next episode will then begin with the most popular course of action decided by viewers that responded.

Rapper MC Shystie will play the lead role with cameos from urban acts including Ms Dynamite.

The mobile premiere is available exclusively to 3 customers on Saturday November 12. Dubplate Drama starts on C4 just after midnight on Saturday November 12.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 11 Nov 2005

 •  •  Download Ms Dynamite TV shows early

Sony is to allow people to download TV shows to its handheld games consoles - before they are broadcast. The PlayStation company has signed a deal with Channel 4 for its new Friday night show Dubplate Drama, which stars So Solid Crew and Ms Dynamite. Shows will be downloadable to Sony's PSP console 24 hours before being broadcast.

"This is the first of many deals we hope to do for everything from TV programmes to music videos and films," said Andy Reynolds of Sony.

Dubplate Drama, which also stars MC Shystie, tells the story of a female MC's bid to make it in the music industry. Each episode will feature a cliffhanger which viewers can influence using a text message vote.

"Each 15-minute show should only take a few minutes to download via a broadband connection and they have been edited to fit the PSP's widescreen display," said Mr Reynolds.

Downloadable: Dubplate Drama stars Ms Dynamite
Click the image to view full photo.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 08 Nov 2005

 •  •  Singer Ms Dynamite arrives at the Global Angels Launch

Singer Ms Dynamite arrives at the Global Angels Launch - Feed A Child For A Year, Hard Rock Cafe, London 2 November 2005 © Sarah Shemilt. Photos taken on 11/02/2005. Click the image to view full photo.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 07 Nov 2005

 •  •  Ms Dynamite Fan Network Mini Gallery!

I have just uploaded a mini gallery for this website. Click the Gallery link to check out some photos.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 07 Nov 2005

 •  •  Ms Dynamite at The Feed A Child For A Year Concert

Ms Dynamite has recently been supporting a fabulous children's charity called Global Angels and was there to sing at their launch on November the 2nd in London, at the Hard Rock Cafe. Global Angels was founded by a lovely lady called Molly Bedingfield, who is the mother of popstars Daniel and Natasha. The aim of Global Angels is to make the world a safer and kinder place for all children.

Ms Dynamite among with several other artists are supporting and championing the specific needs and issues of children. Representing you and me, she is helping to bring hope to these kids to show that people really do care and intend to do something significant to help. She has pledged to help raise awareness of the causes and projects of Global Angels

Click here to view the photos.

Full credit goest too Angel Kiss at the Ms Dynamite official forum.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 05 Nov 2005

 •  •  Ms Dynamite Anti Racism Day

Hip-hop sensation Ms Dynamite took time out for the cause. She joined Charlton Athletic FC's Shaun Bartlett and former Chelsea FC, Celtic FC and AS Bari defender Paul Elliott on a London boat cruise with 200 lucky youngsters. The trip, as part of Charlton's anti-racism day, gave the children the opportunity to ask the star-studded panel about football and racism, before attending the Premiership match against Fulham FC.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 05 Nov 2005

 •  •  Stars Back Child Poverty Campaign

Three of the country's leading music stars were today launching a major new charity campaign in London which aims to help children living in extreme poverty.

Ms Dynamite, Natasha Bedingfield and Katie Melua are all supporting the "Feed a Child for a Year" campaign which has been designed to draw attention to the one billion children whose lives are crippled by poverty in developing countries.

The performers have all waived their fees to help raise awareness of the campaign. Daniel Bedingfield has also pledged to accompany his sister.

There are 3,900 poverty-related deaths of children each day. About 640 million children go to sleep without adequate shelter and 400 million are unable to access safe drinking water.

The launch of Feed A Child For a Year, by the charity Global Angels, was taking place at London's Hard Rock Cafe.

For more information or to support the work of Global Angels visit the charity's website at

Posted By Ms Prinza on 05 Nov 2005

 •  •  UK Stars Back Poverty Campaign

Ms Dynamite, Natasha Bedingfield and Katie Melua are fronting a national awareness campaign to help children living in extreme poverty.

Feed a Child for a Year has been launched to draw attention to one billion children who are crippled by poverty in developing countries. There are 3,900 poverty-related deaths of children each day and 400 million have no safe drinking water.

The launch was in London's Hard Rock Cafe where Ms Dynamite spoke of how poverty not only affects third world countries but also children in the UK: "There are thousands of kids who are under nourished or malnourished, It does not have to be like that, It is so unnecessary" she added.

Chart topper Daniel Bedingfield also turned up to show support for his sister and the campaign.

Click the image to view

Posted By Ms Prinza on 05 Nov 2005

 •  •  Ms Dynamite Five News Photo

Here is a photo of Ms Dynamite with the Five news team. Click the image to view.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 01 Nov 2005

 •  •  Ms Dynamite joined the boat journey

Ms Dynamite joined the boat journey from Waterloo Pier to the Thames Barrier before heading to The Valley.

"I think it's great the work that Charlton does to highlight these issues,” she said. "It's really nice that an organisation will go out of its way to highlight racism and do something about it. "It's so important and it's a great message to be putting out to young people and I feel privileged and proud to be a part of it.”

Posted By Ms Prinza on 01 Nov 2005

 •  •  Ms Dynamite and Mr Campbell

fter many years spent trying to influence the news agenda from outside the newsroom, Alastair Campbell is to be handed the opportunity on a plate.
The former Labour communications chief is one of four well-known faces recruited by Channel Five to guest edit its 7pm news, presented by Kirsty Young.

Mr Campbell will join singer Ms Dynamite, double Olympic gold medallist Dame Kelly Holmes and pro-drug campaigner Howard Marks in overseeing the bulletin. They will help decide the running order and commission special reports, and will be asked to justify their choices.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 01 Nov 2005

 •  •  Ms Dynamite hosting bulletin on November 11

SPIN doctor Alastair Campbell has landed his dream job - controlling a news bulletin. The former Labour bruiser will guest edit a Friday half-hour news slot on Five at 7pm.

Singer Ms Dynamite, athlete Dame Kelly Holmes and pro-drugs author Howard Marks will also control a bulletin.

They will chose the running order of stories, and have a budget for reports. Five anchor Kirsty Young will present the bulletins.

Ms Dynamite will host the first bulletin on November 11.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 01 Nov 2005

 •  •  A musical celebration in memory of Anthony

MOURNING was not a word that featured at the Anthony Walker memorial concert last night. For the family and friends of the murdered Liverpool teenager went to the Liverpool University Academy to celebrate his life.

The concert had initially been planned for an earlier date, but singer Ms Dynamite was so keen to pay tribute to the A-level student that she asked for the event to be moved to a date when she would be available.

Speaking before her performance, Ms Dynamite said: "This night is important for me, because I feel like today is an event which uses music in a way that I wish we could see more of. It is a platform to put a really positive message out there and to bring people together from all walks of life."

Posted By Ms Prinza on 01 Nov 2005

 •  •  Ms Dynamite strutting her stuff

Arctic Monkeys are set to make their live TV debut tonight (October 28) performing on Jools Holland. The little-known, criminally under exposed Sheffield boys will be rattling through their tunes including ‘I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor’ from 11.35pm tonight on BBC2.

Also performing on the show will be Scottish dance whiz Mylo and the off-kilter gravel voiced songwriter Joseph Arthur. Elsewhere Ms Dynamite, Los De Abajo and Lizz Wright will also be strutting their stuff.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 01 Nov 2005

 •  •  Ms Dynamite Judging for 2006 MIBI Awards

LIVERPOOL, UK, /UCWE/ - Call for young songwriters to enter the 2006 MIBI Awards for outstanding young songwriters. The annual awards organised by Yamaha Music (UK)and held at Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA) are judged by the likes of Chris Martin (Coldplay) and Live 8 promoter Harvey Goldsmith.

"When I was invited to perform at Earls Court and rehearse with a group of top session musicians in 1995 for the then Yamaha Rock and Pop awards it was the biggest thing in my life and it convinced me that my music mattered and that's why the MIBI awards are so important" - so says MIBI judge, Coldplay founder and frontman Chris Martin. Other judges including broadcaster Mark Radcliffe, Ms Dynamite , Live8 organizer and promoter Harvey Goldsmith Steve Levine are equally passionate.

To listen to the judges talk about Make it Break It and hear invaluable advice, hints and tips please visit

Posted By Ms Prinza on 01 Nov 2005

 •  •  Dorment in da hood

The latest manifestation of the ever fertile links between art and music comes in the somewhat unexpected form of Daily Telegraph art critic Richard Dorment, who has been making recent forays into the world of rap. Mr Dorment may be best known as one of the art world’s most perceptive commentators, but in his hip-hop incarnation he also cuts a considerable dash in two music videos of rising British rap star Akala, brother of singer/songwriter Ms Dynamite. In the promo for Akala’s new single “Roll wid us” the critic dons a pinstripe suit to become a most convincing corporate boss; while in the North London rapper’s new single “Bulls#¡”, Mr Dorment, now resplendent in a panama hat and joined by his wife Hatty (below), energetically joins in the song’s angry refrain, bopping and bashing out the b-word to condemn everything from the war in Iraq, to inheritance tax and the extension of the congestion charge. Whether this angry alter ego will manifest itself in more pugnacious prose on the pages of the Telegraph remains to be seen... Both “Roll wid us” and “Bulls#¡t” are available on Illa State records.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 01 Nov 2005

 •  •  Ms Dynamite leads tribute for murdered Anthony

An emotional tribute concert to murdered black teenager Anthony Walker took place in his home city of Liverpool last night. Artists includingMs Dynamite and The Stands performed at The Academy venue.

Anthony, 18, an A-level student, was bludgeoned to death with an axe after being attacked in a park in the city in July. Two men are currently awaiting trial charged with his murder.

Other performers taking part in the tribute show included Roll Deep and Lupe Fiasco. All profits from the four-hour event attended by music fans from across the North West, will go to the Anthony Walker Tribute Fund.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 01 Nov 2005

 •  •  Ms Dynamite to Edit Five News

Singer Ms Dynamite has recently announced she would join Dame Kelly Holmes, Alastair Campbell and former drug dealer turned novelist Howard Marks, to edit a TV news bulletin.

Ms Dynamite, 24, will start on 11 November, with Holmes, Marks and Campbell taking the next three consecutive Fridays, being responsible with the running order of the stories and commission their own reports on the TV bulletins.

Five News presenter Kirsty Young said: "The four guest editors have very different areas of specialist knowledge and use diverse disciplines in their respective fields of music, sport, culture and politics.
It will be fascinating to see how their backgrounds influence their editorial judgment, opinions on the day’s top news stories and choice of individual reports."

Five News editor Mark Calvert stated: “This is a first for television news in this country.
All of our guest editors are used to being in the news, and have on many occasions been the focus of intense media interest.
But this will challenge them, and challenge their view of what makes news.”

Among the last year’s personalities to edit the news were rock star Bono, novelist Monica Ali and film director Anthony Minghella.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 01 Nov 2005

 •  •  Ms Dynamite #10 at Top 30 RnB Singles

1 Kanye West- Golddigger
2 PussyCat Dolls feat. Busta Rhymes- Don't Cha
3 Mariah Carey- Get Your Number
4 Roll Deep- Shake A Leg
5 Sean Paul- We Be Burnin'
6 Pharrell Feat. Gwen Stefani- Can I Have It Like That
7 Bow Wow feat Omarion- Let Me Hold You
8 Lethal Bizzle- Fire
9 Lil Kim- Lighters Up
This week: 10
Last week: 6
Weeks In: 8
Ms Dynamite- Judgement Day

Source Credit: Adrian

Posted By Ms Prinza on 29 Oct 2005

 •  •  Ms Dynamite in The Top 40 Albums

Ms Dynamites album Judgement Days is in the top 40 as #26. She was #16 last week at Come on Ms D fans spread the word!

1 Mariah Carey
2 Kanye West
3 Stevie Wonder
4 Mariah Carey
5 Dangerdoom
6 Various Artists
7 John Legend
8 Craig David
9 Kano
10 Roll Deep
11 Pussycat Dolls
12 Jamiroquai
13 Alicia Keys
14 50 Cent
15 Black Eyed Peas
16 Various Artists
17 Bow Wow
18 Twista
19 Pretty Ricky
20 Whitney Houston
21 Game
22 Rihanna
23 Goldie Lookin Chain
24 Kanye West
25 Various Artists
26 Ms Dynamite
Judgement Days

27 Michael Jackson
28 Usher
29 Tony Yayo
30 Joss Stone

Source Credit: Adrian

Posted By Ms Prinza on 29 Oct 2005

 •  •  Ms Dynamite on the 1Xtra Playlist

The 1Xtra playlist is selected each week by 1Xtra DJ's and staff, covering most of the tracks played during the daytime shows. It operates between the hours of 6am and 7pm from Monday to Friday and there are a number of playlisted shows over the weekend. The main genres we play are Hip Hop, RnB, UK Garage, Dancehall and Drum & Bass.

Playlist for 29th October - 4th November 2005
The tracks are divided into three levels of rotation - A list, B list and C list. The playlist is updated every Saturday morning.

Angie Stone - I Wasn't Kidding
Beenie Man & R Kelly - Hot Girl
Bruza Feat Dido - No One But You
Bruza Feat Krucial & Triple Threat - So Real
Choong Family - Memory Lane
Corinne Bailey Rae - Like A Star
Destiny's Child Feat Slim Thug - Check On It
Dre - Naomi
Emmanuel Feat Mystro - Heat
Genesis Elijah Feat Dubbledge - So Hip Hop Remix
Ghostface - Be Easy
Gyptian - Is There A Place ?
John Legend Feat Lauryn Hill - So High Remix
Mariah Carey - Don't Forget About Us
Ms Dynamite - Fall In Love Again
Nas Feat Lauryn Hill - It Wasn't You
Ray J - One Wish
Redman Feat Ghostface & Ludacris - Future Thug
Sean Paul - Seasons Riddim Medley
Shifty Spirit - Have U Heard About Me?
Sway - Download
Trina Feat Kelly Rowland - Here We Go

Source Credit: Adrian

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 •  •  Vote for Ms Dynamite on BBC

Everyone please take a section and vote for Ms Dynamite on BBC.
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Mylo 9%
Arctic Monkeys 63%
Ms Dynamite 2%
Los De Abajo 5%
Joseph Arthur 8%
Lizz Wright 12%

Source Credit: Jules-c

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 •  •  Ms Dynamite On Jools Holland

"She was wicked tonight on Jools Holland... shame it wasn't advertised better!" Says a fan.

She performed 3 tracks. Gotta Let It Go, Judgment Day and Fall In Love Again. "She was really good. You can tell how much her singing vocals have improved" says the fan. Jools chatted to her about how much he liked the album, how she seemed to have found her voice and talked about her touring. She said she'd love to next year and couldn't believe she hadn't done one already!

Full Credit Source: topopMAC1

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 •  •  Ms Dynamite at Liverpool University Academy Photos

Ms Dynamite performs during a memorial concert for the murdered teenager at the Liverpool University Academy, Thursday October 27, 2005. Photo By Martin Rickett/PA/ABACA (Pictured: Ms Dynamite)
Click a photo to view it bigger Thanks Adrian for the Info

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 •  •  Ms D's Standout Performance at Love Music Hate Racism

After a standout performance at the Love Music Hate Racism's Anthony Walker Tribute Show earlier this week, Ms Dynamite is continuing on a live tip this week with an appearance on Later with Jools Holland.
Later with Jools Holland - tonight!
Tune in tonight (Friday 28th October) at 11.35pm on BBC2 to check Ms Dynamite on the acclaimed live music show. She'll be headling the show with the likes of Mylo, Arctic Monkeys, Los De Abajo, Joseph Arthur and Lizz Wright and will be performing 'Gotta Let It Go', 'Fall In Love Again' and 'Judgement Day'. A real must-see.

Also look out for Dynamite on Channel Five's Evening News as of 11th November. Alongside the likes of Dame Kelly Holmes, Alistair Campbell and novelist Howard Marks, she'll be ordering the stories of the day and commissioning her own reports for the half-hour 7pm TV slot.

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 •  •  Ben Sloan's Chat With "Dynamite"

Niomi McLean-Daley, aka Ms Dynamite, hit the headlines in 2002 when her debut album, A Little Deeper, won her the Mercury Music Prize. Now 24, she has given birth to a son, spoken at an anti-war demonstration in London and performed at Live 8. Her second album, Judgement Days, is out now.

Do I call you Ms Dynamite, Dynamite or Niomi?
Just Niomi. Never Dynamite.

Does anybody call you Ms Dynamite?
Oh God, no. Nobody does. [Laughs] That would be awful.

If you hadn't won the Mercury Music Prize, who would you have given it to?
I can't remember who else was on the shortlist. I think there was The Streets, Roots Manuva and Beverley Knight. I think if I had to pick who'd win, I'd have given it to The Streets.

Now your brother, rapper Akala, is in the music business, is he coming to you for advice?
It's really nice having him doing the same thing as me. He doesn't so much ask for advice but he talks to me about what is happening. I love the fact that he's doing something he loves and that he's very good at it. I'm really looking forward to us doing stuff together.

You'll record together?

Have you got other brothers and sisters?
Yeah, there are 11 of us.

Are they into music too?
It's really strange but they are all artistic in some way. After my brother, the next sister down is more of an actress but then my next brother is an MC and it goes on...

You could be like the Jackson Five.
Everyone says that - we'll see how it goes.

So has your son Shavaar inherited the musical gene?
I think so. He's very like me - he never stops talking.

Are you going to have baby milk and nappies on the rider when you tour?
Oh, he knows what he wants: 'Sweeties, Mummy.'

Did you ever feel British music was running away without you while you were taking time off?
No, I never really thought that. I was always aware of what was going on.

You recently said you used to cut yourself as a teenager living in a hostel. Did you make a conscious decision to mention it?
No and that's not really what I meant either. I wasn't like these young girls with cuts on their arms. I was talking more on an emotional level - like alcohol abuse, not looking after yourself. But it wasn't a conscious decision to put that out there.

So what you said was misconstrued?
Yeah and that happens. Some people are going to hear what they want to hear and journalists have to write something. I understand that - as long as it's not a barefaced lie or something far from the realms of truth.

So to clear that up, you didn't cut yourself?
Not in that way. Not in that sense. When you see young girls who have cut their wrists, it wasn't like that. It's about looking after yourself physically, emotionally, using alcohol or other things classed as drugs to escape from your issues.

You must get a lot of calls to speak on behalf of different causes. How do you prioritise?
Honestly, I've got to a point where I try to let other people not so much prioritise for me but make me see issues in black and white, because I care about everything. There's no way you can choose between speaking for, say, a charity that works with children who are terminally ill, or speaking about Rwanda, or for people who are dying of Aids, or have been raped, or whatever. How can I ever choose? To be honest with you, I don't know. It's a combination of various factors but it's always a really hard choice. Really hard.

What's the most surprising record you own?
Hmm. My publicist says Kaiser Chiefs but there must be something other than that.

That's still pretty cool.
Oh, you want something cheesy? MC Hammer. I used to really like MC Hammer. I had the baggy trousers and everything. I looked a right idiot.

Was that your first record?
No, that was Kris Kross. And yes, I did wear my trousers back to front.

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 •  •  Ms Dynamite Is BACK!

I made this video for the kids growing up with no one who cares about them. STANDING backstage at the Mobo Awards, sipping a mug of hot lemon and honey to warm her voice, Ms Dynamite (left) betrays no sign of nervousness. After taking time out to have and raise her baby son, this is her much-heralded return to the music frontline - performing Judgement Day, her first new single in three years. She had just won the Mercury Music Prize, two Brits and and three Music Of Black Origin awards (Mobos) when she announced her sudden withdrawal from music in 2002. Critics called it career suicide. But Ms Dynamite quietly explains why she had no choice.

"My mum lost five children, three of them while I was growing up," she says, speaking softly in the artists' canteen. "She lost one child to cot death. One was born with a hole in the heart. Another was stillborn. She had two miscarriages. "That affected me terribly. Seeing her go off to the hospital to give birth, and coming home alone, with no baby."

As she looks up from her hands where they rest on the plastic tablecloth, suddenly she is 24-year-old Niomi McLean-Daley rather than her Ms Dynamite alter ego. "I was seven, 11 and 15 when three of those children died and it broke my heart," she says. "The others died before I was born. So when I found out I was pregnant with Shavaar it wasn't a choice for me whether to take time out or not. "Whatever the consequences, even if the record label had said: 'We're dropping you' or no one ever wanted to buy my records again, I would have still done what I did."

THE scars of her mother Heather's experiences ran so deep that at first she feared for the health of her own unborn child. "But when I went for my first scan, I saw Shavaar's heartbeat and it was so strong, then I knew that he would be all right, he would make it. But I still wanted to be careful, and that's why I was determined not to work." At her side during the birth two years ago was her 24-year-old fiance, Dwayne Seaforth. But last week friends revealed that they have seperated. "We're not together any more," Niomi says, talking about the break-up for the first time. "I think that a lot of parents stay together for the kids, but that's not always the best thing to do.

"Kids are not stupid or blind or dumb - they can see what's happening. "Me and Dwayne are on a level. The thing about him is he is 100 per cent a good dad. A great dad. I wouldn't have had a child with a man who I didn't know would take care of his responsibilities. "Just because one of the parents doesn't live there, it doesn't mean you aren't a family. A relationship doesn't stop existing just because you stop being together in that way - there is still the friendship you had in the first place. Shavaar is the most important thing in both of our lives."

Niomi and her brother Kingslee were abandoned by their father, Eyon, as young children - a painful time which is the poignant subject of her single Father, out today. The double A-side with Judgement Day contains the hard-hitting lines: "I spent 23 years trying to be the f***ing man you should be/Taking care of your responsibility/Wanted clothes on our back and shoes on our feet/No help, but you always had your bag of weed."

Niomi shakes her head as she remembers writing it. "I wrote that song a year ago, and it surprised me, the anger in the song," she says. "I have no bad feelings against my dad now. But I think it was me cleaning out any bad issue I had inside - consciously and subconsciously." Being the man of the family, as she describes it, meant parenting her younger siblings from a very young age. "I was the eldest of 10 - five girls and five boys - but we didn't all grow up together," she says. "Four grew up with my mum, three with my dad, three with their mum. I grew up just with two brothers and one sister. I grew up in a single-parent family, and I was the other parent - my mum will tell you that. "I got my first job aged 13 at the Hackney Empire box office and I brought home the money for my brothers' or sister's winter jacket or trainers. I never spent the money on myself. Kingslee grew up fast too."

Her first album, A Little Deeper, featured a song written for him called Little Brother. Now an emerging talent in his own right, he raps on her new album during Redemption Song, a Bob Marley cover. "I am very proud of him," Niomi says. "And mum's really proud of us too." Ms Dynamite has never been afraid to tackle gritty subjects - from personal grief to attacking drug companies to telling pretend gangster boys to grow up.

On Wednesday night Channel 4 screens the controversial video for Father, which plays like a short film. Featuring an inner-city estate entirely abandoned by adults, it shows kids swarming over an ice cream van, smoking drugs, smashing phone boxes and being attacked with baseball bats, all through the eyes of a frightened young boy. In the final scene, youths throw a firework at a child in a wheelchair. "I don't appear in the video at all because I wanted it to be a song related to by everyone, not just about me and my dad," she says. "Of course, it is a very personal song, but by putting all those kids in the video - black, white, disabled, able-bodied - I wanted to make it about more than just me. "There are lots of kids growing up without a dad or without a mum or anyone who cares about them. I wanted to make a video for them."

She has made peace with her father now. "I've got him to thank for my name," she says. "To show us our individuality right from the start, he named me Niomi with an i, Kingslee with a double e. He used to say that people can only live up to their name. "And in a way it did make me feel different. In class, when a teacher would say: 'Naomi', I would say: 'It's Niomi.' It means faithful friend, and I think that's a great thing to mean."

Suring her teens Niomi's relationship with her mother was strained at times - but she describes her now as "the woman who I respect more than any other person in my life". Knowing that Niomi would suffer racism as a mixed-race child growing up in 80s London, Heather taught her to be proud of her black heritage. "I was looking at some old school work the other day and I realised I am so supposed to be doing what I am doing," Niomi laughs.

"I found a poem I wrote when I was seven for a creative writing day and it says: 'People calling me a half-caste is a racist terminology.' It even talks about slavery.

MY mum is one of those women who would never leave it to anyone else to educate her children. I grew up with so many mixed-race children who weren't as confident as me. "Today, some people say to me: 'Why do you call yourself a black woman when you are half white?' "Well, which half is that? I'm not going to start dissecting myself. "If a BNP person came in here now, they wouldn't care that I was half white. They would look at you as white and me as black. I am seen as a black woman by society."

Heather and her stepdad made her politically aware and she went on anti-apartheid protest marches from early childhood. "I also remember going on the march against Stephen Lawrence's murder," she says. "Let's face it, with an upbringing like that I was never going to sing about stuff that isn't important to me. I write from the heart."

She starts rapping playfully: "...I like you, I like me/Look at my lovely bi-ki-ni." Then she laughs, and as the traces of remembered sorrow leave her face she is Ms Dynamite once more. "I ain't never going to get up on the stage and sing that."

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 •  •  Exploding The Ms.

When PlayLouder calls Ms Dynamite, she comes across as a sweet, determined and intelligent young woman trying to reconcile the demands of motherhood with her career. She exists in a realm of nappies and nursery school teachers with voluminous rears and kindly ears, worrying about the future for her son.

Shavaar was a pivotal presence in the studio during the recording of 'Judgement Days'. "If I didn't have him with me I think I would have gone crazy," she says. "I wouldn't have been able to leave him for that amount of time and been able to focus." Moreover, the long gap between 'A Little Deeper' and 'Judgement Days' was precisely because she wanted to leave her music to focus on giving Shavaar the best start in life "I have had a straight year when it was just me and him, and then he went to nursery, and then I started recording and he came with me everywhere, while I was recording." - not something you'd see from the likes of Britney Spears, now is it?

Of course, motherhood seems to have had a profound affect on Ms. Dynamite's worldview, as it would do to anyone who's just brought a small person into existence. Her voice cracks with more than just the common cold as she tells me "now being a mum and having brought a child into the world makes me even more determined to make the tiniest, tiniest change. It's kind of frightening to bring a child into the world. The way things are the thought that I'm not always going to be here to protect him is not really the nicest of thoughts."

And to those who'd accuse her desire to speak up about issues as being mere marketing? According to Ms.Dynamite, her political opinions are "part of who I am," a result of her upbringing by a left-wing mother and step father. "I remember being no more than five years old and being taken off to marches round London and the countryside causes to free people in other countries, or animal rights," she says.

But is she merely a privileged pop person spouting from her ivory tower, and - worst of all, a sanctimonious busy-body? Does that affect her at all? "Not really," she reckons, "To be honest with you, I don't get wound up other people think of me as an artist." She also believes that there's a nastier side to this attitude.

"I feel that if you're the sort of happy-go-lucky woman who gets her tits out and shakes her arse to make a quick buck, you're going to get slated for it," she says, "Then if you draw attention to issues and what's on your mind rather than your physical appearance, then you're going to get slated as well. Either way, no-one can win."

Some might argue that Ms Dynamite's deal with Pepsi, reputedly worth £1 million, counts as a form of shaking one's arse for a quick buck. Yet following Kanye West's "George Bush hate's black people" outburst in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, thousands were emailing Pepsi demanding that he be kept on as the face of the product. Ms Dynamite's Pepsi contract is nearing its end anyway, and again, Ms Dynamite reckons that the difference in attitudes stems from an unsettling source.

"I will say something that someone else can say as a man, when no-one will be bothered by it, but as soon as I say it, as a young black woman, it's 'who does she think she is', and that is racist in itself. Why has someone else got more of a right to care about the world and what's going on, and more of a right to speak about it because of the colour of their skin or their gender? Why are other people allowed to comment on these issues while as a young black woman I make people feel uncomfortable? Why is that? The only thing I can see with that is their racism."

As far as 'Judgement Days' is concerned, I ask why she decided to go further into a more low-key R&B sound rather than focussing on something a little edgier.

"I think that my music, in terms of the sound, is so typical of me as a person," she says. "There's one part of me that's very soft, and very girly and just wants to have fun and is down to earth and just wants to have a laugh, and then there's another side that's very strong, very serious and determined, and can be aggressive. And I feel that that's what my music says. I feel that that's what works for me," She goes on to explain why she decided to stick with what she knew. "I feel that if I was to go edgier, grime or whatever, people would expect me to be saying something aggressive because the music's already saying something by being aggressive. But with this it's more of a shock because you hear this really nice music and then I'm saying something that's more of a contrast."

Ms Dynamite might sometimes seem to be stating the bleedin' obvious - she rants at length about the problem that the cabinet is comprised of "predominately middle-aged, middle class white people," and can occasionally come across as more than a little naοve, and often stumbles through and around her argument. But get her on a subject like third world debt and she lambasts western governments, spitting through her cold that "It's ridiculous in this day and age that in the western world we can even slightly consider that third world countries can even owe us any money. I think that's disgusting, ridiculous, immoral." It's too easy to get haughty, to mock Ms Dynamite for her earnestness, some of the things she's done that jar or appear contradictory. But in the all-too-often bland world of R&B and mum-pop, at least Ms Dynamite is trying to inject something intelligent into the music and magazines read by the pram pushers of Croydon. To snipe at her from the position of apathetic, vogueish cynicism smacks of snobbery, or worse. After all, she's just expressing how she feels, rather than setting herself up as a spokesperson. As she herself says:

"I can only talk for myself. I'm really happy and feel privileged that so many people can relate to my music, and I'm proud of it and I'm thankful, but I would never want to sit here and say I'm talking for all black people, or I'm talking for black women, or women. No, I speak for myself."

Article By Luke Turner

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 •  •  Pyro Interviews Dynamite

When The Biscuitt Met… Naomi (for those who don’t know Ms Dynamite) Ms Dynamite has been on the music scene from the early days of street music. Coming through the trials and tribulations of street life, she became one of the UK’s most innovative and stylish acts. When you first mention Ms Dynamite you immediately think of the underground smash ‘Boo!’ produced by Sticky, but the sensual and varied sounds of her debut album ‘A Little Deeper’ sets a whole new trend. Even though there was a lot of talk of the album not selling as well as it should have Ms Dynamite has followed up her debut giving a lot of critics and ‘haters’ the finger.

Pyro:How would you describe you new single to someone who has never heard of Ms. Dynamite?
Ms Dynamite: I would describe as a form that would be basically, discuss's issues in society that I fell strongly about. Things that I think people need to play attention to. I guess the overall message is about taking responsibility as a human being. Me first and foremost, by taking my position to speak on a mass scale in a positive way, also to others to kinda say right is right and wrong is wrong; I’m not trying to say to preachy.
So I guess its just about drawing attention to certain issues.

Pyro: On your album you have one track called “Mr. Prime Minster” it’s a very powerful track do you ever see yourself expressing yourself through anything else other than music?
Ms Dynamite: Not right now really, in the terms of my opinion and society and things I would like to change; I honestly feel that music is the best way to do that, there are few other industries that allow you to do that. I can’t see myself being in any other industry there are so many limitations in all industries but in music I don’t let them affect me in my industry.

Pyro: What's the difference from your first album to this album now?
Ms Dynamite: The main change is that I believe in my self more as an artist. I’ve found my self and my sound. Not everyone will like my sound, but some people will love it. I’m comfortable with it and I’m a lot more confident in what I’m doing.

Pyro: Did you ever see yourself doing what your doing?
Ms Dynamite: No not all, I knew that what ever I was gonna do in life it would something that would make a change in some ones life, even on the smallest scale. I remember I wanted to be a teacher, not the sort of teacher that only teaches what the government tells me to teach, but the type of teacher that would teach a lot more, I fell that there is so much in life that needs to be changed, and I couldn’t be in any job that wouldn’t allow me to do that. I definitely saw myself doing something my way really.

Pyro: What do feel about the whole new changes in the underground music scene?
Ms Dynamite: I really do love grime for a lot of reasons number one because it’s the new form of garage, it belongs to the new generations, I’m always gonna have love for that. I love the beats that are full of energy and anger. My only criticism is that the kinda of grime I hear and that gets promoted, from a lot of artist is very negative you now every other word is I’m gonna get my “gat” my “9 milly” and shoot your mum and your gran and blow up your house. As a woman and a young mother I’m never gonna be cool with that; I don’t care how out of touch that makes me sound.It’s all cool to talk about what your going through but not to talk about it like that.

Pyro: How do you feel about your brother (Akala) making it through the ranks?
Ms Dynamite: He is an artist I have a lot of respect for. He has a good balance he talks about the bad side of life but he doesn’t glorify it. He doesn’t feel threatened by anyone so he doesn’t go about saying this is what he’s gonna do to people all the time.

Pyro: On your album you have a re-working of the “Redemption Song” (Bob Marley) how did you come with that?
Ms Dynamite: My record label are gonna hate me for telling you this but I don’t care, I only did that song for “Live 8” because it tied in with it. When it came to the album, basically the international album you have to have two songs less and I couldn’t decide what songs to take off the European album. So they added two other songs which I agreed to. Because I didn’t want to take off any songs. So basically that song is on there as a filler, for the sake of me not having to take off anymore tracks.

Pyro: I’ve heard through the grapevine that you did a track with “Dr. Dre” which got cut from your album?
Ms Dynamite: I didn’t cut the track from the album the tune never got finished and we couldn’t find a time to get it sorted. We just had a conflict of schedules really.

Pyro: Where do you see yourself taking your career in the next five, ten years?
Ms Dynamite: I don’t know, I don’t set myself goals like that and you have to be careful not to set yourself up to fail. If you measure your successful in like record sales and all that it can work against you. I don’t have control over record sales. All I can do is, do my best. I don’t set too many goals I just do my best. I want to touch as many people as possible and however I d that is cool.

Pyro: Your video for father got viewed the other day and there has been controversy over it, even to the point where your dad is telling his side of the story in “The Sun” what do you make of the whole situation?
Ms Dynamite: For me there is no conflict around it for me. I wrote the song some years ago and when I finished it, I was shocked but I delt with those emotions. I recorded the song and the more listened to it, I realised the song isn’t for me because I have delt with my issues surrounding it. The reason I released it is because there are a lot of kids and adults who need this, because they are in similar situations that I was in or maybe worst and they haven’t delt with their anger and frustration. Maybe they didn’t know how to deal with it. So I felt that it was important to release it. I did write a letter to my dad before I put it out, to let him know and let him hear the song before anyone else. Also to let him know that this was not mean to hurt him and I did not want disrespect him, but it was an expression of feelings at the time. I can understand why any parent would feel hurt and that it was unfair but the bottom line is that a lot of children and at least ten grown adults that having broken down in front of me, telling that when I heard this song I realised I was still angry or upset over whatever has happened to them, and this is how your track has me confront this. That alone is enough to justify me to do this song.

Pyro: Shout outs
Ms Dynamite: Look out for my tour its definitely something that is gonna be HOT.

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 •  •  New Avatars

I have added a lot of avatars! Here are some to view below. Click here to view all the avatars. Thank you so much to zee and roxi for the images xo! Remember if you have news about Ms Dynamite that I haven't posted please email me and let me know, I will post it and give you credit, the same goes for photos. I don't have that many photos and would appreciate the help!

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 •  •  Ms Dynamites brother

Ms Dynamites brother "Akala" is coming out with a single on October 24th.
Click him out here.

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 •  •  Ms Dynamite live at Maida vale

Click a photo to see the full size.

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 •  •  Ms Dynamites Gig For Radio 1

Ms Dynamite did an intimate gig for Radio 1 and 1Xtra at the BBC's Maida
Vale studios on Friday night . So she popped in before that to tell us all about what to expect. She also told us about her new album 'Judgement Days' which is out this week, life with her two year-old son, and what it was like to meet Nelson Mandela.

Broadcast on Radio 1 - Fri 07 Oct - 12:10.
Jo Whiley interviews Ms Dynamite ahead of her Maida Vale gig for Radio 1 and 1Xtra. Plus she talks about life as a mum and her new album 'Judgement Days'.

Click on the image to see the full photo.

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 •  •  What Ms D Thinks About Coming Back

What Ms Dynamite says about coming back:

"Since everyone last saw me, I've been being a mum, which I've really, really enjoyed."

"I'm really glad that I've taken time out with my son - I love him so much."

"But, I'm at a stage now where's he's becoming more independent, and going to nursery now."

"I feel totally comfortable with coming back to work - I'm dying to get back on the stage to sing, perform and get back out there."

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 •  •  Show in Liverpool Rescheduled

A tribute to Anthony Walker tribute show in liverpool has been rescheduled to October 27, 2005 7:00PM - 11.30PM. There will be performances from: Ms Dynamite, The Stands, Roll Deep, Lupe Fiasco, new US hip hop sensation, recent support for Kayne West on his UK tour.

Tickets: £10 In advance or £12 at the door. Advance booking in person from probe/raido ciry/ulse guild. TEL: 0151 256 5555 or at academy, mount pleasant, liverpool.
This re-scheduled event hopes to follow on from the success of the large anti-racism festival in Toxeth in early September. Organised by Merseyside Coalition Against Racism and Fascism and Merseyside TUC, the free festival saw performances by bands like Ladytron, the 747’s, Pete Wylie, and Anthony’s Uncle Shiloh’s reggae band Jaheeanko perform to a thousand strong united black and white audience.

Love Music Hate Racism aims to use the positive energy of the music scene to fight back against racism and fascist groups like the BNP. Music unites us and gives us strength while racism seeks only to divide and weaken us.

All profits from the concert will go to the Anthony Walker Tribute Fund.

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 •  •  Ms Dynamite Talks About Anthony Walker

The murder of Anthony Walker in his hometown of Huyton on Saturday 30th July 2005 devistating. A talented rapper and basketball player, Anthony was brutally murdered because of the colour of his skin. Racist attacks have increased by 600% in the last year, and in the wake of the London bombings the Muslim community, in particular have been targeted.

What Ms Dynmiate had to say about this, "Music can make a statement against division, hatred and injustice. We don't have to put up with racism. We can make it change - what we do can make a difference. Racism still has to be tackled and defeated. I want to live in a society where no one is judged by the colour of their skin - we're all beautiful and we're all equal!"

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 •  •  People Cant Wait to See Ms D on News

The beautiful and extremely talented Ms Dynamite who performed at this years 2005 MOBO awards is one of the four celebrities who are set to guest edit Five News over the course of four weeks starting from the 11th of November.

Ms D, Howard Marks, Kelly Holmes and Alastair Campbell will order the stories of the day and will make their own individual reports for the news programme, which airs for half an hour, each day at 7pm.

Programme presenter Kirsty Young said: "The four guest editors have very different areas of specialist knowledge: music, sport, culture and politics. It will be fascinating to see how their backgrounds will influence their editorial judgment, opinions on the day's top news stories and choice of individual reports."

Five News editor Mark Calvert said: "This is a first for television news in this country. All of our guest editors are used to being in the news, and have on many occasions been the focus of intense media interest. But this will challenge them, and challenge their view of what makes news".

I personally cant wait to see the outspoken and political minded Ms D's version of the news and her individual reports… let's hope that the Labour party behave themselves that week as something tells me that she has no problem in doing a "Kanye West" and letting Tony Blair know exactly what she thinks.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 28 Oct 2005

 •  •  Ms Dynamite and friends take over the news

Channel Five are allowing celebrities Ms Dynamite, Dame Kelly Holmes, Alastair Campbell and Howard Marks to join forces and edit the TV network's news shows. The stars will take over the airwaves for four weeks starting from 11 November, and during that time they will be in charge one 30 minute show daily. Full-time Five News presenter Kirsty Young says, "The four guest editors have very different areas of specialist knowledge and use diverse disciplines in their respective fields of music, sport, culture and politics." Mark Calvert, Five News editor, says, "This is a first for television news in this country.

All of our guest editors are used to being in the news, and have on many occasions been the focus of intense media interest. But this will challenge them, and challenge their view of what makes news.

"It will be fascinating to see how their backgrounds influence their editorial judgment, opinions on the day's top news stories and choice of individual reports."

Posted By Ms Prinza on 28 Oct 2005

 •  •  Ms Dynamite Feared of Losing Her Baby

British garage star MS DYNAMITE was so terrified of suffering a miscarriage while pregnant - she risked her music career and stepped away from the limelight.

The IT TAKES MORE hitmaker knew of the pain involved in failed pregnancies, her own mother suffered five miscarriages, and she was determined not to experience the same trauma.

Ms Dynamite - whose son SHAVAAR is now two - explains, "That affected me terribly. Seeing her go off to the hospital to give birth, and coming home alone, with no baby.

"When I found out I was pregnant with Shavaar it wasn't a choice for me whether to take time out or not.

"Whatever the consequences, even if the record label had said 'We're dropping you' or no one ever wanted to buy my records again, I would have still done what I did."

Posted By Ms Prinza on 28 Oct 2005

 •  •  Ms Dynamite Single Review

MS Dynamite has definitely grown, musically, lyrically, vocally and personally. She has become a mother and she has matured because of that and she now offers something quite frightening. That firey, pumped up, angry, hard-hitting, strong-minded young person has become a real full-blooded woman. She has now lived, grown, developed into a woman and a mother in front of the world’s eyes and you know what she has got a lot to say. “Judgement Day” is clever, very well written and very powerful, in fact if you was guaranteed a hit for writing skills no matter what you say this would be a hit. It might be realistic and well written. The artistry and skill of what is written is unquestionable but what is questionable is, does radio, partculary ILR radio, the radio stations that make hit records, really want to play a record that is so moody, so down and do people what to buy such a single. A single that has no fun eliment, nothing that puts a smile on ya face, not even a happy ending. My gut feeling is that the answer is no and I think this single may well struggle to give Ms Dynamite the hit she probably craves. The single deals with hard hitting issues, colour of skin, children dying, rape, of how pharmaceutical companies are sitting there watching children die when there is enough medicine for them, how people walk past people in the street that are in trouble and asks the question are we all to blame. But if you think the lyrics are strong on that wait till you here “Father” the second cut on the single. Lyrics like “I spent 23 years trying to be what you wanted to me be though it seemed that you never see me until I picked up the mic and I was on the TV now your ringing of my phone like every week” and “How can you call yourself a man when you can’t love your own unless you can control them”. Both of these tracks make great album cuts but I just think the UK will find it hard to deal with such lyrics in a pop single no matter how urban / street the artist is. Ms Dynamite is back and she is more than living up to her name via the lyrical content.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 28 Oct 2005

 •  •  Ms Dynamite Can't Remember Live Aid

British rapper MS DYNAMITE is gearing up to perform at the London Live 8 gig on Saturday (02JUL05), despite admitting she can't remember the concert's forefather Live Aid 20 years ago (85).

The IT TAKES MORE singer, 24, was only four years old when DURAN DURAN, SIR PAUL McCARTNEY, QUEEN, MADONNA, SIR ELTON JOHN and U2 and other huge names performed at simultaneous gigs in Philadelphia and London on 13 July 1985.

Ms Dynamite - real name NIOMI McLEAN-DALEY - says, "I don't really remember it. But it looked like fun. "I'm going to sit down and watch the DVD tonight to give me an idea of what to expect."

Ms Dynamite needn't worry - fellow Live 8 performer JOSS STONE wasn't even born when the original Live Aid concert took place.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 28 Oct 2005

 •  •  Ms Dynamites Lyrics Upset Father

British rapper MS DYNAMITE's new song FATHER has upset her real-life dad EYON DALEY, who claims the cutting lyrics about him are untrue.

The IT TAKES MORE hitmaker, real name NIOMI McLEAN-DALEY, was brought up by her mother HEATHER McLEAN after her parents separated when she was two-years-old.

Despite Eyon's claims he often saw Niomi through her childhood and early adult years until an argument last year (04), Niomi's song Father includes the lyrics, "Though it seemed like you couldn't see me, 'til I picked up the mic and I was on the TV/Now, you ringing off my phone like every week, where were you at six, seven, 11 and 13?"

However, Eyon claims she has exaggerated their separation during her childhood to boost publicity for her second album.

Eyon says, "Since I left, she has come to stay with me every half-term, every holiday and I visited her as often as I could. We were really close, but now I feel she wants to make out that I was the bad guy in her past to give a talking point to sell her CD."

Eyon, 44, claims his 24-year-old daughter wrote him a letter explaining the song, saying, "This is a song written a while back to vent my anger and feelings regarding our relationship, or lack of relationship, my childhood frustration and disappointment.

"I want you to hear this from me as it is going to be on my album, not out of spite or malice, but simply because I know there are thousands of people that feel exactly how I used to."

Posted By Ms Prinza on 28 Oct 2005

 •  •  Ms Dynamite Team Up For Lyden David Hall

MS DYNAMITE, BEVERLY KNIGHT and OMAR are among a host of British stars who are teaming up to perform at a special charity show on behalf of cancer-stricken singer LYNDEN DAVID HALL. For the last two years, SEXY CINDERELLA star Hall has been battling Hodgkin's Lymphoma disease, which prompted him to enter a London hospital for a stem cell transplant in January (05). Following the operation, Hall was hospitalised and has spent the past nine months in intensive care fighting for his life. Despite his health woes, Hall has called on his friends - including SHOLA AMA, DON E and ROACHFORD - to help him raise money for fellow sufferers with a special concert at London's Jazz Cafe on 15 November (05). All proceeds from the event will go to various charities of Hall's choice.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 28 Oct 2005

 •  •  Ms Dynamite is back with a real video

MS DYNAMITE is back with a real video nasty - dedicated to her Scots mum. The singer says her success is all thanks to mum Heather McLean. She raised the star - real name Niomi Daley - alone after partner Eyon walked out when the tot was just two. The 24-year-old's new single, Father, is about what can happen when parents are absent - and the video is a shocker. It features kids running amok on a housing estate in a Lord of the Flies-style rampage and Channel 4 is to issue a warning to viewers before airing it for the first time next week.

Award-winning R&B artist Niomi - who shot to fame with the smash hit album A Little Deeper - will introduce the promo. Peace The singer claims she feels stronger by confronting the past. She said: "I had a load of issues I hadn't really dealt with before my first album - then the music came along and I didn't really need to face them. "I definitely needed to slow down and I feel like I'm at the other end of a tunnel now. "I definitely feel less angry and more at peace with myself."

Niomi - who has been an outspoken anti-gun campaigner - has always credited her mum, a primary teacher from the Western Isles, with her success. She said: "She has always said to me, 'You are a black woman.' She crushed all the negative stereotypes. "She told us about black scientists, historians and inventors." The video for Father stars kids from council estate youth centres. Director Daniel Wolfe said: "I knew Niomi didn't want an idea as literal as a little girl growing up without a father - a mini Dynamite. "The idea to show a whole range of kids all seemingly parentless seemed like the right approach, a kind of contemporary Lord of the Flies, where all the children of an estate are left and chaos ensues. I wanted to communicate the bleakness and loss of innocence."

Father is Niomi's first single since she took time off to have her son, Shavaar, who is now two. It is released in tandem with the song Judgement Day and both feature on her upcoming new album, Judgement Days, which also covers topics such as gun crime and the decline of UK clubland. Niomi said: "I'm not a particularly religious person but the concept of judgement day has played on my mind in the past"You're supposed to be judged on your day of dying. "But I feel that where we go wrong as human beings is that we feel we're only going to be judged on this one day. "Every single day of our lives, every situation, conversation, action and relationship is part of judgement day. "It's not just about the final day - it's about all the days that build up to that day and the fact that God, whoever he or she may be, is watching over us at all times."

Father/ Judgement Day is was on September 26 through Polydor Records. The video for Father premiered on Channel 4 on Wednesday, September 28, at 11pm.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 28 Oct 2005

 •  •  Ms Dynamite on London Attacks

British R+B singer MS DYNAMITE urges Londoners to prepare themselves for further terrorist attacks and avoid falling back into a false sense of security.

The 24-year-old singer believes the last month's (JUL05) suicide bombings (7JUL05) were a foretaste of what is to come - and is terrified fellow Brits remain mentally ill-prepared to cope with any future hate attack.

Dynamite, real name NAOMI McLEAN-DALEY, says, "I can't watch it anymore. It makes me cry, but the worst thing is that this is just the beginning. We're heading into a really horrible place. It frightens me - not for me, but for the people in general.

"I know we're going to experience so much pain and I don't think any of us are really equipped for it emotionally. When I was so outspoken about the war it was precisely for reasons like this.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 28 Oct 2005

 •  •  Ms Dynamite is back

Interview on Ms Dynamite from

TOTP: What sort of things make you laugh?
Ms Dynamite: Well I like loads of comedians, but I'm really bad. I am the type of person that will laugh if someone falls over and hurts themselves slightly. I laugh a lot at that stuff. But when the joke's on me I can take it. And I can laugh at myself.

TOTP: When was the last time you laughed uncontrollably?
Ms Dynamite: Honestly, any time I get together with my stylist and hair and make up artists. They always have me in stitches, so about half an hour ago. They're like a triple act. They're hilarious.

TOTP: Have you got any favourite comedy shows?
Ms Dynamite: I really love that new show Balls Of Steel. That's funny. I really like shows like Whose Line Is It Anyway?, y'know those sort of game shows that're unpredictable. I really like stuff like, God, Victor Meldrew, One Foot In The Grave and Hyacinth... Keeping Up Appearances. I really love those.

TOTP: Do you do any comedy impressions?
Ms Dynamite: Not at all. I wouldn't even try. I just embarrass myself.

TOTP: No? Not picked up any catchphrases from things like Little Britain?
Ms Dynamite: No, not really. Honestly, I'm so late I've only just started getting into Little Britain. Cos I've been away working for such a long time, I've only just started to watch. I came back and everyone was raving on about it.

TOTP: What do you do to make your son laugh?
Ms Dynamite: Honestly, nothing, my son just laughs at me all day long anyway. He thinks I'm the funniest thing on earth. It's quite worrying really.

TOTP: What was the last joke or funny story you heard?
Ms Dynamite: Erm... oh my goodness. I don't know. I'm one of those people that you could sit here and tell me a million jokes and I'll laugh but as soon as I leave the room I won't be able to remember any of them.

TOTP: Would you ever play yourself in a comedy sketch?
Ms Dynamite: Yeah! Definitely. I can take a joke and I like to be light-hearted some of the time so I'd definitely do it. It depends what I was doing and what was being done but I can totally take a joke.

TOTP: Are you wary of comedy types like Avid Merrion or Jimmy Carr?
Ms Dynamite: Not really, because I'm the type of person... I'm gonna regret saying this, but I can give as good as I get. I can totally take a joke but if things ever go to far, I think I can think quickly. I think I can cope. I hope. You wait, something really nasty will happen to me now.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 28 Oct 2005

 •  •  Singer Ms Dynamite to edit TV news

Singer Ms Dynamite is joining Dame Kelly Holmes, Alastair Campbell and former drugs smuggler turned novelist Howard Marks - to edit Five News.

They will order the stories of the day and commission their own reports on the half-hour 7pm TV bulletins over four consecutive weeks from November 11.

Five News presenter Kirsty Young said: "The four guest editors have very different areas of specialist knowledge and use diverse disciplines in their respective fields of music, sport, culture and politics.

"It will be fascinating to see how their backgrounds influence their editorial judgment, opinions on the day's top news stories and choice of individual reports."

Five News editor Mark Calvert said: "This is a first for television news in this country.

"All of our guest editors are used to being in the news, and have on many occasions been the focus of intense media interest.

"But this will challenge them, and challenge their view of what makes news."

Ms Dynamite, whose real name is Niomi McLean-Daley, became the first solo black female artist to win the Mercury Music Award in 2002.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 28 Oct 2005

 •  •  Ms Dynamite Up Close and Personal

Ms Dynamite has never been one to hold her tongue where matters of the world are concerned. After being away from the spotlight for a few years, working on her album and being mum to her son Shavaar, she is back with her new album 'Judgement Days' and as Sarah Williams, finds out she is stronger than ever.

It's been three years since Ms Dynamite, aka Niomi McLean-Daley, exploded onto the music scene with her undeniably catchy signature track 'Ms Dy-na-mi-tee' that saw her enjoy a head-spinning, rapid rise to fame as the first lady of the, then emerging UK garage scene.

Not only was this a unique, highly talented, unashamed voice of a young black female who tackled issues such as violence and gun crime in an era where Gareth Gates and Westlife ruled, but she also had the sassy good looks and hard-punching, thought provoking lyrical content to boot.

By the end of 2002 Ms Dynamite's debut album 'A Little Deeper' had certified her as multi-platinum selling artist. She became the first black solo female artist to win the Mercury Music Prize and in the same year she won two Brit Awards, a South Bank Show Award and three out of the six Mobos that she was nominated for.

Praised for 'transforming the face of British music' Niomi was at the top of her career. So it was a shock to many of her devoted fans and her record company (who already had another album in their sights) that after her breakthrough success she made the decision to take a step back and become a mother.

Even though, to her, as she tells me, deciding to continue with her singing career or prepare for motherhood was never a difficult decision to make. "I think at the end of the day, as much Ms Dynamite existed and had a career and it was going great on the surface, how Niomi felt on the inside was something totally different. I was ready to start a family and its something myself and my sons dad (Dwayne Seaforth) had talked about for quite sometime. I just felt like I needed to do what was right for me. Sometimes in life, there is nothing more important than that and I think having a family is one of them."

As you can probably tell, Niomi even welcomed the break. It allowed her to sit back and reflect on the whirlwind of fame and notoriety that came after selling millions of records, winning a plethora of awards and blowing up so quickly. Now, she feels more ready, more confident and more focused than ever before to take her place back in the public eye with the release of her sophomore album 'Judgement Days'

It's hard to believe, but when her debut album 'A Little Deeper' was released, Niomi, didn't know what all the fuss was about. "The last time round I definitely believed in everything that I was saying and doing but I didn't believe in myself as an artist." She says, "I always loved writing and I have always been confident as a writer so I can understand why people liked the songs. But I had no idea why they thought I was a good artist. I just thought everyone is crazy, they are all mad and I just didn't believe in myself, where as this time I really do."

For most, the transition from a young woman to motherhood is never an easy task, especially if you are one of Britain's top selling artists, but like everything else in her life, Niomi just takes it all in her stride and motherhood really does seem to become her.

Her son, Shavaar, is now a happy "independent and strong" two year old and apart from being unable to spend as much time as she would like with him, she is finding the job of juggling her career and motherhood a lot easier than she ever thought it would be.

When I ask her whether the issues of gun crime and violence, that she so often passionately campaigns about, affected her more after the birth of her son, she is definite in her answer. "Everything affects me more. Sometimes I just don't want to put on the television. I don't want to put on the radio. I don't want to hear the news. Everything affects a million times more.
"It's hard because you have to have some sort of a balance. Before when Shavaar wasn't here I'd get angry but it didn't matter because I was angry and I could deal with it. But now, if I'm angry I can't stay angry around my son, he's going to feel it, he's going to see it, he's going to know it. I have to find a way to switch off to what's going on outside my four walls and just live in our own little bubble for a little while, so he does get quality time, positive time, happy time and the best of me." Growing up on a north London estate as a young black female, the oldest of eleven children, in a single parent household Niomi, has seen, first hand, the devastating effects that gun crime and violence can have on communities and especially children.
This is possibly why, with the platform she has been given, 24-year-old Niomi is perhaps the most outspoken female artist of the "Text Generation."

In recent years she has been a campaigner for single parents, the protection of children and the anti-war movement just to name a few and it's hard to imagine that she could have ever been any other way. Laughing, she tells me that if I was to take a look back at her school reports from as early as five-years-old, the teachers would always say "oh she's lovely and smart and she does her work but she talks too much and she always says how she feels, even if it gets her into trouble."

Seeing that Niomi is the type of person who says what she means and always means what she says, one could imagine that if her music career finished tomorrow the next logical step would be for her to go further into the political arena.

But surprisingly, the inner workings of politics, is not something that really interests her. "I don't think that as a politician you are really aloud to do what I do, i.e. speak your mind and say exactly what you want to say, how you want to say it." She says "I'm not really a person that copes well in environments where I am limited and I don't have freedom of speech and I am not able to express myself in the way I want to. So for those reasons I wouldn't really like to go into politics, however, if my journey took me there, if that's where I went and that's all I could do in order to make the changes that I wanted to make, then yeah it's something that I would consider."
Right now, apart from her son, Niomi's main priority is her music. Her new album Judgement Days is a medley of politically charged tracks that include Judgement Day, Put Your Gun Away, Self Destruct, Nobody Hears Our Cries. The soulful melodic, R&B love song Back Then, the sentimental Lauren Hill-esque Shavaar. The dub reggae infused When I Fall In Love, and a cover of Bob Marley's Redemption Song, that she sang on her return earlier this year on the Live 8 stage.

But perhaps the most controversial song on the album is the double A-side of Judgement Day entitled Father, a song that rivals even Eminems no-holds bared family inspired rantings.
Father is an impassioned, thumping piano driven track that was inspired by the pressures that Niomi felt growing up without her father, an experience that she believes too many young woman can relate to. Even though she says, she and her father no longer talk, she tells me, that out of respect for him and herself, she did write to him, to let him know about the song before somebody else did.
Now as a mother herself, she feels she can finally understand some of the choices that he made and she can finally move on, "You know whatever we have been through in the past all that I have for him is love, everything that we did go through when I was angry, I am over that, they were my feelings as a child. I am now an adult, I am also a mother and that means that I understand a lot of the choices and decisions that he made that I didn't understand at the time. I might not agree with them but I understand them. So the main thing I wanted him to know is that I'm not angry and this isn't out of anger. I am putting the song out there because I really feel that there are thousands of kids that feel, and still feel how I felt. There are adults out there that still feel how I felt and I want them to have someone to relate to, especially young woman."

And at the end of it all, no matter what has happened in the past, there is no doubt that through all the pain and heartache, Niomi is a stronger person for it. If she can turn her negative experiences into positive, to help others, then as far as she is concerned that's all that matters.

Judgement Days is out now

Posted By Ms Prinza on 28 Oct 2005

 •  •  Ms Dynamite Stars In Drama

British urban music stars MS DYNAMITE, SHYSTIE and RODNEY P are lined up to star in a groundbreaking new interactive drama which aims to address the growing issues of guns and drugs.

The six-part series will initially air on UK TV network Channel 4 and viewers will shape the storyline via a voting system and ultimately choose the fate of the central characters.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 28 Oct 2005

 •  •  Ms Dyna-mummy's back

Ms Dynamite is back on Radio 1 - we had a first play of her new material today (Tuesday). It was a track called 'Judgement Day' and it will feature on her album, which is due out in the first half of this year.
Ms Dynamite told us what she's been up to:
"Since everyone last saw me, I've been being a mum, which I've really, really enjoyed."
"I'm really glad that I've taken time out with my son - I love him so much."
"But, I'm at a stage now where's he's becoming more independent, and going to nursery now."
"I feel totally comfortable with coming back to work - I'm dying to get back on the stage to sing, perform and get back out there."

Posted By Ms Prinza on 28 Oct 2005

 •  •  Ms Dynamite Appalled at Her Vocals

British R+B star MS DYNAMITE is baffled by the success of her 2002 debut album A LITTLE DEEPER because she is convinced it was blighted by amateur vocals.

The IT TAKES MORE hitmaker, real name NIOMI McLEAN-DALEY, is incredibly proud of her music, but admits her voice could be stronger.

She says, "I'm not a trained vocalist and I was surprised when so many people loved the record. I thought they were all out of their minds.

"If you listen to A Little Deeper, you'll hear me trying different things. One moment I'm all husky, the next I'm singing at the top of my lungs.

"Now I've found a balance, I'm not WHITNEY HOUSTON, but that is not what I want."

Posted By Ms Prinza on 28 Oct 2005

 •  •  Ms Dynamites New Album Judgment Days

Ms Dynamite's new Album Judgment Days is out in the UK on October 3, 2005.
Track List:
1. Judgement Day
2. Father
3. Put Your Gun Away
4. Back Then
5. Fall In Love Again
6. Not Today
7. You Don't Have To Cry
8. Unbreakable
9. Pain
10. Shavaar
11. Self Destruct
12. Gotta Let It Go
13. She Don't Live Here Anymore
14. Mr. Prime Minister
15. Redemption Song
Click here to order

Posted By Ms Prinza on 28 Oct 2005

 •  •  Ms Dynamite's Baby Break

R+B star MS DYNAMITE has no regrets about falling pregnant shortly after breaking into the bigtime, because she needed a break from the pressures of the music industry.

The 23-year-old singer put her career on hold in 2003 to give birth to son SHAVAAR - despite the reservations of her record label and then-boyfriend DWAYNE SEAFORTH - because she didn't feel ready to deal with international fame.

Dynamite, real name NIOMI DALEY, says, "You could tell everyone was thinking, your timing couldn't be worse, even if they didn't actually say it. I did plan it, though. Dwayne and I talked about having a baby.

"At first, he was, like, 'I don't think this is the right time for you career-wise. I don't want all these people looking at me, thinking, what have you done?'

"I said, 'Well, if that's the only reason not to, then we're doing it. I felt like it was the right time. Although for Ms Dynamite it wasn't, for Niomi it totally was. But now, looking back I feel for Ms Dynamite it was right, too.

"I don't think I was ready to go to the States, to make it international."

Posted By Ms Prinza on 28 Oct 2005

 •  •  Ms Dynamite joins anti-racism campaign

British R+B star MS DYNAMITE has lent her support to an anti-racism campaign fighting to end prejudice on the terraces of English soccer grounds.

The A LITTLE DEEPER singer, real name NIOMI McLEAN-DALEY, will host hundreds of school children as they are ferried down London's River Thames on Monday (17OCT05) evening to see the Premiership soccer clash between Fulham and Charlton.

LEON MANN, a spokesperson for the Kick It Out pressure group, says, "It's crucial that we kick racism out of football and when big name stars like her back us it really helps."

Posted By Ms Prinza on 28 Oct 2005

 •  •  Ms. Dynamite and Shystie Starring In New TV Drama

UK female rappers Ms. Dynamite and Shystie will take on leading roles in a new televised interactive drama.

The production will allow viewers to vote on what happens in each episode via text messaging.

The series is set in South London's tower blocks and will include scenes of MC battles and the UK thriving pirate radio scene - where many UK rap artists derive from.

"We decided it would be great if we could put together a TV show, dealing with our culture that kids could relate to", Shystie recently told The Guardian. "Black music and culture is always shown as negative, we want to give it a positive twist"

Other hip-hop stars included to play in the six part series include Rodney P and the So Solid Crew.

The drama was developed to educate young artists about gun crime, drugs and a variety of other issues that have been plaguing the country.

The viewer led drama is directed by 25-year-old Luke Hyams and will be aired on Channel 4 in the UK later this year.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 28 Oct 2005

 •  •  Ms Dynamite with a career in politics

British hip-hop star MS DYNAMITE is set for a career in politics, because she is keen to make a positive difference to society.

The DY-NA-MI-TEE singer, 24, insists she is the right person to change the face of her native Britain, and she can't wait to step into the political arena.

She says, "My main goal is to help make a change to millions of things that I see wrong within society and if my journey takes me into politics in order for me to be able to fulfil that then that's what I'll do.

"Whatever it takes I'm ready for it."

Posted By Ms Prinza on 28 Oct 2005

 •  •  Dynamite's Father Upset

Outspoken rapper Ms Dynamite's new song 'Father' has apparently upset her real-life dad Eyon Daley, who claims that the song's cutting lyrics about him are untrue.

The preachy-keen singer's new single includes the lyrics, "Though it seemed like you couldn't see me, 'til I picked up the mic and I was on the TV / Now you ringing off my phone like every week, where were you at six, seven, 11 and 13?"

But Daddy Dynamite told the femalefirst website that although he separated from the shouty singer's mum when she was two-years-old, he supported his daughter throughout her life, until an argument last year.

He said: "Since I left, she has come to stay with me every half-term, every holiday and I visited her as often as I could. We were really close, but now I feel she wants to make out that I was the bad guy in her past to give a talking point to sell her CD."

Who knows whats ture?

Posted By Ms Prinza on 28 Oct 2005

 •  •  Ms Dynamite Live 8 Gig

British singer MS DYNAMITE's has agreed to perform at the London leg of next month's (JUL05) LIVE 8 London charity concerts - after BLUR frontman DAMON ALBARN's complained the event lacked performances from black artists.

The IT TAKES MORE star has taken 18 months away from the music scene, but is thrilled to relaunch her career at the star-studded event at the capital's Hyde Park on 2 July (05).

A Live 8 spokesperson says, "She wanted to perform as she deeply believes in what the concert is about - she is now confirmed for the gig."

Posted By Ms Prinza on 28 Oct 2005

 •  •  Ms Dynamite Changes Her Tune for Son

R+B star MS DYNAMITE has written a heartwarming song in honour of her beloved son SHAVAAR - in a dramatic change of musical style.

The singer, real name NIOMI McLEAN-DALEY, is famed for her tough urban stance, but motherhood is softening her songwriting and showing fans a whole new side of her character on her forthcoming comeback album JUDGEMENT DAYS.

A source says, "Shavaar means king in Persian and he's Dynamite's little king in the sense that everything she's written since having him around has been touched with gold and moved on her sound with a new feeling.

"Dynamite was always very forthcoming about street issues but now it's nice for the fans to touch base with her softer side."

Posted By Ms Prinza on 28 Oct 2005

 •  •  Ms Dynamite Used to Cut Herself

Ms Dynamite has confessed she used to cut herself. The award-winning singer, real name Niomi McLean Daley, has revealed she hurt herself when she was living in hostels as a teenager.

She admitted: "You see women who cut themselves a lot; it wasn't like that. But, yes, I did go through a stage of feeling completely and totally empty and worthless." Niomi moved out of her family home at the tender age of 15 because she was "clashing heads every moment" with her over-protective mother, Heather. And she says the four years she spent living in London hostels was a depressing time. The star revealed: "It was horrible; a negative, draining, depressing experience. I met some real lunatics and a lot of drug addicts.

"But what I find really disturbing is that I never felt scared. Where was my mind?" Niomi claims she now gets on much better with her mum - especially since the birth of her son, Shavaar. She explained to Britain's Telegraph magazine: "The characteristics that were in me, that made us fight, I see them now in my son. If I say, 'Don't touch that, please,' he'll look at me and with one little finger he will touch whatever it is I told him not to. He's such a little wind-up. "I always say to my mum, 'I'm really sorry, I understand now.' She just laughs."

Posted By Ms Prinza on 28 Oct 2005

 •  •  Ms Dynamite splits from fiance

British singer MS DYNAMITE has split from fiance DWAYNE SEAFORTH, and he has moved out of her London home.

The couple, who got engaged in 2003, are determined to remain friends and aim to share custody of their two-year-old son SHAVAAR.

Ms Dynamite, real name NIOMI McLEAN-DALEY, is on the verge of releasing her second album and hopes Seaforth will help care for Shavaar while is promoting the release.

A source says: "Niomi's father walked out when she was little so she's all to aware of how a separation might affect a child. She and Dwayne have talked the situation through and he's going to play a full and active part in raising their son."

We are so sorry Ms Dynamite, wish you all the best!

Posted By Ms Prinza on 28 Oct 2005

 •  •  Ms Dynamite Dying to Make a Comback

British singer MS DYNAMITE is "dying" to make a comeback after taking time out to raise her 17-month-old son.

The IT TAKES MORE star was determined to be with SHAVAAR during the early years of his life, but she is now ready to return to the spotlight with the release of her new album this year (05).

Dynamite - real name NIOMI McLEAN-DALEY - says, "Since everyone last saw me, I've been being a mum, which I've really, really enjoyed. I'm really glad that I've taken time out with my son - I love him so much.

"But, I'm at a stage now where's he's becoming more independent, and going to nursery now.

"I feel totally comfortable with coming back to work - I'm dying to get back on the stage to sing, perform and get back out there."

Posted By Ms Prinza on 28 Oct 2005

 •  •  2004: Pop Goes Dynamite

A rowdy fan found himself on the receiving end of Ms Dynamite's fiery tongue this week when he let rip with a flow of obscenities at a gig.

Ms D was performing at an exclusive gig at the Cafe De Paris when the fan started screaming expletives and causing a rumpus in the crowd. She promptly stopped singing and ordered, "If you're not going to keep quiet you can get out. I don't want any aggro in here.".

The offending individual was swiftly removed by security guards. However, it later emerged that an apology was offered to the fan when he explained that the reason for his heated tirade was a glass of champagne landing on his head from the balcony above Ms Dynamite.

This is probaly false

Posted By Ms Prinza on 28 Oct 2005

 •  •  2004: Ms Dynamite and the paparazzi

British singer MS DYNAMITE loves her job - but finds the constant presence of paparazzi photographers a real downside to her fame.

The IT TAKES MORE hitmaker, 22, found herself the focus of intense media scrutiny after she shot to fame in 2002, and her pregnancy and marriage last year (03) made her of further interest to the tabloids.

And now the singer has son SHAVAAR's interests to protect, she is finding the media more sympathetic to her pleas for privacy.

She says, "I do feel it's something I have to get used to as part of my job though, but it doesn't mean I find it any easier to deal with just because I know that that's how it is.

"But when I was pregnant I felt like saying, 'Please give me a break.' I was feeling a bit temperamental as well, but now they're really good to me.

"When I see pictures of him in the paper, they make a point of saying that I don't really want him in the public eye. A lot of people are respecting that."

"I don't want him to be the child of a celebrity. I want him to grow up his own person. When he sees me I want him to see me as mum, that's it. He doesn't need that life."

Posted By Ms Prinza on 28 Oct 2005

 •  •  2004: Dynamite Record Slump

British R'n'B star MS DYNAMITE is struggling to make an impression on the US charts - her debut album slumped to 179th place in its first week of release.

A LITTLE DEEPER has sold just 6,000 copies stateside - living industry sources questioning her record label's decision to try and push her on an American audience.

But POLYDOR remain unfazed about their ($2.25 million (GBP1.5 million) investment in the singer - real name NIOMI McLEAN-DALY.

A Polydor spokesman says, "Her success has been extraordinary."

Posted By Ms Prinza on 28 Oct 2005

 •  •  2004: Ms Dynamite's big Earnings!

Stunning British R'n'B star MS DYNAMITE has raked in a staggering $5,600 (GBP4,000) a minute for one gig - making her one of pop's highest-paid performers.

The PUT HIM OUT beauty, 22, was on stage for just six minutes at a top bash in a swanky West London club, and sang only two songs.

This is quite a contrast for the star, real name NIOMI McLEAN-DALEY, who was living in a hostel on just $37 (GBP25) a week ten years ago.

An insider at her record label POLYDOR says, "Ms Dynamite is cutting work commitments to the bare minimum. But $5,600 (GBP4,000) a minute is enough to get anybody out of semi-retirement."

Aww go Ms Dynamite!!

Posted By Ms Prinza on 28 Oct 2005

 •  •  2004: Ms Dynamite in the US

British r'n'b star MS DYNAMITE was shocked when her record label offered to break her in the States - as she'd never thought about success outside her native land.

The singer, who recently made her US TV debut on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, says she regards making it in America as a challenge because so many foreign artists have failed to make the transition in recent years.

She says, "I was quite shocked, even though it was something that people in the UK often talked about once I started to get success over there; everyone - in terms of the record labels, management, the media - thought I had a good chance to conquer the States.

"I want to spread my message all over the world, as far as my legs will take me and as long as people are interested."

Posted By Ms Prinza on 28 Oct 2005

 •  •  2004: Ms Dynamite Split with manager

Ms Dynamite has split with her manager after a series of rows about her attitude to work. The break-up is said to have deeply upset the singer who is set to be crowned Queen of the Brits. Manager Desi G is said to be furious Dynamite refused to duet with Craig David at this months Brits, and has questioned her commitment on several occasions. Desi is seen as the man responsible for the young star's impact on the music scene, providing guidance as Ms Dynamite shot to fame with her critical acclaimed debut album. Tyrone Hinds will now guide her career.

You don't need him Dynamite! You do ya thang girl!

Posted By Ms Prinza on 28 Oct 2005

 •  •  2004: Ms Dynamite close to home

Ms Dynamite has paid £300.000 for a property that adjoins her mother's home in Kentish Town. The rapper who is currently living at home with her mother, three of her siblings and her boyfriend Dwayne Seaforth.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 28 Oct 2005

 •  •  2004: Ms Dynamite with Pepsi

Kentish Town singing sensation Ms Dynamite has signed a £1 million deal to promote Pepsi. She will be helping children from tough backgrounds to break into the music business and become stars of the future. The rap star will be pictured on millions of cans, sporting a glamorous new image. Pepsi will also be sponsoring Ms Dynamite's gig at the Brixton Academy in South London.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 28 Oct 2005

 •  •  2004: Ms Dynamite sky high

Ms Dynamite's earnings rocketed sky high when she earned £4,000 a minute for one gig. The star was on stage for just six minutes at a top bash in a West London club - and sang only two songs. So let's see - that makes a grand total of £24,000 for less than the time it takes to make macaroni, raspberries, chicken and pineapple punch - not bad at all!

Posted By Ms Prinza on 28 Oct 2005

 •  •  2004: Ms Dynamite is struggling with her latest album

The Mercury Music Prize winner has told press that she has lost all her inspiration and is having so much trouble thinking up new songs she has appealed for help from other songwriters. The singer is under pressure to follow up her 2002 debut and the expectation is reportedly really getting to poor old Dynamite-te.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 28 Oct 2005

 •  •  2004: Pepsi Goes For Dynamite Effect

R'n'B queen MS DYNAMITE is following in the footsteps of pop sensations BRITNEY SPEARS and MICHAEL JACKSON - by signing a $1.5 million (GBP1 million) deal to promote soft drinks giant PEPSI.

The IT TAKES MORE star and Pepsi are joining forces to encourage children from tough backgrounds to break into the music business and become the hitmakers of the future.

Ms Dynamite - real name NIOMI McLEAN-DALEY - will be pictured on millions of the fizzy refreshment's cans.

A spokesman for Pepsi says, "Ms Dynamite has had a meteoric rise. She started at the very bottom and has become one of Britain's biggest music sensations."

Insiders say Ms Dynamite has been swamped with offers to promote other brands, but she signed with Pepsi on the strength of their scheme to help underprivileged youngsters.

Click here to see the Ms Dynamite pepsi page

Posted By Ms Prinza on 28 Oct 2005

 •  •  2004: Ms Dynamite Wins Racial Issues Award

R'n'B star MS DYNAMITE has been named Media Personality of the Year at Britain's RACE IN THE MEDIA AWARDS.

The 21-year-old beat fellow chart star CRAIG DAVID and soccer player RIO FERDINAND to take the honours.

Ms Dynamite - real name NIOMI MCLEAN-DALEY - says, "I'm really happy to get this award. It means a lot that people are noticing that I'm fighting for something positive through my music."

The annual awards are organised by the British body, the COMMISSION FOR RACIAL EQUALITY.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 28 Oct 2005

 •  •  2004: Dynamite Leads With Her Music

R'n'b sensation MS DYNAMITE wants her music do all the talking for her in America - and not her British-ness.

The IT TAKES MORE hitmaker is determined the fact she's from the UK hold her back from success stateside, as it has with so many British chart-toppers.

Dynamite - real name NIOMI McLEAN-DALY - explains, "I hope that the message within my music speaks louder and over the fact that I'm a British artist. I hope that what I'm saying and how I say it will connect more with people than the fact I'm British."

And INTERSCOPE RECORDS rep MARTIN KIERSZENBAUM is convinced the singer has the right idea.

He says, "There are very few UK artists who break through in the US. It's important that the music and the message lead the way .

"The originality and freshness of Ms Dynamite's music means that she's going to be opening doors and blazing new paths."

Posted By Ms Prinza on 28 Oct 2005

 •  •  2004: Ms Dynamite joins MTV gun debate

Ms Dynamite has been vocal as an anti-gun campaigner
Singer Ms Dynamite is to participate in an MTV event exploring the relationship between hip hop and gun culture.

The R&B star will join politicians and viewers on 13 September for a studio discussion about the rise in gun crime. The event forms part on an evening of programmes that includes Rap Under Fire - a news special featuring interviews with Dizzee Rascal, 50 Cent and others.

"The evening has been specifically planned to examine all sides of the debate," said Michael Parry of MTV UK. "It is imperative that MTV brings important issues such as gun culture to the forefront of its viewers' mind."
On the same night the channel will also premiere .357, a short film by director Scott Rawthorne that follows a decommissioned revolver as it is brought back into circulation.

The evening has been coordinated in conjunction with Mothers Against Guns and the Don't Trigger campaign. Gun crime in the UK rose by 6% in 2004-2005, according to police figures released last month.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 28 Oct 2005

 •  •  2004: Ms. Dynamite To Open Urban Music School

Young hip-hop fans across the Atlantic clamoring to be the next P.Diddy can enroll at Diddymite, a new urban music school that teaches kids songwriting and performance skills.

The South London school, however, isn’t funded by the Bad Boy C.E.O., but rather by England’s own Ms. Dynamite.

The garage raptress has also secured grants and donations from local organizations, which will help to subsidize to cost of operating the facility.

She founded the school in order to give young talent a chance to perform behind the mic in an actual studio.

And while Ms. Dynamite won’t be running the day-to-day operations of the school—Marisha Skyers, a cousin of her boyfriend will— she, along So Solid Crew and Big Brovaz, will serve as a guest instructor.

The school, which will be open to children age seven to 19, will schedule classes during weekends and holidays in order to avoid children skipping school.

Diddymite is set to open in three months in an as-yet-determined building in Lambeth.

Ms. Dynamite, who won a Mercury Award in 2002, is currently signed to Interscope Records and is expected to release her next album later this year.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 28 Oct 2005

 •  •  2004: Ms Dynamite Arrested

Ms Dynamite has been arrested over allegations she assaulted a woman in a Chinese restaurant.

The usually peace-loving star, who was out with friends at the swanky eatery in London's Soho, allegedly screamed and swore at the fellow diner before slapping her in the face.

The 23-year-old, real name Niomi McLean Daley, has now been released on police bail while the case is being investigated.

A Scotland Yard insider revealed: "The woman says Miss McLean Daley shouted at her, and then attacked her.

It appears there was a heated discussion in the restaurant entrance - but it's not clear what caused the argument. The woman claims she was slapped.

"Miss McLean Daley volunteered to come forward and was arrested." The incident was a rare outing for the star, who is said to prefer nights in with her fiancι, Dwayne Seaforth, and son, Shavaar.

A friend of the star said: "She hates violence and always tries to make peace whenever there's a problem. It's not like her."

A Metropolitan Police spokesperson confirmed: "A 23-year-old woman voluntarily attended a central London police station on October 1 following an allegation of assault on September 17 at premises in Wardour Street, Soho."

I am sure there is another side to this story, they are just trying to make Ms Dynamite look bad.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 28 Oct 2005

 •  •  2004: Ms Dynamite cleared of assault

The 23-year-old rapper had been due to attend a police station today following her arrest last month, but was informed of the decision by officers.

A Scotland Yard spokeswoman said: “She had been due to answer police bail today, but there will be no further action in connection with this matter.”

Ms Dynamite, who has been praised for her stance against violence and guns, had been alleged to have slapped another diner during a row at a Chinese restaurant in Wardour Street, Soho, London.

The star, whose real name is Niomi McLean-Daley, was arrested after she voluntarily went to a police station following the incident.

The 23-year-old rap star, a double Brit and Mercury prize winner, was arrested after a heated discussion in the restaurant entrance. McLean-Daley volunteered to come forward and speak to police about it.

A friend said at the time: "It's not like her to get involved in a row. She hates violence and always tries to make peace whenever there's a problem."

In the three years since Ms Dynamite shot to stardom, she has spoken out against the Iraq war and appeared on Newsnight saying she might one day become an MP, telling Kirsty Wark that Britain was an "extremely racist country" and that her school in Camden had taught her little black history.

Last year she was awarded the title of Woman of the Year by Doreen Lawrence, mother of murdered black teenager Stephen Lawrence.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  2004: Ms. Dynamite Arrested For Restaurant Assault

If North Americans know Ms. Dynamite at all, it's probably as the mysterious artist who beat out David Bowie, The Coral and The Streets for the 2002 Mercury Music Prize. Ms. Dynamite's music has failed to get much notice in North America and her latest saga will probably not help her cause a whole lot.

According to the BBC, the singer, whose real name is Niomi McLean-Daley, was arrested after an alleged assault in a London restaurant. The supposed scrap took place on September 17 and Dynamite turned herself in last week. She was arrested and almost immediately released on bail. She's to check in with police again in November.

While Ms. Dynamite might not be a big deal on this side of the ocean, her arrest is huge news in the U.K. Although she's only released one album — the Mercury-winning A Little Deeper — she's scored three Top 40 hits in the U.K. The Mercury isn't the only trophy on her mantle either — she's also managed to snag two Brit Awards and three MOBOs as well as being named Media Personality Of The Year at last year's Race In The Media Awards.

Ironically, Ms. Dynamite has also spent much of her time as an anti-violence activist. As a child she apparently dreamed of becoming a social worker and has been active in anti-war protests as well as Oxfam's Make Trade Fair program. In 2003 she publicly campaigned against gun violence after two girls were killed at a New Year's party in Birmingham.

I don't think this is true... stupid press. Im sure Ms Dynamite has a side to it aswell.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  November 2004: Ms Dynamite won't face police quiz

Ms Dynamite has been told she won't face any action over claims she assaulted a woman in a London restaurant.
She was due to be questioned today, but police now say that they won't be taking the matter further.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  2003: Ms Dynamites Depression

British star singer MS DYNAMITE has spoken out about her previous drug addiction that sometimes left her depressed in bed for days.

The IT TAKES MORE songstress also reveals that she sometimes went into school high on drugs.

Ms Dynamite - real name NIOMI McCLEAN-DALEY - left home as a young teenager and soon fell into bad habits.

She says, "I did start drinking a lot and when I came out of that period, I smoked a lot of weed.

"I think weed amplifies what is already inside you and I was already depressed so it made me a million times more so.

"I really didn't give a s*** about being here.

"My curtains were closed and I didn't let anyone in. But I still always went to college, even if I was drunk or high."

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  2003: Ms Dynamite wants more babies!

British R+B babe MS DYNAMITE is so smitten with her new baby, she wants to have as many children as she possibly can.

The singer - real name NIOMI McLEAN-DALEY - gave birth to son SHAVAAR in July (03) and has been taking a break from showbiz ever since. And despite facing criticism for becoming a mother at just 22 and at the start of her career, she insists it was the best choice she ever made.

Ms Dynamite says, "My son's the most amazing thing that's ever happened to me. I decided it was the right time to have a baby and I've never questioned whether I made the right decision.

"I'm going to keep having children until I can't have anymore."

As well as changing her life, the tot has radically altered the hip urban look she's known for.

She laughs, "Having a baby has changed my style a bit. I've started to look at dresses - don't get me wrong, I still love my tracksuits - but since I've become a mother I've been looking at more girly styles."

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  2003: Ms Dynamite Gets Engaged

British R'n'B sensation MS DYNAMITE has got engaged to beau DWAYNE SEAFORTH - just days before she's due to give birth to their first child.

The singer, who provoked a flurry of speculation when she referred to Seaforth as her "husband" at February's (03) BRIT AWARDS, has confessed the pair will tie the knot after he proposed with a $13,000 (GBP8,000) three-carat diamond ring.

Dynamite, real name NIOMI McCLEAN-DALY, gushes, "Yes I'm engaged. It's all very exciting."

And the 22-year-old insists she's not at all daunted by the prospect of stepping down the aisle.

She says, "It's not that nerve-wracking. When you love someone there isn't anything to be nervous about."

And she has an equally relaxed attitude about becoming a mum to the couple's baby boy, saying, "It's the most exciting thing. All I've done to prepare myself is constantly say, 'He'll come out when he's good and ready - I'll be waiting for him.' "

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  2003: Dynamite rewarded for campaign against gun crime

British hip-hop star MS DYNAMITE has been rewarded for her passionate contribution to the campaign against gun crime.

The DY-NA-MI-TEE singer was presented with the CAPITAL RADIO Big Voice Award at London's Women Of The Year Lunch and Assembly 2003, in recognition of her call for an end to gun violence in Birmingham, England.

Earlier this year (03), the star read from a poem she had composed calling for black people to "start loving instead of killing each other. Instead of putting ourselves down, let us help up our sisters and brothers".

Today's (13OCT03) event was organised in memory of CHARLENE ELLIS and LATISHA SHAKESPEARE, who were shot dead in the Aston area of Birmingham on 2 January.

Although honoured by the award, Ms Dynamite admitted to the audience she felt undeserving.

She said, "All I really do is kind of speak about how I feel. I have got a pretty big mouth. I just like to say what I think but I am really glad that that seems to be influencing people in a positive way.

"I just really hope that I can continue to do lots more positive things and influence lots more people."

She added that she wanted to make a "difference and make the world a much more positive place"

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  2002: Dynamites Baby Fear

British singer MS DYNAMITE was too frightened to sleep following the birth of her son, because her mother lost four babies in infancy.

The IT TAKES MORE hitmaker, 22, stayed awake for days when she first took SHAVAAR home from hospital after fearing the same fate as her mother.

She says, "There are no words to describe how I felt when I first saw Shavaar.

"I was a bit scared at first. It was like, you're a mum, get on with it.

"I was especially nervous because my mum lost four children, they all died as babies.

"For the first couple of days at home with Shavaar I wouldn't sleep. I just used to lie there watching him. And every time he coughed I would wonder what was wrong.

"Then something clicked and I just knew he was going to be okay."

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  2003: Dre To Give The Dynamite Effect

Rap legend DR DRE is to produce British R'n'B queen MS DYNAMITE's next album - and the collaboration has music bosses licking their lips in anticipation.

The IT TAKES MORE beauty and Dre have agreed, in principle, to work together on her second album A LITTLE DARKER, according to Britain's DAILY STAR newspaper.

However, recording won't commence until Ms Dynamite - real name NIOMI McLEAN-DALEY - gives birth to her first child, due in two months' time.

An industry insider says, "The idea came about because there are links between INTERSCOPE RECORDS, who Dre mainly works for, and POLYDOR, who Dynamite is signed to. They are both owned by the same umbrella company.

"And Dynamite is in awe of Dre's work on people like EMINEM, 50 CENT and SNOOP DOGG. The big bosses think the collaboration is perfect for both sides. It will give her a huge profile boost in America and around the world. Plus Dre is keen to weave his magic on a UK garage artist - he can learn a lot from her.

"And Dynamite is in awe of Dre's work on people like EMINEM, 50 CENT and SNOOP DOGG. He's the most successful hip-hop producer of all time."

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  2003: Dyanmite Stays Away From Brits For Sick Son

British singer MS DYNAMITE was forced to cancel her appearance at last night's (17FEB04) BRIT AWARDS because her baby son was unwell.

The IT TAKES MORE star, 23, was due to present the Best British Female Award but decided to pull out when tot SHAVAAR became ill.

Organisers swiftly arranged for former BOYZONE singer RONAN KEATING to replace Ms Dynamite.

A friend says, "Her baby was poorly and she didn't feel comfortable leaving him in the care of a babysitter."

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  2002: Ms Dynamite Wedding Blows Up In October

R'n'B sensation MS DYNAMITE is getting married in October (03).

Her bodyguard fiancee and father of her unborn child, DWAYNE SEAFORTH, asked the 22-year-old IT TAKES MORE songstress to marry him on Valentine's Day (14FEB03) - and now the couple have set the date for the private ceremony in North London.

Ms Dynamite, real name NIOMI McLEAN-DALEY, is desperate to keep the service as private as possible, and is refusing to accept any magazine offers on wedding photos.

The British beauty - also famed for outspoken anti-war stance - is expecting her first baby in July (03).

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  2003: Ms Dynamite Talks About Career Break

R&B singer Ms Dynamite recently confessed her pregnancy break was a bless for her, because she couldn’t handle anymore the pressures of the music industry.

Dynamite, 23, remained pregnant in 2003 and put on hold her career, despite the reservations of her record label and then-boyfriend Dwayne Seaforth. She gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Shavaar.

Ms. Dynamite declared: "You could tell everyone was thinking, your timing couldn't be worse, even if they didn't actually say it. I did plan it, though. Dwayne and I talked about having a baby.

"At first, he was, like, 'I don't think this is the right time for you career-wise. I don't want all these people looking at me, thinking, what have you done?

I said: 'Well, if that's the only reason not to, then we're doing it. I felt like it was the right time. Although for Ms Dynamite it wasn't, for Niomi it totally was. But now, looking back I feel for Ms Dynamite it was right, too.

I don't think I was ready to go to the States, to make it international."

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  2003: Dynamite Slams Rude MC'S

British R+B star MS DYNAMITE has launched a scathing assault on her female contemporaries - labelling their lyrics too rude.

The award-winning hip-hop star - real name NIOMI McLEAN-DALEY - is urging artists like MISSY ELLIOTT and 'LIL KIM to tone down the explicit sexual content of modern rap songs, so Dynamite can play their tunes to her "little sister".

She says, "I do feel that there's stuff to talk about other than s*x, your body, how many men you sleep with, and the rest of it. I understand why female MCs speak about that stuff, because it makes money and it gets attention.

"I wanna hear some female rappers who aren't talking about their big bums and sexual positions. I don't appreciate my little sister listening to it. To me, it's not empowering."

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  2003: Ms Dynamite writes for Kylie

Ms Dynamite has teamed up with Kylie Minogue by penning a track for the Aussie star's new album. The Mercury Music Prize winner co-wrote Secret (Take You Home), which will be heard for the first time next month. The eagerly awaited album Body Language is described as having a more funky, dance direction than Fever.

Ms Dynamite, who recently became a mum, won acclaim for her lyrical prowess on her hit tracks such as It Takes More and Put Him Out. She wrote the track with studio whizzkid Reza Safinia, and it includes a line from Eighties hit I Wonder If I Take You Home. Kylie herself sings the line, rather than lifting a sample from the original by Lisa Lisa And Cult Jam With Full Force.

A spokesman for Kylie said: "Ms Dynamite co-wrote the song, but she did not work with Kylie on the actual writing. However Kylie did co-write a number of the tracks on the album."

Ms Dynamite wound down her appearances during pregnancy and it is thought she may spend more time writing and working behind the scenes in motherhood. She landed the Mercury in 2002 - awarded to the year's outstanding album - for her debut release A Little Deeper. Kylie releases Body Language on November 17.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  27/07/2003: Ms Dynamite gives birth to baby boy!

British R'n'B beauty MS DYNAMITE has given birth to a baby boy in London.

The IT TAKES MORE singer was taken to a local hospital by fiance DWAYNE SEAFORTH.

The couple have yet to name the newborn tot, who will live with them in the north of the capital.
Congrats Dynamite!

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  2003: On the hook with Ms. Dynamite!

Is it good to be busy?
It is usually, but I’m not feeling too good today so it’s not so great today.

Is it daunting to push the album into America?
I wouldn’t say daunting. It is exciting more than anything.

Is it different for you as an artist than it is for another artist from the UK like Travis who has to come over with little play on MTV or radio and have to play bars?
Yes. If it didn’t work this way for me that radio picked me up my career would be non-existant in America. I wouldn’t be able to come over and play bars, I’m having a baby, and I’ll have to wait awhile. Can you give me one second? (Dynamite has to attend to her sick little brother who has drunk some Coke. You can tell that she’ll be a great mother.)

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  2003: Ms Dynamite’s tha Bomb

R&B sensation Ms Dynamite has had the night of her life, landing two coveted Brit music awards and leading a pop protest against war in Iraq.

"I don't want to see the children die no more so I gotta make a stand," she sang in an impassioned duet with George Michael, the veteran pop superstar who gave the Londoner permission to re-work his great hit song "Faith".

From fashion designers to church leaders, the British have risen in protest against looming war in Iraq.

On Thursday it was the turn of the pop world to protest against the hawkish stance taken by Prime Minister Tony Blair in support of U.S. President George W. Bush.

In fervent mood, Ms Dynamite sang: "A wise man wars with words, my daddy says. A wise man lives to fight another day."

Ms Dynamite, who spoke against the war at London’s weekend peace demonstration that attracted close to one million protesters, took to the stage live in London to wild acclaim.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  2003: Ms Dynamite blows away the competition at RIMA

Ms Dynamite continued her award-winning streak when she was named Media Personality of the Year at the Commission for Racial Equality's eleventh annual Race in the Media Awards today.

Receiving her award, the outspoken urban artist, aka Niomi McLean-Daley, said: I'm really happy that I've won this award. It means a lot that people are noticing that I'm fighting for something positive through my music.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  2003: Ms Dynamite Says 'Booo! To Stage Fright

Two years ago, Niomi Daley was an underground MC with a severe case of stage fright and an even greater fear of singing.

Today, as Ms. Dynamite, she's one of the hottest R&B stars in England and is poised to blow up (wink, wink) in America, thanks in large part to live appearances with Eminem and Destiny's Child and a debut album featuring mostly singing.

"I am the type of person, if something frightens me or challenges me then I have to get over it," Dynamite said during a recent trip to Los Angeles. "I have to overcome that. And I think that is the kind of thing that keeps me going."

Ms. Dynamite overcame her stage fright by starting small on the U.K.'s red-hot two-step circuit and by convincing herself she had something worthwhile to say. Singing came much later. In fact, her first notes came out in the studio with producer Salaam Remi (Nas, the Fugees) after she had already signed a record deal.

"I was really intending to kind of make a kind of MCing album, but maybe with some garage beats, some hip-hop beats, some dancing beats," she explained. "And when I got to work with Salaam ... he just convinced me to sing somehow, and I hated it. I was like, 'No way.' But after a while it grew on me."

Ms. Dynamite's voice has since grown on a lot of people. Her album, A Little Deeper, garnered rave reviews when it was released overseas last summer and eventually won the prestigious Mercury Music Prize for album of the year, beating out David Bowie, the Doves and others.

The album, which features a diverse range of sounds from producers Punch (P. Diddy), Bloodshy (98º), Avant (Jennifer Lopez) and Steeley & Clevie (No Doubt), is due Stateside on March 25 and has already been plugged by Kylie Minogue on "TRL."

Not bad for a 21-year-old whose prior musical accomplishment was playing the recorder and violin for a few weeks.

"I was like 7 or 8 and I broke both of them and I was banned from my music lessons," she joked. "But I was always into music. My family is a really music-orientated kind of family. A lot of my uncles are DJs. My father is a DJ. My sister's dad is a DJ. They are all into different types of music, so I've always listened to different types of music."

Raised in North London, Ms. Dynamite is the oldest of 10 children, which she believes contributes to her need to write powerful lyrics, such as in the first single, "It Takes More," on which she sings, "Tell me how many Africans died for the baguettes on your Rolex."

"I have always kind of grown up as kind of a compassionate person with the need to protect others and to help and also to teach others," she said. "And I think that that comes across in my music."

Ms. Dynamite wrote socially conscious poetry for years before she finally took them to a mic at a party. Soon after, she rapped her way into the U.K.'s emerging two-step scene, where she scored with the hit "Booo!" in 2001.

"I started off MCing in clubs when garage kind of really evolved ... from an old-school thing to a really new-school thing," she explained. "All the older MCs and older producers, most of them kind of disappeared, really, and there was suddenly space for new, fresh, younger MCs with something new to say, something different to give to that garage music. And I just happened to be one of them."

Ms. Dynamite faced adversity from the beginning, but of course the challenge only motivated her.

"I started out as like the first female MC in terms of garage music. And there were a lot of people, women and men, who were like, 'That's a man's job, it's something that men do.' And I proved them wrong quickly."

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  2003: Dynamite Slams Craig David

British R'n'B star MS DYNAMITE has hit out at chart rival CRAIG DAVID - insisting his American chart campaign was a bad career move.

The MERCURY PRIZE-winning singer, who is currently launching her own assault on the US music scene, insists SEVEN DAYS hitmaker Craig spent too long stateside, away from his British fans.

Dynamite - real name NIOMI McLEAN-DALY - says, I feel a mistake he made was that when he went to the US he didn't really give anything to his fans in Britain for a long time.

"I think that was a little detrimental to his career, because the stuff he's come with now is really good, but it's different to what people knew him for."

And the IT TAKES MORE singer is adamant she won't make the same mistake.

She adds, "I don't wanna come back with an album that makes people wonder where the hell I've been. I wanna be able to work both markets."

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  2003: Brit Awards Winner

British female solo artist: Ms Dynamite
Also nominated: Sophie Ellis Bextor; Beverley Knight; Alison Moyet; Beth Orton

British urban act: Ms Dynamite
Also nominated: Beverley Knight; Big Brovaz; Craig David; Daniel Bedingfield; Mis-Teeq; Romeo; Roots Manuva; So Solid Crew; The Streets
Voted for by viewers of MTV Base

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  2003:

Ms Dynamite is leading the pack for the 2003 Brit Awards with four nominations. It follows an explosive year for Ms Dynamite in 2002 - she enjoyed a dramatic rise from relative obscurity to become a major musical force in award-winning style.

As the star from north London led the Hogmanay celebrations in Edinburgh, she had a stunning year to look back on, but her eyes are firmly set on the future.

The 21-year-old - real name Niomi McLean-Daley - has been a major hit with young music fans in 2002, while winning the Mercury Music Prize for her album A Little Deeper gave her the respect of her musical peers as well.

She was persuaded to perform by her brothers and sisters
"So many amazing things have happened to me this year," says Dynamite, dressed casually, but with a palpable air of elegance.

"I don't think there's been a bad point, for everything has got better and better. All the award ceremonies have been good for me - it's good to know you're being supported."

Dynamite talks confidently and eruditely, the same as she sings and raps on her musically strong mix of R&B and garage which has a positively British urban vibe.

Apart from a clutch of top 10 hits, Dynamite scooped three Music of Black Origin (Mobo) Awards and is a strong tip for nominations at next year's Brit Awards.

Click here to watch Ms Dynamite perform It Takes More on Top of the Pops

But this lady seems aware that the music business is fickle and is not planning to stand still as another year fast approaches.

"Everything I do I really think about and comes from the inside. But I'll try my hardest to make the next album different, just to keep evolving with new sounds and styles," explains Dynamite.

"My new album, A Little Darker, is more of an underground album, with a lot more garage, MCing, breakbeats, hip hop and darker R&B," she reveals - but is more evasive on speculation about possible big-name collaborations.
Dynamite may be eyeing up more distant prospects in the coming year, by having a crack at the lucrative but notoriously tough US market.

"There are talks about it, and quite a few record labels over there are interested. It would be important to me as a British artist," she says with pride.

"But not a lot of us have made it over there, especially R&B acts. I'd definitely like to take my success a bit further."

This young woman knows that while she is a musical hot property, her responsibility to her more impressionable fans is always on her mind.

"I'm very aware that a lot of young people look up to me, are inspired by me and take what I say quite literally a lot of the time," says Dynamite, who herself has 10 brothers and sisters.

"I choose to be as positive as possible and to address issues which I see as extremely important," adds the star, whose heartfelt lyrics touch upon gritty issues.

When Dynamite talks about something with considerable passion, her trademark hoop earrings shudder with her intelligent gesticulations.

If her dynamism and natural enthusiasm are anything to go by, then there is every reason to believe that this musician is set to build upon her staggering rise to the top in 2003.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  2003: Naming The Baby

Singing sensation MS DYNAMITE wants to wait until her baby boy is born before naming him.

The British r'n'b star is expecting a son with fiance DWAYNE SEAFORTH in June (03) - but the 22-year-old insists she wants to wait until she gets to know his character before naming the tot.

Dynamite - real name NIOMI McLEAN-DALY - says, "I haven't got any names. I'm a bit superstitious. I'd rather wait until he's here and see his face. A name is a very important thing to me - you can only live up to your name.

"Every slight piece of bass that he hears, all I get is kick, kick, kick, kick, kick! I think he likes music. I think he's going to be a dancer. If not he's going to be a footballer because of the way he's kicking me around."

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  2003: Ms Dynamite Wins Top Rima Award

Ms Dynamite continued her award-winning streak when she was named Media Personality of the Year at the Commission for Racial Equality’s 11th annual Race in the Media Awards today. Receiving her award, the outspoken urban artist, aka Niomi McLean-Daley said: “I'm really happy that I’ve won this award. It means a lot that people are noticing that I'm fighting for something positive through my music.”

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  Support to the Caribbean Studies Centre

It has been an eventful year for the Caribbean Studies Centre, which was launched last year, with the enormous success of the lecture series, topped off by the news of a generous donation by R'n'B sensation Ms Dynamite.

It was at Professor Girvans lecture in December that news of Ms Dynamites donation was made. British born, Ms Dynamite donated £8,000 to the centre, which was part of her winnings from the Mercury Music Award in 2002, all of which was donated to charities. Ms Dyanmite has a Jamaican father and her mother was a graduate of the University in the early 1990s. It was their wish that the money be used to make a difference to students with academic merit who would otherwise be unable to fund themselves to go on the student exchange with the University of the West Indies in Mona, Jamaica.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  September 2003: Urban stars give advice to hopefuls

Ms Dynamite was one of the artists to speak out at the Urban Music Seminar in London at the weekend

About 10,000 people turned up at the Royal Festival Hall to hear stars like Kelly Rowland, Norman Jay, Big Brovaz and Adam F giving advice to young MCs, DJs and artists about the music industry.

Ms Dynamite told us she was happy to use her position to encourage young talent:

"I think it's important for artists like myself to get involved because these young people are the same young people that are buying our records and keeping us where we're at, and also because I want to see the black music scene grow."

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  April 2003: Dre 'interested' in Ms Dynamite

Ms Dynamite's revealed a collaboration with Dr Dre could be on the cards.

She played her first solo gig at the weekend at Brixton Academy - seven months pregnant. She mentioned a few times that the baby was kicking, and during one break her brother Kingsley did a minor set, rapping fresh material over tracks by the likes of Nas.

She started with 'Boo', the track that broke her into the garage market, and then a number of songs from the rest of the album. There were three video screens showing her as a kid with her family, and one showing a war rally.

Radio 1 spoke to her afterwards and she revealed Dr Dre was a huge fan and was interested in working with her:

"He's spoken to people very close to me about the particular tracks that he likes, and it's overwhelming for me. I'm like 'Oh my God, did Dre say that?'"

"It's exciting. Right now it's just talk. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate that talk. I appreciate that he's even taking the time out to listen to what I'm doing, but at the end of the day, when it happens, then I'll be excited!"

As for the baby, she said she wants to wait until she gets to know his character before naming him, but reckons he's already showing he's got some talent:

"I haven't got any names. I'm a bit superstitious. I'd rather wait until he's here and see his face. A name is a very important thing to me - you can only live up to your name."

"Every slight piece of bass that he hears, all I get is kick, kick, kick, kick, kick! I think he likes music. I think he's gonna be a dancer. If not he's gonna be a footballer because of the way he's kicking me around!"

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  April 2003: Ms Dynamite goes pop

Ms Dynamite has signed a massive deal with Pepsi.
She will appear on millions of cans of the drink after Gareth Gates was dropped from the brand. The star, who is six months pregnant, has a glam new image - her scraped back hair is gone and she has a new chic 'do'.

Ms Dynamite reportedly gets swamped with promotional offers but chose Pepsi because of their scheme to encourage kids from tough backgrounds to break into music.

Pepsi will also sponsor her gig at London's Brixton Academy on April 26, her only UK concert of 2003.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  March 2003: No place like home for Ms Dynamite

Ms Dynamite's over in the US at the moment - but even though she's tipped for success, the UK garage star says there's no place like home.

Her label are hoping her trip stateside will result in better record sales as, despite huge success at awards ceremonies, she's only sold 450,000 copies of 'A Little Deeper' in the UK.

It doesn't look very good when compared to Robbie's 'Escapology', which sold nearly 1.5 million.

Her album's out in the US next week - but she says she's already looking forward to coming home:

"No matter where I go or who I meet or what I do or where I sing or how many records I sell or how many awards I win, I go home and I'm just Niomi... plain old Niomi and no-one cares! You know, they're supportive and totally really proud of me, but I'm just Ni, you know, and I love that."

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  February 2003: Ms Dynamite and George Michael against war

Ms Dynamite picked up Best Urban and Best British Female in a silver boilersuit, with her little bump showing, and we were warned not to ask her about the fact she thanked her 'husband' during an acceptance speech.
She performed a re-worded 'Faith' with George Michael, who was there on video. Apparently, he was well up for it and bearing in mind the current climate with Iraq she wanted to send out a message of peace:

"Basically the theme of the song is love, peace, caring for each other. It is an anti-war song. But not in a negative way. It's more of a kind of positive, love each other song, you know."

"Then we talked about changing the words and making it relate a bit more to now and what's going on today, and he was cool with that, he loved it."

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  February 2003: Ms Dynamite and George Michael duo at Brits

Ms Dynamite and George Michael will be performing together at the Brits this Thursday. They'll perform Ms Dynamite's version of George's track 'Faith' - which could well have an anti-war theme as both stars have spoken out against war recently.

Organisers say George won't be there, although they're not sure whether it'll be performed via a live link-up or pre-recorded.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  February 2003: Dynamite To Officially Drop A Little Deeper In March

As a young girl growing up in North London, Niomi McClean Daley kept a
daily diary of her feelings and experiences. She also wrote poems about
her Jamaican family and the neighborhood in which they lived. At the
time, she had no public outlet for her private verse, until she
discovered U.K. garage, the vehicle that would transform her from Ms.
Daley into Ms. Dynamite.
"It was really popular and there were lots of young producers, but there
were no female MCs," she said last week. "So people encouraged me to
turn my poems into garage lyrics and I would MC over these garage
She almost wound up on the wrong side of the tracks. In 2000, Dynamite
started her career with the controversial U.K. two-step dance group So
Solid Crew, a 30-odd member ensemble that has gotten in trouble in
England for various drug and weapon-related offenses. Soon after, while
working at pirate radio station RAW FM, Dynamite met producer Richard
Forbes (a.k.a. Sticky) in a London club and he helped focus her dynamic
pop approach.
"He had some really great beats and I brought some lyrics in and it just
took the underground by storm," Dynamite said about "Boo!," her first
single. "It had a very dance flavor that the garage did not have at that
The song paved the way for Dynamite's debut album A Little Deeper, which
came out in Europe in July and was immediately hailed as a musical
breakthrough (the record comes out in the U.S. March 11). Straying from
electronic-based U.K. garage music she was weaned on, Dynamite explores
a variety of pop, R&B and dub styles that sound like Lauryn Hill and
Mary J. Blige filtered through the British sensibilities of the Streets.

"I felt that this one is a little deeper than [anything I've done]
before," Dynamite said. "I'm talking about all these different things:
emotions, where I'm coming from, where I've been, personal experience,
things that I think are important. This is me."
When she was working on A Little Deeper, Dynamite was intent on creating
a passionate disc that reflected her interests in pop, hip-hop and
especially reggae, which is why she worked with Kymani Marley on "Seed
Will Grow" and Barrington Levy on the reggae classic "Too Experienced."
"It was really important for me to get reggae artists on there because I
love reggae music," Dynamite said. "That's something that I've grown up
listening to. My dad is Jamaican. I feel like it's in my blood, it's in
my bones, it's part of my heritage."
The first single from A Little Deeper is "It Takes More," which is about
being responsible and positive when confronted with negative influences.
It's a recurring theme on an album that opens with a declaration that
dynamite is "strictly chemical free." A video for the song was directed
by Jake Nava, who in the past has worked with Spice Girls and Tina
" 'It Takes More' is a song I wrote in relation to the negativity I see
as an older sister and as a young person who feels responsible for my
actions in terms of how people see me," she said. "I just see a lot of
negativity - sex, drugs and violence &8212; and that seems to sell a lot
more than positivity, so therefore it's constantly there and young
people are growing up in relation to what they see. I don't know whether
we are carrying ourselves right and if we are showing the future the
right way

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  January 2003: Ms Dynamite's anti-gun plea

Ms Dynamite has called for an end to gun crime, as she performed at a concert to remember two teenagers shot dead in Birmingham.

The Brit award nominee read out a poem as part of her set at the memorial event (Sunday) to remember Charlene Ellis and Letisha

Shakespeare, who were murdered outside a New Year's Party in 2 January.

The pregnant UK garage star called on black people to "stop living up to stereotypes" and "start loving instead of killing each other".

The event, which also starred Beverley Knight, opened with a prayer for the murdered teenagers, and saw tributes from Charlene's mother and brother.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  January 2003: A baby on the way for Ms Dynamite

Brit nominee Ms Dynamite is pregnant. Her record company Polydor confirmed the news this morning (Tuesday).
The father is Dwayne Seaforth, her boyfriend and bodyguard, and she is thought to be four months pregnant.

Her management are expected to release a statement later.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  January 2003: Ms Dynamite bigs up Brits rival

Ms Dynamite's up for four awards at this year's Brits - Best British Female, Best Album, Best Urban and Best British Breakthrough.
She said she was happy to join The Streets in three of her categories:

"What he gives is just so different in terms of the way it sounds, the way it looks, how he delivers and what he talks about. It's just totally different to anything else that's out there."

"I believe that whether people like it or dislike it, you have to respect that, the fact that it's so original. I love it!"

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  January 2003: Ms Dynamite and The Streets head Brits nominations

The Streets and Ms Dynamite are each up for four Brit awards this year, going head-to-head for Best Album, Urban Act and British Breakthrough Artist.
The nominations for this year's bash have been announced at a glitzy showbiz party at London's Abbey Road Studios.

Will Young, Sugababes and Pink are up for three nominations each, while Coldplay are only up for two and Robbie's nominated for just one award.

There's a new category for Best British Urban act - Beverley Knight, Big Brovaz, Craig David, Daniel Bedingfield, Mis-Teeq, Ms Dynamite, Romeo, Roots Manuva, So Solid Crew and The Streets are battling it out for that one.

Feeder big up the Brits

Feeder missed out on a nomination this year, but they reckon the Brits are still worth a look-in:

"I'd be lying to you if I said I wouldn't like to win a Brit. Whether people respect it or not, it's still seen as the biggest awards in the UK."

"I think it means a lot, and I think the UK is still very influential in world music, and I think it's still a nice thing to win, although a lot of the stuff that wins is normally pretty crap!"

One person who knows for definite that he'll be winning an award is Tom Jones, who will get Outstanding Contribution to Music.

The Brits take place on 20 February and will be hosted by Davina McCall.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  January 2003: Ms Dynamite goes A Little Deeper into the US

Ms Dynamite is to release her album in the US in the spring.
She is heading over there at the end of the month to promote 'A Little Deeper'.

She is also looking to tour the UK sometime in the early part of this year.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  2002: MTV Europe Music Awards nominees

BEST U.K. AND IRELAND ACT: Atomic Kitten, Coldplay, Ms. Dynamite, Sugababes, Underworld.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  November 2002: A Little Deeper

On the surface, it's hard to tell what all the fuss around Ms. Dynamite is about. The 21-year-old won the UK's Mercury Prize by offering up a British version of Lauryn Hill, complete with the raw balance between hiphop and R&B. For those not familiar with the original, A Little Deeper's conscious anti-bling and -drug lyrics and smoothed-out beats might seem shockingly original, but you really can't get by the fact that most of this sounds eerily familiar. Dynamite even teams up with former Fugee producer Salaam Remi for the authentic Refugee Camp stamp, perhaps hoping to slip in now that the real Hill's lost her wig. It's at rare moments when Ms. Dynamite abandons the soft-touch hip-pop and returns to the clattering UK garage and unfiltered patois of her roots that she actually sounds fresh. Search those moments out.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  2002: Mercury Music Prize Awards's editor, Bez, was at the Mercury Music Prize at London's v. posh Grosvenor House Hotel... oh what a night.

Picture it: a vast sea of tables in plush settings at a Park Lane hotel and, sitting at those tables, a cross-section of luminaries from the modern music world. 12 fantastic artists coming from different angles, their family and friends, plus enough industry bigwigs to make Peter Waterman look nervous.

No David Bowie or The Streets (who were missed by everyone attending the awards - gleaning equal respect and praise), but still a great mix of music bods all gathered to hear the winner of the 2002 Mercury Music Prize announced.

Pre-announcement, The Streets and Roots Manuva were firm favourites, with The Doves also a high possibility. Other very well-chosen nominees included, Beverley Knight, Gemma Hayes, David Bowie, The Bees, Electric Soft Parade, The Coral, Joanna MacGregor, and Guy Barker.

And as Jools Holland took to the stage you could feel the excitement in the air. In no time, the great Ms Dynamite was announced as this year's winner of what is considered to be the most coveted music award available to artists.

Winning for her remarkable debut album, A Little Deeper, we caught up with Ms Dynamite at the press conference as she came off stage, to get her reaction:

"I'm still speechless," said Ms Dynamite (real name Naomi). "I just couldn't believe it, I've never had that feeling in my whole life, I didn't know what to say."

And the rising urban star told the press the one thing she'd be doing now to celebrate, "Drink!"

Asked how it felt to now be officially a star, Ms Dynamite smiled. "I'd say there's no such thing as a star, but I'm really excited about the fact that I've been appreciated and acknowledged."

And how would she top this? "I'm not really that kind of person who feels I have to top this," said Ms Dynamite. "I keep being myself and do what I do and people are either going to love it or hate it."

"Don't get me wrong, I'd be happy if me winning this award means that a wider audience are going to listen to my music, but I think the best thing is that people out there really hear the messages I'm putting out and appreciate what I'm saying, so that's good."

And Ms Dynamite also hoped that her winning might be good towards the recognition of UK rnb and hip hop in the rest of the world. Her message to people starting out was "to keep on going no matter what and never give up."

As well as winning major credibility, Ms Dynamite also won £20,000 but is truly keepin' it real by donating her prize money.

"I'm going to give the money to charity," declared Ms D. I'm not sure which one yet, but I'm going to give it to people who need it."

And Naomi's proud parents were bursting with pride having watched her grow from street entertainer and pirate radio artist to Mercury Music Prize winner.

"I'm sure my mum is somewhere out there crying and my brother's really proud of me," she said.

And with artists as big as David Bowie and as brilliant as The Streets, Ms Dynamite said she felt honoured.

"I was really shocked, I feel that all the artists nominated are real artists and real musicians, and I feel a nice feeling of appreciation to be listed among them."

Ms Dynamite won the prize for her A Little Deeper album, so I asked her what her favourite track was off the prize-winning record.

"One of my favourites would be Brother, about my brother and the other one would be Putting Out, they've just got quite strong messages in them."

Meanwhile other nominees were busy drinking, chatting and socialising. We caught up with soul sista Beverley Knight outside the ladies.

“I like music because ... it's my entire life, it's the blood in my veins." Beverley Knight

One of the nicest celebs around, Beverley said she didn't think she'd win anyway,

"I've been doing this for eight years, and what's happening with my career is that it's slowly got to the point where every year more people a're discovering and every year getting involved, and that's the way my career is destined to go. Whereas some artists seemingly come from nowhere and go 'Boom"

Although Beverley didn't think that winning tonight was too early in Ms Dynamite's career,

"Of course not, I think Naomi's very level-headed, she's not up her own arse or anything like that, she is really level headed and I think she'll take it in the right way. I think she's started as she means to go on. She's a lovely girl."

Beverley herself has got plenty going on right now. "I'm writing a new album, I've got a new single coming out on November 18th with Wyclef and I'm touring in December with Rhianna."

Elsewhere, The Electric Soft Parade were enjoying themselves. Matt and Steve chatted to us, before Matt fell over.

"I think Ms Dynamite was the most Mercury-esque artists here tonight, because she pushes the boundaries of music," said Matt.

"I thought she deserved to win and would win."

"And obviously us being nominated has helped us, we've sold millions of records since being nominated the other day," laughed Steve. "Yeah, we've just bought three planes," said Matt, his tongue firmly in cheek. "One with E on it, one with S on it and one with P on it."

So what next for the Electric Soft Parade?

"The next album will be out in February and we've got a tour the end of November, and there's a new single coming out, but I don't know anything about it." said Matt.

"It's called Same Day Everday,"

"No, it's called, Biting the Soles of My Arse," laughs Steve.

Pictured Below: Electric Soft Parade and The Doves after a few glasses of the good stuff

Incidentally, Steve thought Guy Barker should win. "He's really pushing the boundaries of his genre, and nobody else really is offering anything really new, although they're all good albums."

Roots Manuva, wearing a wicked union jack hat and shades and looking very UK hip hop, was chilling out with some red wine, when we caught up with him.

If you know anything about Mr Manuva you'll know his lyrics are the 'illest'! So where does he find inspiration for such fantastic lyrics?

"From everyday life," he says, and he echoes that sentiment when asked who he would nominate for the Mercury Music Prize if he were a judge.

"I suppose it wouldn't really matter who's had the largest selling album in the last twelve months, it'd be more to do with who's had the most significant album, so David Bowie is one of em, The Streets is one of em, people like Portishead, Tricky, Taskforce, and Blak Twang, people who are doing something a bit different and a bit challenging."

And on the subject of UK Hip Hop, Roots Manuva (real name Rodney) .

"Fundamentally in the mass public, real recognises real. And the mass majority of the music buying public have had enough of the bullshit and they want some realness and that's all that matters. They want real people projecting real emotions doing real things, and that's it."

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  September 22, 2002: Blast of fresh air

In the past year, there has been no more compelling pop talent than Ms Dynamite. In an exclusive interview, the Mercury Prize winner talks about race, rap... and big booty

It has been a momentous week for British urban music. On Tuesday night, 21-year-old Ms Dynamite won the coveted Mercury Music Prize. As she collected the award at the Grosvenor House hotel, beating hot favourites The Streets and David Bowie, her delight and surprise were obvious: 'I haven't got a clue how I came to beat David Bowie. It's an incredible feeling.'
Twelve months ago, Ms Dynamite was virtually unknown. Apart from recording a track with notorious garage band So Solid Crew, few people outside the industry had heard of her. Since Tuesday her win has been hailed as a giant step for British black music, which has long languished in the shadows cast by American stars. As the media rushed to analyse the significance of her victory, it became clear that Ms Dynamite's success had altered the musical landscape.
Blast of fresh air

In the past year, there has been no more compelling pop talent than Ms Dynamite. In an exclusive interview, the Mercury Prize winner talks about race, rap... and big booty

Burhan Wazir
Sunday September 22, 2002
The Observer

It has been a momentous week for British urban music. On Tuesday night, 21-year-old Ms Dynamite won the coveted Mercury Music Prize. As she collected the award at the Grosvenor House hotel, beating hot favourites The Streets and David Bowie, her delight and surprise were obvious: 'I haven't got a clue how I came to beat David Bowie. It's an incredible feeling.'

Twelve months ago, Ms Dynamite was virtually unknown. Apart from recording a track with notorious garage band So Solid Crew, few people outside the industry had heard of her. Since Tuesday her win has been hailed as a giant step for British black music, which has long languished in the shadows cast by American stars. As the media rushed to analyse the significance of her victory, it became clear that Ms Dynamite's success had altered the musical landscape.

I met Ms Dynamite - aka Niomi McLean-Daley - backstage at the Urban Music Seminar. It was two weeks before she was to become the first black female and youngest-ever winner of the Mercury Music Prize. As I waited in a rear hallway for my interview, I stood and watched her as a steady procession of well-wishers and autograph hunters stuck their heads into the dressing-room. She greeted them all with a hug and a wide, committed smile. Unlike most female rap stars, I noted - Missy Elliot, Foxy Brown and L'il Kim - Ms Dynamite didn't dress outlandishly in furs, sequinned tops or diamonds. She wore a plain T-shirt, jogging bottoms and trainers.
Before Ms Dynamite, British hip-hop wasn't really 'about' anything at all. British rappers, for the most part, have had whimsical names; wore whimsical clothes and their records have been filled with whimsical claims. That stereotype was broken, earlier in the summer with the release of Ms Dynamite's solo debut album, A Little Deeper. Clocking in at over 70 minutes and 15 tracks the record has made her the hip-hop equivalent of Ella Fitzgerald.

Ms Dynamite's lyrics are strident; defiantly female and well-articulated. 'Tell me who wants to know/ What when who where/ Or how you do your ho?/Certainly not me/ Cause baby personally/ I like to be challenged mentally/ I've heard it all before/ Gangstas pimps and whores/ Quality is poor/ A girl like me needs more'.

To the casual observer, it may not be immediately obvious why one rapper is considered better than another. What for instance, distinguishes Eminem from Dr Dre? Ms Dynamite says modestly: 'I'm not much of singer or rapper, really.' But, like a previous generation of fans who have dissected Bob Dylan's lyrics and scrutinised the mumbled deliveries by Joe Strummer, rap fans scour hip-hop magazines for arcana, and squabble over the lyrical prowess of artists online.

A Little Deeper addresses urban poverty ('When we were young, life was so unjust/ At times I felt it was just us'); drug addiction ('F**k powder, f**k pills, see me'); deadbeat fathers ('He don't even know how 2 b honest/ All he know how 2 do is false promise'); and black-on-black violence.

While her music is undoubtedly modern - sharp, clipped beats and lustrous keyboard tics - her subject matter does have a historical resonance. Her pseudo-political approach lends the album a dial-an-issue currency, a fact that undoubtedly influenced the Mercury judges. In the often testosterone-driven world of hip-hop - most rappers unsentimentally compare themselves with basketball players such as Michael Jordan, and their rhymes to three-point shots - females are often relegated to the role of molls or escorts.

Ms Dynamite came into rap music almost by default. She originally wanted a career as a teacher or a social worker. 'It was something I really wanted to get into; I love working with children,' she said. She grew up in Archway in north London, born to a Jamaican father and Scottish mother. Her father, Eyon, split from her family when she was two years old.

Her early years, she remembers, were marked by financial hardship, as her mother, a primary schoolteacher, fell ill with cancer. She was left in charge of three siblings. 'It was a difficult way to grow up. My mother was ill. And I felt I was given the responsibility of raising a family. Suddenly, I became the parent figure.'

She struggled at school for most of her teenage years, although she later achieved three A-levels and nine GCSEs. 'I went to a really multicultural school. And there were people in my class who were getting straight A grades. They had tutors after school; they had tutors at the weekends. And the teachers paid them lots of attention. I couldn't do that. I just wasn't interested. It's not that I didn't want to learn.' She pauses to chose her words: 'No one ever sat down to take the time to explain things to me. I think teachers sometimes don't pay enough attention to the kids that need it. That was my experience.'

Frustrated, she eventually left home to live in a hostel: she remained close to her mother throughout her absence from home. 'I was living in this grubby little hostel,' she says. 'It was a horrible place. And I think I was depressed, because I started to smoke and drink. I was smoking all the time. I'd go to school, come back, and smoke. I'd hardly ever leave my room. I think the experience taught me to be independent. I was more focused after a while.'

On A Little Deeper, she describes these experiences in devastating detail: 'I'm the same little girl that grew up next door to you/ Went through all the things a teenage girl goes through/ Hangin' out all night breakin my curfew/ When my daddy hit the door I gave my mumma the blues/ Used to spend my time blazin' lazin' days away./ Thought I was grown left home at 15 didn't want to obey/Had to get my act together couldn't take the heat.'

She had always been involved in drama and music at school. And, after turning down the chance to study for a a degree in social anthropology at Sussex University, she turned to music. She was offered an occasional guest slot on a pirate radio station. The stint led to an appearance on So Solid Crew's breakthrough hit 'They Don't Know', and a one-off solo single, 'Booo!'.

Released as a precursor to A Little Deeper, and initially leaked to underground dance clubs, 'Booo!' introduced Ms Dynamite as a powerful female lyrical constructionist. The song was an immediate hit. It had a unique music and vocal delivery that rarely relies on strict metric conventions. She often pauses when she shouldn't; laughs in the middle of a line; and verbally thinks something through on record. It gives her music a sense of intimacy and a diarist's introspection. 'I'm not technically great,' she admits. 'Purists probably think I have my faults. But there are things I want to say. And by sheer force of will that seems to come over.' Her narrative skills, all delivered at breath-taking speed, set her apart from other, more demure, female black British vocalists such as Des'ree and Gabrielle. It also causes problems: 'Don't you know there's no such thing as superstars?/ We leave this world alone.'

'I witness a lot of ignorance in the music industry. In music, if artists are black women, record companies are more ruthless. As an ethnic, urban or black music artist, I think record companies across the board, can be patronising. They say, "We'll agree with you now, but when you get to it, we're going to change you". That's how the industry works. I hear things like "Wow! You went to school and you're very intelligent". I'd never think Atomic Kitten, or whatever, were being asked those questions. I don't get mad at those people - it's just that they're bombarded with stereotypes.'

While most rap is undoubtedly concerned with themes of avarice, as a recent record by the American star Jay-Z put it simply when he boasted: 'What y'all about to witness is big business, kid', Ms Dynamite gives the impression that hip-hop is merely a stepping stone. On her album, she raps: 'Now who gives a damn/ About the ice [diamond] on your hand?/ If it's not too complex/ Tell me how many Africans died/ For the buggettes on your Rolex.'

Talking about her rapid rise she admits: 'For me to come from what I've come from in such a short space of time, and get that kind of recognition, is a real big thing for me. But kids, young people just saying "I wanna be an MC, you've inspired me", that is what keeps me doing what I'm doing. That's my reward. Money can't buy that. Children are the future, and I'd like to work with them.'

Her broad appeal is undeniable. This year she has enjoyed a brace of Top 10 singles and seen her album sell almost 150,000 copies in the UK alone. At the Urban Music Seminar, 12,000 paying customers, most of them teenagers, debated the fortunes of black British music with the industry's leading lights at the event, held at the Royal Festival Hall on London's South Bank. For the most part, the audience and the panellists (the speakers included well-known British luminaries such as Radio 1's Tim Westwood, members of the So Solid Crew, and Mercury Prize nominated rapper Roots Manuva) burdened themselves with the conventional issues that dictate any debate on urban music. Is black British music becoming too American? Are the So Solid Crew adequate role models? Is 'speed garage' dead?

On the second day of the event, however, the questions from those attending took a delightful turn. During a session on 'how to succeed in the music industry', a slightly overweight girl with heavy-rimmed glasses took the microphone and directed her question at Ms Dynamite. 'I really want to get into the music industry,' she said. 'But I know I'm considered too ugly. Is there any hope for people like me?'

'You're beautiful,' she replied. 'Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. There is a problem with the music industry, where labels dictate what female artists should look like. But look at me: I'm not particularly good looking. I hate the size of my arse. So don't let anyone tell you that you're not pretty.' She proceeded to invite the girl onstage where the duo shared a hug.

Niomi McLean-Daley's honesty, I thought, was indicative of the frank Ms Dynamite persona she projects in her music and in her videos. She is, perhaps, the most autobiographical rapper ever to have emerged from the ranks of British hip-hop. 'You have to be honest,' she told me. 'People see you as a role model. It's important that you respect that. You have to be able to relate to people. After all, they're the people who put me here.'

She blushed as she often does, perhaps embarrassed by her own honesty in front of strangers, and concluded by talking about October's Black History Month: she often returns to the importance of education in her interviews. I proposed she chose her own black heroes, luminaries whose history she would have appreciated during her schooldays. Her response, delivered in her usually candid manner, could have arrived from any one of her records:

'I think we should have a black history year,' she pronounced. 'And an Asian one. And an Aborigine one. Whatever... to me, the key for getting over racism is to learn about other cultures. When I was at school, we did only one week of black history. And there was another thing; when we learned about the Holocaust, we went into all the details. When it came to black history, I was told I was a slave. I was never told that black people contributed anything important to the earth. I was never told about the ancient Egyptians and the pyramids. That was it. It gives you a sense of inferiority: and it meant I had to learn for myself. It also means that people don't really get to know about different cultures.'

She worked her way carefully through her list, agonising over each choice. 'I'd have to pick Nelson Mandela, because he's someone who made history and is still alive. I would have to choose someone who was important as a scientist. I think that's very important. You don't get to see a lot of black scientists, especially in this day and age. I wasn't told of any when I was at school. And I think lots of black kids would want to be scientists, but they never get examples of someone who has done it before. I think of Malcolm X in some ways, because of the whole civil rights movement. Martin Luther King, I think, stood for compromising. So for me, personally, I'm more like a Malcolm than a Martin. And Rosa Parks. Because she was a woman, and she was strong-minded and stuck to her guns.'

She smiles, and with a handshake, Ms Dynamite was off next door for a photo shoot. As I milled around the corridor, catching the last guests and autograph hunters, I spotted the young girl who had broken down on stage earlier. Her eyes were still puffy from meeting her role model. 'I met her,' she was telling her friends. 'And she was nice.' She grinned from ear-to-ear: 'I'm going to do it. I'm going to go for an audition.'

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  September 18, 2002: Ms Dynamite's victory blasts Mercury norms

North London's 21-year-old rapping prodigy, Ms Dynamite, last night added the £20,000 Mercury Music prize to an increasingly crowded mantlepiece of gongs.
Ms Dynamite - Niomi Daley - an MC from Kentish Town, north London, who began her rapping career as a teenager with a slot on pirate radio is balancing six nominations for next month's Music of Black Origin Awards, as well as winning best newcomer in the UK Garage awards.

Unusually, the Mercury jury of industry leaders, musicians and critics were easily united on the award for best British album of the year - a prize intended to reward originality and talent, regardless of commercial success.
Daley is the first solo black woman to win the Mercury after past juries were knocked for favouring too many white, male and safe artists. Her debut album, A Little Deeper, was praised for transforming the face of urban music, and providing a British voice to counter too many "copycat American sounds".

After playing a live set in which the sound initially failed her, a stunned Daley accepted the award from jazz player, Courtney Pine.

"I don't know what to say. I've never been speechless before. Thank you," she said. She later pledged to give her prize to charity: "I don't know what charity yet. I'll have a think about that. People that need it."

Simon Frith, who chaired the judges, said Britain had a terrible reputation for building its own native R&B singers but neglecting them.

He said: "This is a great record. It is a new kind of voice we hadn't heard before. Ms Dynamite has a clear vision of what she wants to be. She can do it without being drawn into the cliches of the music industry."

Daley beat a 12-strong shortlist including David Bowie, the Manchester trio, Doves, and the bookies' favourite, The Streets, (Mike Skinner) who recorded his garage album - featuring raps about kebabs and car parks - at his mother's Birmingham home.

Illustrating the record industry's fascination for urban hardship, Daley had a troubled childhood after her father walked out on her Scottish mother and siblings. She rose to fame after MCing on a track with the controversial garage band, So Solid Crew, whose gigs have sometimes been marred by violence. But as Ms Dynamite, Daley fires broadsides at "gansta culture", drug dealers and black-on-black violence.

Daley is only the second woman to win the Mercury prize in its 11-year history, after the Yeovil-born singer, PJ Harvey won last year.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  September 2002: Ms Dynamite wins Mercury prize

Rising R&B star Ms Dynamite has won the Mercury Music Prize for her debut album, A Little Deeper.
The 21-year-old beat favourites The Streets and The Coral as well as music legend David Bowie but confessed she "had not got a clue" why she had won.

The singer from north London has seen an incredible rise to fame in a matter of months and has another chance for glory at the Mobo awards in October, where she will be competing in six categories.

The music industry gathered at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London to see the £20,000 prize given out on Tuesday night.

A speechless Ms Dynamite became the first solo black female artist to take the prestigious prize.

Later, at a press conference, she regained her composure enough to say she would be giving the money to charity - though she was yet to decide which one.

She said: "I feel really happy and excited that my music has been acclaimed and accepted."

The star, whose real name is Naomi McLean-Daley, has been acclaimed for her original lyrics and melodic voice.

She has already scored chart hits with singles Dy-na-mi-tee and It Takes More.

Picking up her prize from saxophonist and prize judge Courtney Pine, the R 'n B performer struggled to speak.

She eventually blurted out: "I really don't know what to say. I've never been speechless. Oh my goodness."

"I wish I had known - I would've prepared a better speech."

Last year's ceremony was on the evening of 11 September with many feeling it should have been cancelled even at such short notice.

PJ Harvey won the prize, but was unable to accept it in person as the attacks left her stranded in Washington DC.

The competition has a reputation of not giving the prize to the hot favourite, but never honouring the rank outsiders.

As he handed out the award judge Courtney Pine joked he had in the past thought the prize was "fixed".

It has also been criticised for tokenism, with jazz, classical, world music and older folk entrants rarely getting a sniff of victory.

This year Guy Barker and Joanna MacGregor were seen as the "token" entries from the worlds of jazz and classical music and pundits had rated their chances as negligible.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  2002/09/17: Ms Dynamite is dynamite!

Ms Dynamite has defied the soothsayers and grabbed the Mercury Music award 2002 for her debut album "A Little Deeper".

The 21-year-old north London singer, became the surprise winner of the country's most prestigious popular music award last night.

The first solo black artist to capture the Mercury Music Prize, Ms Dynamite - Naomi McLean-Daley - fended off an eclectic rainbow of British talent, including young guitar bands, hip-hop artists and veteran performer David Bowie.

The 20,000 pound prize is awarded to the best British album of the year.

"I have never ever been speechless in my life," Ms Dynamite said after winning the prize.

"I wanted to win, but I didn’t really think that I would. I feel mad, I feel crazy just to be here...what am I doing here, I just started off a year ago," she said.

Released in June, "A Little Deeper" has already gone silver in Britain, but was always a longshot to take the Mercury Prize.

Singer, rapper, song writer and producer rolled into one, Ms Dynamite has been hailed by critics and fans for her powerful voice and unpredictable lyrics.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  2002/10/02: Ms Dynamite causes another explosion

Ms Dynamite was the star of the show, but awards for singers Lisa Lopes of TLC and Aaliyah, who both died in crashes, brought the tears as the cream of black music attended the annual MOBO awards.

New singing sensation Ms Dynamite, 21-year old Naomi McLean-Daley, walked off with three prizes on Tuesday from the six Music of Black Origin awards she had been nominated for.

The north London singer, whose six nominations equalled the record set by Craig David in 2000, won Best Newcomer, UK Act of the Year and Best Single.

Ms Dynamite only shot to fame recently after winning last month's Mercury Music Prize, one of the country’s most prestigious pop music awards.

While Ms Dynamite took the most honours, the awards for Aaliyah and "Left Eye" Lopes were the most poignant moments.

Lopes, a member of the women’s group TLC who died in a car crash in May, won an outstanding achievement award. Aaliyah, who was killed in a plane crash in August 2001, won best video for "More Than A Woman".

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  December 2002: Ms Dynamite gets political

Ms Dynamite has been having a go at politicians - she was interviewed on 'Newsnight' yesterday about her views on Westminister.
She was very clear about where she thought the government is going wrong:

"I don't feel that there's anyone in the cabinet at all that I feel I can relate to, or that relates to me - there's no one. I don't think that all politicians are terrible people and don't give a damn at all, but what I do think is that they don't really listen to young people. They don't listen to how we're affected everyday. And even if they do, they don't really stick their neck out and do anything about it."

"The connotations that come with the word politics are middle class, rich white men that don't give a damn about what we're gonna think... and I don't mean that as in 'we' as a black person, I mean that as 'we' as young people..."

She said she might even go into politics sometime in the future herself, but she's happy just enjoying herself at the moment:

"I'd love to! You know, for me personally, right now, I'm not saying that it's something I wouldn't get into. You never know, you might see Ms Dynamite as a politician soon."

"Right now I'm enjoying being young and free and able to express myself… I've got a responsibility, I feel, to young people, but that's my only responsibility."

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  December 2002: Asher D and Ms Dynamite to star in new movie

Asher D has confirmed that he and Ms Dynamite are being lined up for major roles in a film about urban life.
He was sent the script whilst he was in prison, and says the script is on its 10th draft but it's looking like it will happen:

"It's a script about the urban music scene at the moment, and the garage scene. Me and Dynamite have been tipped for the first and second leads, so that's just in the process at the moment."

"There's a lot of politics, contracts and stuff like that going on but it should be out sometime next year. Yeah, I've read the script... it's a good script. A lot of people don't know I was an actor before I was a musician."

He said he's done a track with Jamelia, and also said several tracks he wrote in jail will appear on his next album - which should be out next year.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  November 2002: Ms Dynamite’s still feeling Robbie

Ms Dynamite has told Radio 1 that she's not angry with Robbie Williams for cutting her vocals from his new single 'Feel'.
They had been due to work together on the single, but the version with Ms Dynamite on it was shelved:

"I saw him at the MTV awards and he was just saying to me 'I wrote you a letter to explain why I haven't used the version', but I didn't actually expect him to anyway - one because I hadn't finished it and two because it was never set in stone."

He's since told Radio 1 since that he's still keen to work with her.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  October 2002: Stars perform together for Fair Trade

The Oxfam Fair Trade gig took place last night (Tuesday), and saw some spectacular collaborations.

Chris and Johnny from Coldplay did a few songs, kicking off with 'The Scientist'. Then Ms Dynamite came on stage, and did a couple of tunes including 'Dy-Na-Mi-Tee' with Chris.

Noel Gallagher then sung to Coldplay's 'Yellow'. Then they did a Smiths song and 'Live Forever'.

For an encore, Chris did an emotional solo version of 'Many Rivers to Cross' on the piano. Noel and Johnny then came back on and did 'Whatever'.

Radio 1 spoke to Johnny after the gig and he said it was probably the most nerve-wracking one they'd done because they didn't have much time to rehearse:

"We spent 20 minutes with Ms Dynamite around at Chris' House, and about five minutes with Noel, trying to teach the chords to 'Stop Me if You Think You've Heard This One Before."

"It was good. I was kind of put on the spot when I was asked to do the solo in 'Live Forever'. It was quite a nerve-wracking experience. It was like a childhood dream to play with Noel, because I've grown up with Oasis."

Comedy actor Simon Pegg, who sings backing vocals on the B-side to 'The Scientist', accompanied Coldplay on harmonica and did a bit of comedy during the evening. He reckons it was a fantastic night:

"There were so many good moments tonight. When Chris and Ms Dynamite and Johnny did 'Dy-Na-Mi-Tee' was fantastic, and obviously seeing Noel Gallagher and Chris mucking about and singing Smiths songs was great."

"Everyone did really great stuff tonight. There were some real rarities which I'm sure the audience will treasure, you know."

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  October 2002: Ms Dynamite announces dates

Ms Dynamite has announced two dates in the UK. You can catch the Mercury Music Prize winner at the following venues: November 12 - Sheffield Leadmill November 13 - Brighton Concorde 2.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  October 2002: Ms Dynamite goes Pop

Ms Dynamite is the latest artist to join the line up at this year's 'Top of the Pops' Awards.

She'll be joining Moby, Kylie, Craig David, Will and Gareth at the Manchester Evening News Arena on 29 November.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  October 2002: Ms D's MOBO hat trick

It was Ms Dynamite's night again last night as she picked up three gongs at the MOBO awards. She walked away with Best Newcomer, UK Act Of The Year and Best Single for 'It Takes More'.

The Mercury Music Prize winner admits told Radio 1 that she's stunned at winning:

"It's mad. I feel really excited, I'm really happy. I'm really…I'm quite stunned to be honest with you, I feel like my head's not really here right now, but I'm excited, really excited."

"I never even contemplated for a minute that I would be doing that at the MOBOs, let alone coming to the MOBOs, let alone performing, let alone winning three awards."

Other big MOBO winners include Ja Rule for Best Hip Hop. There was no joy for So Solid though -

Mis-Teeq picked up Best Garage Act and admitted on stage, amid booing from the crowd, that it really should have gone to the Crew:

"We feel that the people who really deserve this award are So Solid Crew, the only other act to go platinum."

Alicia Keys picked up Best Album for 'Songs In A Minor', Ashanti got Best R'n'B and Ja Rule (featuring Ashanti) got Best Hip-Hop. Aaliyah won the Best Video Award while TLC singer Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes, who died in a car crash earlier this year, was awarded the Outstanding Achievement.

The show was spectacular, including a performance by Ja Rule who was flanked by two almost naked pole dancers (wearing the skimpiest of diamante bikinis). The two girls had responded to an ad from the rapper to apply for the 'position'.

LL Cool J also impressed the crowd. After dropping in on stage wires to co-present, he put on a sexy performance with dancers in a bath to showcase his new single 'Luv U Better'.

Another highlight was a performance from Craig David with his new song 'What's Your Flava'.

Style was also a big part of the night. Ms Dynamite looked stunning in a tan suede dress slashed at the thigh and with a plunging neckline and long sleek hair, while Ashanti went for the 'less is more' look, wearing what looked like a black scarf twisted into a bikini top.

The show's co-host Alesha (Mis-Teeq) had several outfit changes throughout the night including a string-vest style dress. Ja Rule would have taken home the Best Bling award had there been one, but admitted it was only a small effort compared to what he has at home.

The night was mildly marred by a couple of events. A small group of campaigners from gay rights group OutRage! gathered outside the venue to protest against the nominations for acts they said were homophobic, and later in a separate incident, there was a fight at one of the big aftershow parties. There have been reports of a gun although no-one has confirmed seeing one.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  October 2002: Dynamite night at the MOBOs

The MOBO awards take place tonight (Tuesday), with Ja Rule and Ashanti headlining the event and Craig David performing his new single - 'What's Your Flava' - for the first time.

Craig predicts it's going to be a great night, and you can also expect some interesting dance moves:

"The MOBOs have been good to me. Last year, or the year before, being nominated for six, and picking up three was crazy. And I just think that the MOBOs kind of represent the realness of what's going on."

"I'm looking forward to performing there... and wherever my body feels like going, whatever pelvic thrusts I feel like doing for a second, it's gonna happen!"

Walle Adeyemmi, who in the past has designed clothes for David Beckham and Usher, is the man with the tough job of dressing the stars.

He can't give away too much - but expect a glamorous look for Alesha and something new for Craig David and Ms Dynamite:

"I think you're gonna see her in a different light man. I've done two outfits for her, so you're gonna see two sides of her at the MOBO awards so just watch out man, it's gonna be heavy!"

"Craig (David) has obviously got his own distinctive style, you know, so we've kept within the lines, but hopefully he's gonna look really good."

After her Mercury success, it could be Ms Dynamite's night again - she's up for six awards - but she says she's not feeling the strain:

"No pressure! At the end of the day, they are awards that other people decide. So whatever people feel, or in the MOBOs' case, the public feel I deserve, then that's what I deserve, and if I don't get anything, I don't deserve it!"

"It's not down to me. For me, whatever I come away with, I'm totally happy with."

Ashanti's close behind Ms Dynamite with five nominations, and there are loads of nominations for Ja Rule and Alicia Keys too. There could also be an appearance from P Diddy, who is in town.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  September 2002: Ms Dynamite feels Robbie-hee

Ms Dynamite has recorded a duet with Robbie Williams, according to the New Nation paper.

The track, called 'Feel', will appear on Robbie's new 'Escapology' album.

Ms Dynamite has also said that Justin Timberlake is interested in working with her.

Her record company have simply said that there is 'some truth' in both stories.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  September 2002: Ms Dynamite wins Mercury Music Prize

Ms Dynamite has become the first solo black female artist to win the Mercury Music Prize. Her album 'A Little Deeper' beat the Streets and Doves to the prestigious title.

The 21 year-old garage star, whose real name is Naomi McLean Daley, is giving the £20,000 prize money to charity.

She told Radio 1 she was lost for words: "I have never, ever, been speechless in my life. I am very, very surprised!"

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  September 2002: Musicians support Anti-Racism rally

Doves, Ms Dynamite and Heartless Crew played at an anti-racism rally in Manchester yesterday (Sunday). Thousands of people marched from the city centre before the gig at Platt Fields park, which was organised by the Anti-Nazi League.
About 5,000 people turned up to the free show, which went down really well. Miss Dynamite reckons gigs like this do make a difference:

"Music definitely can help to get messages across. At the end of the day, young people look up to a lot of musicians and do listen to what they say. Whether they take it literally or not, you know, that's a different thing. But there's a lot of young people that are fans of particular artists and musicians, so I definitely think it can help. At the end of the day it's better than doing nothing you know. I think it's a step in the right direction..."

Loads of people were there to see local lads Doves play an acoustic set. They were just happy to be involved and to be doing their bit for the rally:

"The most hands-on thing we can do is show our support by playing I suppose, you know what I mean. Just get up there and show that we're like-minded people, you know. In this day and age it's just ridiculous that some people still harbour views like that."

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  August 2002: Ms Dynamite's No.1 choice

Ms Dynamite has said that she would rather have a No.1 single than win the Mercury Music Prize.

Her album 'A Little Deeper' is up against albums from the Doves, David Bowie and Electric Soft Parade.

She was being interviewed this morning (Wednesday) by T4 presenter Vernon Kay when he asked her which she'd rather have.

After thinking for a moment, she replied sheepishly:

"Ooh, that's a tough one... If I'm honest, a No.1."

The winner of the Mercury Music Prize will be announced in September.

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  July 2002: Ms Dynamite's single doubts

Ms Dynamite has exclusively admitted to Radio 1 she doesn't like her new single, 'Dy-na-mi-tee'. She made the comments at a celebrity bash on Saturday night:

"It's still one of my worst songs. I don't like it. I don't know what it is. It's not even that I don't like it now, it's just that perhaps it's not showing the side of me that I wanna continue to show right now."

Over 3,000 revellers raved it up at the bash in London's East End until the early hours. As well as Ms Dynamite, Kosheen, Boy George and Adam F all lent their hands on the decks to make the night a big one.

Meanwhile, Boy George spoke to Radio 1 about Eminem and said he reckons Slim Shady's a bit of a coward:

"The thing that's interesting about Eminem is he can give it, but he can't take it. And if you're not prepared to stand by what you say, and hide behind aliases, then you're a coward."

The party was a celebration of dance music and the launch of

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  May 2002: Punctuality's a problem for Ms Dynamite

Ms Dynamite has revealed the secret to her new-found success - having someone else manage her diary.
Naomi Maclean-Daley - aka Ms Dynamite - exploded onto the music scene last year with her underground garage hit 'Boo!', and now she's back with 'It Takes More', out this week.
The north-London MC is currently on her 'Hit and Run' tour, and admits there have been several occasions where she's almost let her fans down:
"I remember going all the way to Birmingham, when Birmingham was the day after, and I was actually meant to be in Bagleys in London. We got back just in time, like, as it was just about to finish."
"There were still people left, but obviously not as much people as were there at the time I was supposed to be there. But that happened quite a few times!"

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  06 May 2002: Ms Dynamite on MCing

Already a favourite in garage raves, last year's Top 20 single 'Booo!' with Sticky assured her an even larger audience, which culminated in a record deal with Polydor.
If you're at home in front of the mirror rhyming into your hairbrush, dreaming of being where Dynamite's at - get inspired! Learn the secret of her success: how she did it and overcame the obstacles by perfecting her voice and MC skills here!

Click here to hear Ms Dynamite on MCing

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

 •  •  Welcome To Ms Dynamite Fans Network

Original date posted was October 16, 2005: Welcome to Ms Dynamite NET! This is the latest and I think only updated fan site on Ms Dynamite. Its open today and feel free to email me with any information or photos you have. I will be adding more stuff to the website in time. Do not hate or diss on this website. If you do you will be banned from posting anything, If you don't like her simply don't come here, its as easy as that! If you find any errors in this website please contact me. I am looking for affiliates at the moment so feel free to apply, but let me know you applying for MD NET or I will get confused because I have more then one website. I only accept high quality sites. For top affiliates I will only accept websites that have less then 20 websites for their top affiliates. Also I'm trying to get more visitors so spread the word around about this website :) Thank you for stopping by and please continue to support!

Posted By Ms Prinza on 27 Oct 2005

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