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Apr 12 / Prinza

New Vegetarian Ms. Dynamite Might Struggle On Hell

{nl}The UK Hell’s Kitchen is back, full of celebrity cooking adventures. {nl}One contestant on the show is Ms. Dynamite, born Niomi McLean Daley, an award winning hip hop singer and rapper.Depending on the challenges given, Ms. Dynamite might have some performance problems on the show, given the fact that she recently turned vegetarian.“Once I started to cut down on the meat and dairy products, it started to improve – it was all down to vanity, to be honest,” she told the UK Daily Mail. “I don’t want to get on my high horse about it but I do feel a lot healthier in my diet. I don’t think I would struggle to cook meat during the show but gutting and skinning an animal would be a different story.”The new series of Hell’s Kitchen starts next week in the UK on ITV1 .

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