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May 2 / Prinza

Never Soft – Ms Dynamite

Six years ago Ms Dynamite released her much anticipated sophomore album Judgement Days. The album was more directed towards social commentary with songs such as the single Judgement Day and the unreleased Self-Destruct. The album however was not well promoted and Ms Dynamite was dropped from Polydor. Following her arrest and community service she took a much needed break from the music scene. With only two singles released from the album and her break, fans of Ms Dynamite were left wanting more and praying we’d get more. While guest hosting BBC Radio 1Xtra in 2009, Ms Dynamite revealed her third studio album, Democracy, was in the works.

In 2010 , she finally made a reappearance on the music scene featuring on tracks for DJ Zinc, Redlight, Magnetic Man and the smash hit Lights On by Katy B. These tracks introduced Ms Dynamite and her fans to a new sound, and one that suits her and her growth as an artist. On 2 May 2011, Ms Dynamite confirmed on Twitter that she’d be releasing new solo material after 6 years on BBC Radio 1Xtra. So here you are. One of the first reviews of the track from someone who loves music, not someone who’s paid.

The new solo is called Never Soft, produced by Labrinth and it is seriously SICK. The song, to me, is heavily influence by reggae, dance hall, dubstep, electronica and of course hip hop. Ms Dynamite flows effortlessly through the varying tempo of the lyrics in a style similar to Chamillionaire but she brings it to a whole new intense level. The beats and rhythms of this song are seriously sick bouncing between pounding bass, smooth reggae and off the wall electronic feel. To anyone whoever doubted the original Bad Gyal then you can go hang yourself after listening to this. A sure FIIIIRE club hit and will fo’sho be huge underground. Bad Gyal is back and she’s going to dominate.

Review by: Urbanbeatzs

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