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Nov 25 / Prinza

My apologies for the lack of updates!

Hello Ms Dynamite Fans,

I truly apologize for the lack of update on Ms Dynamite Fans Network! I have been busy with my personal life and I promise after December this website will be fully updated and will continue to provide you with current news and photos! I have completed a new design for this site, however, do not know how to code a wordpress layout. Therefore, I am currently trying to look for support in regards to coding a layout. If you know if anyone please contact me

Also, don’t forget about Ms Dynamites upcoming concert in Abu Dhabi with Scissor Sisters! Go here for more information.

Make sure to follow ms dynamite on twitter @Ms_Dynamite, shes always updating her twitter and replying to fans!

PS. Have you heard her new single ‘Neva Soft’ yet? Click here to order it on iTunes now!

I will ALWAYS have love for Ms Dynamite! She is an amazing artist, rapper, singer, mother, friend and she is so sweet to her fans.

Take care,

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