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Nov 27 / Prinza

Ms Dynamites New Single

The second single from Ms. Dynamite’s latest album, “Judgement Days” will be, as previously announced on Jonathan Ross… “Fall In Love Again”. HMV and have just put up a release date for the single and it is currently set for release on 30th January 2006! Ms Dynamite will be in Canada shooting the video for the track this weekend! If anyone knows more about this please let me know! Myself and another huge fan live in Canada! wow You can already pre-order the single from here.Source Credit: TopopMAC1

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  1. Ussha / Jul 19 2012

    I can’t say enough to show how much I apacreipte having access to your blog. I am new to the world of managing my own funds ! I have learn tremendously from your blog. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with your readers !About the link for Mike Mayo’s talk on CNBC, I also have difficulty finding it. It is not visible on the page for viewers (from my end) !

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