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Oct 14 / Prinza

Ms Dynamite wins anti-gun award

The 21-year-old rap singer Ms Dynamite was honoured at the Women of the Year awards yesterday for her contribution to the campaign against gun crime.She was presented with the Capital Big Voice award by the mother of the murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence.She told The Daily Telegraph at the London ceremony: “I really didn’t expect it. It was like, ‘Oh my goodness’.” Ms Dynamite has been showered with trophies for her debut album, A Little Deeper. But it is her politically aware lyrics and willingness to condemn the “gangsta” culture in urban music that has led to her being hailed as the voice of her generation.Ms Dynamite, whose real name is Niomi McLean-Daley, urged the Government to do more to counter gun crime. She said: “They need to put a lot more time, money and effort into poverty stricken areas.”She accused the major record labels of encouraging music that glamorised guns.”Lots of underground artists are very positive,” she said. “But negative messages sell more. So that’s what record companies are into and all people have to buy.”Ms Dynamite defended the So Solid Crew, the south London “garage” music collective with which she had her first hit, despite several of its members having being convicted of gun crimes. “You can’t judge the whole group by actions of one, two or three of them,” she said.

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