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Nov 30 / Prinza

Ms. Dynamite talks about her return to the music

Ms. Dynamite talks about her return to the music world after taking time out

“And den we shout Booo inna you head/Lyrical shot, get up I sed.” The famous lyrics from the defining track by Ms. Dynamite, Boo 2001.

It was indeed a ground breaking track that brought to the commercial world the gritty urban sound of London even before luminaries like Dizzee dropped the still absolutely brilliant Boy In Da Corner 2003. Furthermore in the testosterone fuelled world of the London emcee, here was a “girl” spitting on the mic and leaving many a man to lick their wounds from the severe lyrical beating at the tongue of Ms Dynamite.

She has in her ten years in the music business garnered all types of accolades and awards since she exploded onto the scene with Boo and subsequently two albums (A Little Deeper 2002 went platinum in the UK). Motherhood however forced her into a break which by all accounts has been totally beneficial to her career, “in some senses this is a new beginning I am aware of the success I have had and I am confident but I am not presuming I do not make assumptions but this is a new chapter and it is exciting.”

Neva Soft produced by man of the moment Labrinth sees Dynamite doing what she does best while Labrinth’s production is top notch delving into the drum and bass loops that are en vogue at the moment. As we sit in the headquarters of Sony after her photo-shoot, Dynamite is animated when talking about her wish to work with Labrinth, “Basically I had wanted to work with Lab from before. There was a tune he did with Tinchy and in the last bit there is this kind of reggae part and I loved that. I wanted to do that before which is bring a reggae vibe with something that was really contemporary. Originally I had created something like that with Sticky called Bad Girl. I wanted something like Boo in terms of that yard vibe and energy but what I Iove with Lab’s version is that he pushed the boundaries.”

Neva Soft follows an arduous but clearly enjoyable return; a Katy B collaboration on Lights On 2010 and a collaboration with Magnetic Man, Fire 2010 a storming bass driven cut shows her to be astute. She has caught up with the times, evolved and importantly gained new fans, a sure sign of a great artist.

Dynamite is a genuinely warm lady and she laughs with a twinkle in her eye when I inquire about her forthcoming movements “I am only gonna give you the pot bottom for now but I have been working with Lab, Naughty Boy and basically I have found a sound that I like. It’s a combination of sounds that I have put together to create something new” she adds, “I will wait and see what happens in terms of the album name, this is like a random thought but it is like my son, I did not feel I could name my son until I had seen him so I need to live and feel the album then I can name it.”

I think Dynamite has a bit of the Madonna about her, able to morph and redefine herself for a particular era and that’s all good: “Booo inna you head/Lyrical shot, get up I sed”.

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