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Apr 18 / Prinza

Ms Dynamite showing fans a side of Niomi on Hell’s Kitchen

{nl}Ms Dynamite has confessed she might lose her temper if she is given a roasting by Hell’s Kitchen’s Marco Pierre White. The 27-year-old rapper – real name Niomi McLean-Daley – is among the eight celebrities who will be cooking under the three-Michelin-starred chef in the ITV1 reality show, but she confessed she doesn’t take orders very well.Niomi said: “I don’t respond very well to being barked at or having orders thrown at me or just being forced to do stuff. I hope I’ll be really respectful and really cool. I’m there to learn, he’s got something to teach me, but it depends on how it’s put across. We’ll see…”The hip-hop star is hoping to show viewers the real her, saying: “I’ve always tried to keep Niomi totally separate from Ms Dynamite when I’ve done public stuff. But I’m not going in the kitchen to cook as an entertainer so I’m Niomi, there’s no getting away from it now.”The celebrities will forced to wait tables this year as punishment for performing badly in the kitchen. Hell’s Kitchen begins at 9pm on Monday April 13.

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