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Aug 19 / Prinza

Ms Dynamite: ‘Please pay for the music’

The British MC urges those who download music for free to think about the artists they’re ripping off.

MC MS Dynamite believes that young people should be more responsible when downloading music via the internet.

The multi award-winning artist likes the fact that fans are excited about new music, but she would like to see people support the artist by paying for the music.

“People are more impatient, there’s nothing wrong with that, as long as when the tune comes out, they put their hands in their pocket and buy it as well,” she says.

“Blood, sweat, tears and sleepless night go into all the work. On a computer it’s easy to take something illegally, there’s no security guard there.

“I remember putting my cassette tapes in the stereo and pressing record. [Downloading music for free] is no different to that. But when the tune came out, I bought it. I think it’s about how much you respect an artist.”

Despite the difficulties that the industry has seen as a result of the World Wide Web, Ms Dynamite, who releases her new single Neva Soft on September 24, sees the internet as a blessing, as well as a curse for the music industry.

“There are the pros and the cons. One of my friends worked on his album for ages and then it got leaked, just like that.

“But then there are pros; the freedom of the internet has taken some of the power away from the ‘powers that be’ and given it to the people making the music. It means that a lot of people, that probably would never have gotten that chance, stand more of a chance now.”

She adds: “Young people that may not have got a look in from the record labels, because they did not fit into a box, are now making their own videos and CDs. They are now making their own careers and not waiting for the record industry and I think that’s great.”

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