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Jan 22 / Prinza

Ms. Dynamite Pays

Ms. Dynamite’s latest explosion is gonna cost her. The British rapper was fined $1,324 and sentenced to 60 hours of community service Thursday after copping to slapping a female police officer earlier this month. The 24-year-old hip-hopster was ordered to pay the compensation to Caryn Marles, the cop she admittedly smacked in the face at a West End Central London police station on Jan. 6. “The injury sustained by that one blow were obviously more considerable than first thought,” London District Judge Timothy Workman said in court while doling out the rapper’s jail-free sentence. “I accept that it was one blow and in the circumstances bearing in mind your good character, you have never been in court before, you are entitled to a discount on sentence.” Last Friday, Ms. Dynamite, appearing in court under her real name, Niomi McLean-Daley, pleaded guilty to assault and disorderly conduct stemming from her arrest. The incident occurred when the rapper was taken into custody for causing a disturbance outside the central London nightclub Paragon Lounge earlier this month. The singer’s attorney, Anthony Burton, claims that his client, who was reportedly found bashing down a door to the trendy hotspot, was simply reacting to racial abuse slung at her 18-year-old sister by fellow patrons. Officers soon arrived at the club and placed her under arrest after failed attempts to calm the “agitated” singer. Once at the station, the rapper reportedly lashed out at Marles when the officer tried to remove her jewelry for processing. “The officer was struck across the bridge of the nose with her [Ms. Dynamite's] open hand and the heel of the palm,” prosecutor Kashif Malik said. “The officer felt pain. She described how this came as an immense shock.” “It was sudden and impulsive but it was not a premeditated push or strike,” Burton said. “This was out of character behavior…She has never been in trouble before. My client has absolutely no excuse for her conduct. She makes no bones about that,” Burton continued. “She apologizes profoundly for her conducted to the officer involved. She is deeply ashamed.” Ms. Dynamite first exploded onto the British music scene in 2002 with her debut album A Little Deeper. She won that year’s Mercury Music Prize, honoring the best act in the U.K., as well as a number of Brit Awards and Mobos. Somewhat ironically, she has made a bigger name for herself as an active spokesperson against violence, racism, bullying and child abuse in Britain.

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