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Oct 29 / Prinza

Ms Dynamite On Jools Holland

“She was wicked tonight on Jools Holland… shame it wasn’t advertised better!” Says a fan. She performed 3 tracks. Gotta Let It Go, Judgment Day and Fall In Love Again. “She was really good. You can tell how much her singing vocals have improved” says the fan. Jools chatted to her about how much he liked the album, how she seemed to have found her voice and talked about her touring. She said she’d love to next year and couldn’t believe she hadn’t done one already! Full Credit Source: topopMAC1

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  1. Kitty / Jul 20 2012

    Thx Danielle, but, unlike all the other eeedbdmd videos on your blog, this one just doesn’t appear for me. I’m another Firefox user and have just checked that it DOES appear under IE so I’ve just been able to watch it. Many thanks, as always, for bringing such interesting and informative items to our attention.

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