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Aug 13 / Prinza

Ms. Dynamite: Neva Soft single shows vulnerable side

 Ms. Dynamite appeared as a guest on Katy B’s 2010 hit Lights Out

Ms. Dynamite has told Newsbeat her new single Neva Soft shows fans her more vulnerable side. The 30-year-old said the track, which she made with producer Labrinth, was “a reflection”.

“If I made a tune five years ago called Neva Soft it’d have been all hard,” she said.

“But I’ve [learned] that being Neva Soft is about being able to stand up and say ‘yeah sometimes I’m vulnerable, sometimes I feel like crying.’”

She said she finished the track with Labrinth after just one day in the studio.

‘Instant chemistry’

“It kinda happened quite quickly, we thought about the idea and then we got together quite quickly.

“We had instant musical chemistry, we talked a lot about our family and our upbringings and stuff and it was amazing,” she explained.

Dynamite’s 2002 debut album A Little Deeper won the Mercury Music Prize, though her 2006 follow-up Judgement Days failed to achieve the same success.

“I didn’t expect my journey back to be as easy and quick and as amazing as it has been but I never doubted”

“Music is a part of who I am, so I never doubted that when I decided I wanted to be back in that position I could get back to it.”

The London singer, whose real name is Niomi McLean-Daley, also explained she’d started taking her eight-year-old son to festival gigs with her.

“Now all of a sudden I’m a cool mum, not because I did a great show and not because he got to stand on the stage with all these screaming girls.

“But because he got to play football with Tinie Tempah. That’s all he cares about, because he got to play football with Tinie and Labrinth,” she said.

Neva Soft is released on 4 September

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