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Nov 30 / Prinza

Ms Dynamite: Juggling my career with motherhood is such a blast

Highlight: Ms Dynamite’s next performance is in a London Eye pod with 26 other artists

Urban music star Ms Dynamite told today how she combines motherhood and her career by sometimes doing the school run in the same clothes she has just performed in.

The award-winning rapper and singer, who was the first black female solo artist to win the Mercury music prize, says she always tries to get home before her eight-year-old son Shavaar wakes up.

Ms Dynamite, real name Niomi McLean-Daley, 30, described how her “crazy” life jumps between being a mother and her high-energy performances in clubs.

“It’s definitely a strong contrast being a mum and playing in clubs – but it’s totally me. No matter where it is, I always try to come home afterwards so that I can be with my son in the morning and take him to school.

“Sometimes I’m getting home and taking him to school in my performance clothes, but he’s really cool and understands it, he’s great.

“A lot of my friends think it’s so crazy. I remember one friend commenting on how two hours earlier I was jumping on stage like a madwoman and then I’m in mother mode again, asking, ‘Have you got your books for school?’ But I love it.”

Ms Dynamite said: “I feel great, I was dreading being 30, I remember my mum being 30 and thinking that was really old. Age is not important, I’m 17 and sticking with it.”

She added: “I live in Archway because it’s just home. It’s just that vibe of home, it’s what you know, what you’re comfortable with, with the people that helped make you.”

She separated from Shavaar’s father, Dwayne Seaforth, her bodyguard and former fiancé, in 2005. When asked whether she currently has a partner she said, “Maybe, maybe not.”

In July she released Neva Soft, her first single since 2006, and her long-awaited third album is to be released next year. She said: “Musically, London is amazing. “It’s really beautiful. The UK, London, is a great place in the sense that artists coming through now have their own identity. They’re not trying so hard as they have in the past to try to fit into boxes or fit into that mould from America. It’s starting to find its own identity.

“There’s lots of new fresh talent bubbling everywhere you turn, it’s quite exciting to see who’s going to be next.” On Thursday she is to perform one of her most unusual shows, inside a pod at London Eye with 30 other artists.

She said: “This one is a bit different because it’s London Eye and the fact that it’s going to be so high up. It’s going to be very intimate, it’ll be a bit mad.”

Ms Dynamite plays Red Bull Music Academy’s Revolutions in Sound this Thursday.

Tune into the action live from 7pm at

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