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Oct 28 / Prinza

Ms Dynamite is back with a real video

MS DYNAMITE is back with a real video nasty – dedicated to her Scots mum. The singer says her success is all thanks to mum Heather McLean. She raised the star – real name Niomi Daley – alone after partner Eyon walked out when the tot was just two. The 24-year-old’s new single, Father, is about what can happen when parents are absent – and the video is a shocker. It features kids running amok on a housing estate in a Lord of the Flies-style rampage and Channel 4 is to issue a warning to viewers before airing it for the first time next week.Award-winning R&B artist Niomi – who shot to fame with the smash hit album A Little Deeper – will introduce the promo. Peace The singer claims she feels stronger by confronting the past. She said: “I had a load of issues I hadn’t really dealt with before my first album – then the music came along and I didn’t really need to face them. “I definitely needed to slow down and I feel like I’m at the other end of a tunnel now. “I definitely feel less angry and more at peace with myself.”Niomi – who has been an outspoken anti-gun campaigner – has always credited her mum, a primary teacher from the Western Isles, with her success. She said: “She has always said to me, ‘You are a black woman.’ She crushed all the negative stereotypes. “She told us about black scientists, historians and inventors.” The video for Father stars kids from council estate youth centres. Director Daniel Wolfe said: “I knew Niomi didn’t want an idea as literal as a little girl growing up without a father – a mini Dynamite. “The idea to show a whole range of kids all seemingly parentless seemed like the right approach, a kind of contemporary Lord of the Flies, where all the children of an estate are left and chaos ensues. I wanted to communicate the bleakness and loss of innocence.”Father is Niomi’s first single since she took time off to have her son, Shavaar, who is now two. It is released in tandem with the song Judgement Day and both feature on her upcoming new album, Judgement Days, which also covers topics such as gun crime and the decline of UK clubland. Niomi said: “I’m not a particularly religious person but the concept of judgement day has played on my mind in the past”You’re supposed to be judged on your day of dying. “But I feel that where we go wrong as human beings is that we feel we’re only going to be judged on this one day. “Every single day of our lives, every situation, conversation, action and relationship is part of judgement day. “It’s not just about the final day – it’s about all the days that build up to that day and the fact that God, whoever he or she may be, is watching over us at all times.”Father/ Judgement Day is was on September 26 through Polydor Records. The video for Father premiered on Channel 4 on Wednesday, September 28, at 11pm.

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