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Oct 28 / Prinza

Ms Dynamite is back

Interview on Ms Dynamite from What sort of things make you laugh?Ms Dynamite: Well I like loads of comedians, but I’m really bad. I am the type of person that will laugh if someone falls over and hurts themselves slightly. I laugh a lot at that stuff. But when the joke’s on me I can take it. And I can laugh at myself.TOTP: When was the last time you laughed uncontrollably?Ms Dynamite: Honestly, any time I get together with my stylist and hair and make up artists. They always have me in stitches, so about half an hour ago. They’re like a triple act. They’re hilarious.TOTP: Have you got any favourite comedy shows?Ms Dynamite: I really love that new show Balls Of Steel. That’s funny. I really like shows like Whose Line Is It Anyway?, y’know those sort of game shows that’re unpredictable. I really like stuff like, God, Victor Meldrew, One Foot In The Grave and Hyacinth… Keeping Up Appearances. I really love those.TOTP: Do you do any comedy impressions?Ms Dynamite: Not at all. I wouldn’t even try. I just embarrass myself.TOTP: No? Not picked up any catchphrases from things like Little Britain?Ms Dynamite: No, not really. Honestly, I’m so late I’ve only just started getting into Little Britain. Cos I’ve been away working for such a long time, I’ve only just started to watch. I came back and everyone was raving on about it.TOTP: What do you do to make your son laugh?Ms Dynamite: Honestly, nothing, my son just laughs at me all day long anyway. He thinks I’m the funniest thing on earth. It’s quite worrying really.TOTP: What was the last joke or funny story you heard?Ms Dynamite: Erm… oh my goodness. I don’t know. I’m one of those people that you could sit here and tell me a million jokes and I’ll laugh but as soon as I leave the room I won’t be able to remember any of them.TOTP: Would you ever play yourself in a comedy sketch?Ms Dynamite: Yeah! Definitely. I can take a joke and I like to be light-hearted some of the time so I’d definitely do it. It depends what I was doing and what was being done but I can totally take a joke.TOTP: Are you wary of comedy types like Avid Merrion or Jimmy Carr?Ms Dynamite: Not really, because I’m the type of person… I’m gonna regret saying this, but I can give as good as I get. I can totally take a joke but if things ever go to far, I think I can think quickly. I think I can cope. I hope. You wait, something really nasty will happen to me now.

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